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Koch-founded group extends TV ad buy ripping Obama on debt ceiling

by George Bennett | August 3rd, 2011

The debt ceiling showdown has ended, but the conservative group Americans For Prosperity sees no reason to stop running ads blasting President Obama for “reckless” spending and borrowing.

The group, founded by the Koch Brothers, is adding another week to its ad buys in Florida and Ohio. AFP Florida Director Slade O’Brien says the group is spending about $600,000 to $700,000 in the Sunshine State.

Obama and Congress this week wrapped up a debt deal that left some angry Democrats branding tea partyers as “terrorists” and “Satan sandwich” makers. But O’Brien said federal borrowing will continue to be an issue as a 12-member bipartisan committee tries to identify additional deficit reduction before the end of the year.

“This is not a done deal,” O’Brien said. “The volume really needs to be increased and the country needs to focus on the fact that we have a runaway spending problem.”

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14 Responses to “Koch-founded group extends TV ad buy ripping Obama on debt ceiling”

  1. Paul Says:

    … no reason to stop running ads blasting President Obama for “reckless” spending and borrowing.

    Until he actually stops the “reckless” spending and borrowing, there will be no reason to stop blasting him.

  2. Repubtallygirl Says:

    The Koch Brothers are just one of many donors. Is the “post’ going to report on the Seros funded attack ads as well?

  3. Big Dem Says:

    Thank God for the Koch brothers! They are two of the few who can match George Soros’ money and counter his soicialism with individual liberty. They put out the truth and the traditional media hates it…diminishes their power. Time to push and keep on pushing. Progressives fought for 80 years to turn America to socialism. We will fight harder and longer to return to individiual freedom and State’s Rights.

  4. GT Says:

    I have never seen a story like this in the Post about Geo Soros. He funds hundreds of origanizations that attack conservatives. I guess the “FAIR” Post doesn’t think that is a worthy story?

  5. dannyd Says:

    Souless Koch brothers thanks god u people are ignorant.

  6. Tea Lady Says:

    Well, it is true that we need improved fiscal responsibility here in the U.S. Our government finances spending by going further and further into debt. This is not sustainable. We are mortgaging the futures of generations to come. Is this what we want??

    It’s time to begin working on a long-term fix. Cut, Cap, and Balance is a great place to start.

    Remember, we all need to make sacrifices if we are to stop the endless borrowing. We cannot live above our means forever.

    We Tea Partiers are patriotic and care deeply about what our immense debt means to future generations! =)

  7. Tired Of It Says:

    The purpose of the rich(Koch brothers and others) including the Republicans is to see Obama and this country fail. They will use every tactic available to them to obtain their objective. A few elite aristocratic is destroying this country which will make them even more rich in the long run with more controlling power over the masses. Democracy is on a path of destruction and no longer existing in this country as the founding fathers intended. And we the average American is paying the price for their childish games. What a shame that 1% of the population is controlling how this country will exist in the future for our children and grand kids. A revolution is in order before we all become slaves to the rich. Maybe it is to late already.

  8. Support this Says:

    Good for Koch. S FL has long been a bastion of liberals. It is time for a change.

    Glad there is leadership down here. Hope Koch supplies leadership for getting conservatives elected to offices in PBC.

    Find them, run them, I’ll vote for them.

  9. Birds of a Feather Says:

    Has Russia honored any other President with a stamp?

    Now, why would Russia do that? They recognize a comrade?

  10. Patriot Says:

    waaaaah ive never seen stories like this about george soros ! wahhhhhhhhhhh! its all a conspiracy! waaahhhhh! its the liberals fault im a bitter, angry old fart!

    The Rage Virus takes over America. I think I’d prefer pus dripping, half dead zombies to the talking-point repeating, talk radio zombies (all 4 of them) that post on these boards.

  11. Big Dem Says:

    Man, reading the posts here reveals how silly or hate-filled Progressives and Socialists are. Read the hostile words they use to vilify those who disagree with them. No opportunity for free speech, individual freedom, open disagreement with them. They just want total control over everyone and to live off someone else’s labor & money. Sad, hateful, and lazy bunch, the lot of ‘em.

  12. One Vote Says:

    NO vote for Obama.

    The country has been run into the ground.

    Obama has involved us in the ‘arab spring’ ofcourse now the summer is almost over and we’re still spending money, sending money to these rebels, while Americans are doing without.

    High taxes to pay for ‘Cleaning the Augean Stables’

    NO vote for them.

  13. Eric Says:

    After this week’s fiasco in Washington, it should now be obvious to everyone that the politicians, (of both parties), have no interest in backing off the over spending and crushing debt. Only a few brave newbies, with no interest in political careers and party favors, put the national interest ahead of their own. Sadly, we will ALL now pay the economic price for not effectively addressing our excess spending. Both parties brought us here, and it looks like they’ll go down with us, spending all the way.

  14. Crying over spilled milk. Says:

    ‘Conservatives’ are always shouting that the government needs to cut spending.

    OK, great but where?

    Cut foreign aid they all say. OK that gets rid of less than $34 billion or about 1% of the budget.

    If all the cutters are really serious about cutting they will have to start looking at the 3 posts that account for over 60% of the budget: defense, social security and medicare.

    Social security is set to payout $50 billion more this year than it takes in.

    And yes you can argue that past administrations have taken out of social security and not put anything back and that is why it is now running out of money, but that does not fix the current deficit problem.

    So cutters, what to get rid off so that we stop spending about $1.2 trillion more than we collect in taxes every year?

    Oh, and BTW that $1.2 trillion is just what needs to be cut to stop increasing the deficit. If you want to decrease the deficit you will have to start cutting a whole lot more.

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