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Bachmann draws supporters, hecklers in Naples stop

by George Bennett | August 29th, 2011

Bachmann signs an autograph at the Calistoga Bakery Cafe in Naples.

NAPLES — Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann visited about 100 people at a cafe this morning and sparked a brief parking lot debate about energy and the environment when she told reporters she’s open to drilling in the Everglades if it can be shown it won’t cause “environmental degradation.”

As Bachmann spoke to reporters before boarding her campaign bus, a heckler shouted “No drilling in the Gulf, Michele” and another said “I support the EPA,” a reference to Bachmann’s frequent calls to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. Some Bachmann supporters then chanted “Drill here, drill now.”

Environmental activist Marcia Cravens shows her disapproval of Bachmann after shouting "I support the EPA."

Asked about Everglades drilling, Bachmann said, “The problem has been the federal government has locked up America’s energy resources. We can access these resources responsibly. That’s what we need to do. And the determination needs to be made: can we responsibly access these resources? If we can’t do it without causing environmental degradation, then we can’t unlock them in certain regions. But if we can do this responsibly, we should.”

Bachmann is now headed to Miami’s Little Havana for some campaign appearances this afternoon.

12 Responses to “Bachmann draws supporters, hecklers in Naples stop”

  1. basementfrog Says:

    Just think, if elected she will be the first welfare mom to become president.

  2. eric Says:

    Not all sources of energy need to be drilled for. Silly Bachmann — will have to move if she becomes president. Will lose all respect for the stupid citizens of our country.

  3. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @eric: I love how liberals all promise to move if someone they don’t like is elected, then don’t.


  4. DF Says:

    Repubtallygirl: Rush didn’t move either, even tho he threatened it! Bachmann is an ignorant buffoon, as are all who support her.

  5. JRT Says:

    Hecklers= thugs, democrats.

    That’s how they operate. They scream, yell; are UNreasonable.

    Democrats are BULLIES!

  6. Please! Says:

    Please put Bachmann on the ticket opposite The President, PLEASE!!!

    President Obama, 4 more years!

    Hilary 2016!

  7. C Fisher Says:

    I was there. If you discount the press and those of us who are there every morning, she drew a crowd ten times bigger than the five that Christine O’Donnell had last week at Barnes and Noble. Maybe there’s hope for SW Florida’s return to sanity yet!

  8. eric Says:

    @repubtallygirl – Strangely, I’m conservative in virtually all areas except for the environment (on the other hand, I’m not an irresponsible teabagger) — and especially financially. Maybe, Tally Girl, you’ve forgotten that a lot of our economy is based on tourism here in the great State of Florida. I’m not sure that Drill Baby Drill is a great call for our economy. I wouldn’t want to go on vacation to a state whose shores and beaches are adorned with awful look oil drills and offshore rigs…environmental tourism is also big, with the everglades being a pretty big draw.

  9. Hadijah Says:

    The problem has been the federal government has locked up America’s energy resources.

  10. npgator Says:

    She may not win the Republican nomination but whoever does will win by a landslide. Our country is in the worst shape since Carter!

  11. The Real Perspective Says:

    “whoever does” you’re such a moron npgator, who is going to beat the President? You don’t have a clue, just spewing junk from your hate mouth. Are you old enough to check out? I think so.

  12. Terry Kelley Says:

    The reason that “the federal government has locked up America’s energy resources” is because unregulated “free enterprise” will pay NO attention to the environment, and in the past has polluted so badly that it has brought regulations down on itself. Don’t blame the government, blame those who fail to act responsibly on their own.

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