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Hasner lands another former speaker’s endorsement in GOP Senate primary

by George Bennett | August 30th, 2011

Former state House Speaker Larry Cretul of Ocala has endorsed Republican Adam Hasner‘s U.S. Senate bid.

Cretul joins former Speaker Allen Bense in backing Hasner, who faces former appointed Sen. George LeMieux and businessmen Craig Miller and Mike McCalister in the GOP primary to challenge Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

Says Cretul: “I’m endorsing Adam because he is the Republican Party’s best choice to defeat Senator Nelson and take a mainstream conservative message to Washington. During his service in the Florida House Adam built an impressive record and was a forceful spokesman for the principles and ideas of our Party – even when it wasn’t popular. Adam is a fighter and the only candidate in the race with a consistent, limited-government record that voters can trust to be a reliable alternative to the agenda we see coming out of Washington today.”

Hasner, a former state House Majority Leader, has also snagged endorsements from current Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera of Miami, state Reps. Dennis Baxley and Scott Plakon and state Sens. Alan Hays and Anitere Flores.

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2 Responses to “Hasner lands another former speaker’s endorsement in GOP Senate primary”

  1. Downtown Danny Says:

    Hasner is a fraud! If you think Gov Scott is bad if Hasner gets any type of power it will mean drilling in the everglades, the end of public schools and all education becoming a voucher system where our tax dollars for education are stolen by Hasner & Jeb Bush & their pals who “administrate” thei new voucher “system” and leave poor kids without a high school education at all, the end of a woman’s right to choose an abortion, forced pregnancies & births by rape victims, the closing of homeless shelters putting thousands of homeless on a street near you, the end of public health care of any type creating two separate classes of Floridians – those who get to see a doctor and those who don’t, lower taxes for all millionaires and higher sales taxes for everyday items we all need so the working class pays all the bills for all the theft that Hasner & his friends will create.
    Hasner is a fraud, a crook and unfit for any public office.

  2. Who is a Fraud Says:

    If you think Gov. Scott is a fraud it is no surprise you want to bash Hasner! Restoring the everglades is a money pit with no end in site. No matter what is done to improve it some people will never be satisfied. Regarding Public Schools, they are working just fine, NOT. Encouraging competition for schools to perform and attract students through the use of vouchers is a good idea. But again it does not serve the purpose the democrats have and that is to have GOVERNMENT control more and more? Regarding abortion rights, what about the rights of the unborn? Screw them is your answer! You need to be aborted! How can liberals like you advocate such positions continues to astonish me.

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