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Bachmann visits megachurch, plans an extra day in Florida

by George Bennett | August 28th, 2011

Bachmann after attending service at Idlewild Baptist Church today.

LUTZ — Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann will extend her Florida campaign swing into Monday because Hurricane Irene scuttled plans to travel north, a Bachmann spokeswoman said today.

The Minnesota congresswoman attended a church service with about 3,000 people at Idlewild Baptist Church near Tampa this morning and plans to attend a rally in Sarasota this afternoon. She will be in South Florida Monday, spokeswoman Alice Stewart said, but specific events haven’t been announced.

Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, sat in the seventh row of the massive church auditorium and were introduced by Pastor Ken Whitten. After the service, she greeted church members, signed autographs and posed for snapshots in a lobby bigger than most shopping mall food courts.

“Florida’s an extremely important state for who will be chosen the next president of the United States, so we intend to be here meeting as many people as we can,” Bachmann told reporters in a brief appearance before boarding her campaign bus.

Asked to contrast herself with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the new Republican candidate who threatens to take away some of her tea party and social conservative support, Bachmann said, “For over four years I’ve been at the tip of the spear fighting battle after battle after battle in Washington, D.C., on the biggest issues of our time that we are facing.”

She mentioned her opposition to the Democratic stimulus and health care bills and the recent raising of the federal debt ceiling, which put her at odds with GOP leadership.

“People are looking for someone who will be a champion for their values and their principles and I have been a proven record….People know that I am a proven fighter with a titanium spine.”

Bachmann campaigned in Jacksonville Beach on Friday and in Central Florida on Saturday. She’ll participate in two nationally televised debates from Florida next month, but has said she won’t actively participate in a Republican Party of Florida straw poll that Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is also skipping.

A portion of the post-service crowd surrounds Bachmann.

27 Responses to “Bachmann visits megachurch, plans an extra day in Florida”

  1. dark gator Says:

    Who cares about the economy and jobs. What we need is more bibles and flags!


    So, little Miss Bachmann went to church today with her “husband” Marcus…

    Here is Marcus Bachmann’s theme song…

  3. Metal Rules Says:

    Perfect song! That was very funny….

  4. Scott Keller Says:

    I was there as my wife likes this church and am one of Bachmann’s competitors. Shook her hand and she had no idea. The whole thing was contrived in my opinion, as she tried to appeal to religion more than issues. As it is, she has no idea about how to solve a single problem we face, locally or nationally. The answers to the economy are simple but she only seems to care about buzz words. The answers to jobs are all local, but again she doesn’t seem to know that. The debt is about monetary sovereignty, not ceilings and she doesn’t know about that either. I’d love a debate with her. – Scott Keller

  5. john ham Says:

    Bachmann’s has been reading the wrong Bible,my said blessen are the poor they shall inherit the Kingdom,but it is hard for the rich to make it. The GOP trickle down theory is in the Bible( Luke 16-18/31) the story of a beggar named Lazarus sick and hungry he waited for the Rich man’s crumbs to fall from the table. thats trickle down economics GOB Thank God for men like ROOSEVELT who made it happen for the poor.

  6. Duh! Says:

    My butt itches!

  7. john ham Says:

    Bachmann’s has been readihg the wrong Bible,mine say’s blessed are the Poor they shall inherit the Kingdom,but it’s hard for the RICH.The GOP trickle down theory is found in the Bible.( Luke 16-18/31) A beggar named Lazarus sick and hungry, he waited for the crumbs to fall from the rich man’s table.That’s trickle down theory GOP style. THANK GOD for Men like ROOSEVELT,who made it happen for the poor.

  8. Tea Lady Says:

    Ms. Bachmann hit the nail on the head: “People are looking for someone who will be a champion for their values and their principles and I have been a proven record.”

    Indeed so. Unlike Mr. West, Ms. Bachmann stuck to her principles (and sound economic policy). She voted “NO” to Mr. Boehner’s “compromise” bill to raise the debt ceiling and make our national debt worse by TRILLIONS. (Mr. West on the other hand went about with Mr. Boehner, touting the debt-swelling plan.)

    We can trust Ms. Bachmann’s values. And that she will stick to them, even under pressure from politics-as-usual career politicians.

    How exciting to have such a solid candidate! =)

  9. Scott Keller Says:

    @Tea Lady – you and Ms. Bachmann haven’t gotten to the point yet where you demonstrate an understanding of what the national debt is. Visit my site if you are really interested in turning this country around. It’s one thing to have values, and another to have ill-informed ones. It’s not really so great to value not raising the debt ceiling when we shouldn’t have a debt in the first place. Taxes and spending have little relation to the debt. Bachmann should know that, but either she doesn’t or she’s treasonous.

  10. Vero Barb Says:

    Let us pray, pass the collection plate and how about a campaign contribution?

    Peoples’ faith is a wonderful thing if they possess it but during my lifetime, I have yet to see “God” solve any of this country’s or the world’s problems.

    Religious doctrine has no place in government and if you think otherwise, then ask the citizens of those repressed nations under the thumb of Ayatollahs and other high-ranking clerics.

    Many, including myself, resent candidates who purport to have God on their side and all the answers. Strangely and hypocritically, many of these religious conservatives rail against too much government but want to insert their brand of government into people’s personal lives via their views on abortion (which is legal); end of life issues (remember Terri Schiavo) and gay rights/marriage.

  11. Bob Says:

    Just one question for these Bible thumping, Jesus invoking, anti gay,Constitutional “experts”-Whatever happened to “The seperation of Church and State”? PS–Christianity is not the
    only religion in this country!

  12. Linda Says:

    I was there today to see Ms. Bachmann and invite her to our Community Resource Event that we are having on November 30th at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg. Attempting to reach her for several months, I made the trip to the Idlewild Baptist Church. The press was wonderful to me and even gave me tips as to how to get to her. I did see her, had a photo taken with her and was able to give one of her staff the personal invitation. Trusting that she will see it and be able to attend, it will be open to the public as our reason for this major event is to facilitate help and resourses to the community at large. Please plan to come there. For now, the best way to reach us is by leaving a voice mail on my answering service 727 271-7821.
    Hope to see you there. Call Ms. Bachmann’s DC office and request you want to see her. Personal contact will be able for you if you desire.

  13. Jupiter Guy Says:

    This woman wants to re-institute slavery.

  14. Peter Says:

    My pet parrot wants to debate Bachmann. My money is on ricky, my parrot….

  15. Sheldon G Says:

    A lot of school reform haters seem mighty impressed by this Freddie de Boer takedown of an argument about charter schools that I never made. So here, again, is my argument. The term “charter schools” doesn’t appear in it in order to clarify the point that this is not an argument about charter schools.

    Eighty percent of Americans live in metropolitan areas. The way public education works for that eighty percent of people is that any given metro area contains several different school districts. Parents, by choosing where they want to live, exercise choice over which school their kids will attend and which school district bureaucracy they’ll be subjected to. What’s more, since the desirability of the local schools are a determinant of land prices, all landowners in a given jurisdiction have an interest in increasing the desirability of the local schools. Finally, since the supply of houses is constrained in most jurisdictions, things that increase the price of land (like, for example, better schools) tend to increase the price of housing. Consequently, it’s extremely difficult for the poorest families to send their kids to anything other than the worst schools not only because of funding issues or the inherent challenges faced by poor students, but because public education in the United States of America is in many ways allocated by a market mechanism via the market for land. The fact that the service is provided “publicly” tends to obscure the fact that in a world where people can (and do) move the market for land means that there’s a market for schools. If you took the Washington DC metro area and somehow managed to change the current unfair situation where the low-income neighborhoods have the worst schools and instead made it that the lowest-income neighborhoods have the best schools, people wouldn’t just stay in place. Parents of means would start relocating to the places where the schools are best.

  16. Scott Keller Says:

    If we take money OUT of the education equation altogether (which could be done easily in the inner cities to a large degree) then education reform could be deep – switch from time based education to mastery based, from a one-learning-style approach to a comprehensive customized approach for each student, from a factory mentality where we’re producing robots to a fully self-paced teacher facilitated mentality where students can progress as they’re capable in each subject regardless of their pace in other subjects. Students can go FAR BEYOND their teachers in this model rather than just receiving a poor knowledge transfer.

  17. Scott Keller Says:

    Also, take “jobs” out of the equation. Jobs are antiquated. We need real meaningful work with goals to achieve whereby we can get everyone working that wants to work. This too can be achieved locally, using innovative economic and compensation models.

    The country could have the largest increase in freedom and well-being ever, could eliminate poverty and related problems, and much more.

    Nationally, we must take back monetary sovereignty which will add tremendously to the freedom increase.

  18. Searcher Says:

    Did she eat another corn dog?

  19. cb Says:

    Michele Bachmann and her husband are both very far out. Not good for the U.S. She is running on her own “gay agenda” platform. We are closing schools, laying people off. Families are being foreclosed on and being put out in the streets. And all this Republican running for President and her husband can do is talk about is “praying away the gay”. It is a good money maker for her, but we have bigger things to do, and I am hopping God has too. If you or your church has the gay agenda on your mind, all the time you may need to set down and talk with someone. We need to start looking at what is best for the country. Not our own religion’s views, that blow in the wind.

  20. Scott Keller Says:

    cb, You’re right.

  21. SK is a nobody Says:

    Scott Keller, you are a nobody with an ego. Run for some local office before you even try to run for president. You are a joke!

  22. Bob needs an education Says:

    Bob, this is what the US Constitution says (I am pretty sure you never read it, if you did you definitely didn’t comprehend what it says. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” So next time you try and prohibit the free excercise of religion you’ll know what the #$@! you are talking about. People like you continue to drag this country down the tubes. You are pathetic! Then again ignorance is bliss! Look it up you JACKA$$!

  23. Scott Keller Says:

    The one who’s a joke is the one who hides under the cloak of anonymity and tells others their a joke.

    I’m a nobody with a ton of ideas and more guts than you have obviously. We have had your so-called “somebodies” in office for decades and look at the mess we’re in. Your “somebody” named Bachmann still has no clue about the economy and yet she thinks she’s qualified to be President.

    In the end, if you want your “somebody” then vote for her. If you want someone who can and will empower the people to solve the problems then vote for me. If you’re not smart enough to tell the difference, then perhaps you shouldn’t be voting.

  24. Scott Keller Says:

    People should absolutely exercise their right to practice their religion.

    This is less about that issue than it is about a question of judgment – turning a religious devotion time into a political circus and claiming it’s about prayer. But this is the type of person that the one who doesn’t want a “nobody” in office seems to want – someone who’s a somebody but has no common sense or sense of decency or even a clue about how the system of systems we have works. She DOES know the political game though.

  25. @Scott Keller Says:

    Ideas? What ideas? “Remove the limits that have held us back or Mobilize the people – ALL people”. Lot’s of specifics there, NOT! Are you that delusional to think anyone will take you serious? There is absolutely nothing you bring to the table. Oh, I forgot you did create a website and some candidate bashing blogs. How about we run our government via a reality TV show? You are a JOKE! I wasted time reading your Mission Statement Explanation. You offer less substance than the people you try and bash!You have revealed your real motive and desire, restricting my right to vote, try it!

  26. Scott Keller Says:

    You’re still hiding behind anonymity as you can’t face me in public as yourself.

    If you bothered to actually go through the issues, there are very specific ideas for solving the economy, immigration, energy, environmental issues, retirement, 4 hour work days, and more.

    That the best you can do is ad hom tells me a lot.

    And, I have yet to “bash” a single candidate. I have pointed out their shortcomings, but have not bashed anyone.

    One specific limit that has held us back: money. Resolving the debt? Monetary sovereignty – end the fed – reverse the trade imbalance. Social security – use a network of non-profit, dual-economy communities to eliminate the costs of retirement. Education, jobs, transportation, foreclosures? Local solutions which we’ve also been laying out.

    Bachmann has no clue what the debt even is or she wouldn’t bother with her debt ceiling mantra. The only one that even comes close is Paul and he still falls short.

    Do you have the ability to discuss issues or are you too afraid to even try?

  27. Scott Keller Says:

    I’ve got definite solutions laid out for dealing with poverty, hunger, war, and foreclosures among other things also on the website, and yes, people have a great deal to do with all of it. Are you the type that likes for someone to tell you what to do or to do everything for you? Environment is going up today or tomorrow. And, this isn’t just an attempt to win an election. As stated in the mission document which you obviously didn’t read, we will convert everything over to non-profit status following the election, win or lose, and continue what we’ve begun.

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