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Allen West says he’s ‘modern-day Harriet Tubman’

by George Bennett | August 18th, 2011


Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly last night that “you have this 21st century plantation that has been out there where the Democrat Party has forever taken the black vote for granted.”

West, the only Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus, added: “I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility.”

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21 Responses to “Allen West says he’s ‘modern-day Harriet Tubman’”

  1. Dusty Says:

    The Congressional Black Caucus might learn something from this gentleman. Conservatism is not black, white, yellow or brown; it is colorblind. Col. West send those folks on down the UGRR, our candles are in the windows.

  2. Fairandbalanced Says:

    Congressman West nails it again. The plantation overseers like Maxine Waters are having great difficulty keeping their members on the 21st century plantation. West found his way off the plantation and offers the solution. The Democrats will offer anything to keep the black votes but under Obama, the Democrats offer nothing but increased unemployment and economic disaster.

  3. AK Says:

    No one but West has the ego to compare himself to a famous and wonderful hero of the Civil War. His leadership skills are insignificant and he’s just like a banty rooster, all crow and no show. Vote him out, recall him! Just get him out.

  4. Sid Says:

    Regardless of ethnicity, Socialism causes poverty – every time.

  5. Alan Bergstein Says:

    Congressman West, from the inner city of Atlanta, is demeaned by blacks such as Al Sharpton who have done nothing but bring ruin to the Black community. West offers them the opportunity to get up on their own feet so that they can rightfully take their places within the middle class community and throw off the bands of bondage knotted by the Progressives who are holding them down.

  6. Not a West fan Says:

    Allen West’s answer for African Americans and the lower classes is to pass the wealth up the ladder to the upper classes and hope they don’t horde all their money and trickle it down.
    Voo-Doo economics has failed to create jobs and opportunities for the lower class.
    Allen West has lived off the public trough his entire life and this social climber is saying if you abandon your humanity and compassion for the lower class you can rise up out of poverty.
    It is all sheer fiction.
    But we have all come to expect nonsensical ramblings from this blowhard.

  7. South Palm Beach Says:

    In other words, Mr. West believes his fellow African Americans are too stupid to know for themselves as to what political philosophy and political party they best associate with.

    Hmm, that will go over really well in that Senate campaign of yours, Mr. West. Really, really well.

  8. SciGuy Says:

    Seems strange that West would compare himself to an emancipator like Tubman while he claims to want to help his fellow minority sufferers and play with Republicans and Tea Party members who have no sympathy or empathy for anyone who needs some help from their government. They all would insist that disadvantaged folks just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. West’s actions would be more acceptable if he was involved with many of the African nations with dictators and despots there.

  9. Downtown Danny Says:

    West is more like a modern day Uncle Tom. Pandering to rich whites, doing absolutely nothing for blacks.
    West can not claim one single bill he initiated that helped anyone. He lied to his Flea party base about his “commitment” to not raising the debt ceiling by voting for it, he brings up his military service at every stop refusing to explain the true facts about why he was kicked out (he tortured an innocent man for no reason) – he has no ideas on how to help the economy other than what the Koch brothers tell him to say – “lower taxes on the rich & cut government services to the poor” – perhaps the best way to describe West is a modern day bipolar Robin Hood – he wants to steal from the poor and give to the rich – hoping they will accept him into their world – which they never will.

  10. Dusty Says:

    I have an idea! Lets allow the poor to keep right on living the way they have for the last 50 years comfortably relying on the government. Have this cycle continue white or black sounds good to me. Listen folks, it is ALWAYS about the children or the poor, or for the grandslam, the poor children. Keep them thinking they can’t or don’t have to make something for themselves because that ‘safety net’ can be so comfortable. Thing is these oor children grow up thinking the safety net is the limit, rather than the sky.

  11. Thomas Says:

    West has to play the race card because it’s about the only card he has left. He’s can’t dazzle you with knowledge, his military past is average, and his accomplishments are hard to find. He’ likes to go around and speak with groups about how great he is, but what has he really accomplished since gaining office?

  12. SouthPB Says:

    Mr. West is classic narcisistic personality disorder. His recent attempts to compare himself to Harriet Tubman and WW2 General Anthony McAuliffe only confirms this further.

    If I had my guess, probably the man feels truly disgraced about what happened in Iraq, and feels the need to overcompensate in his civilian life.

    I think the guy probably wanted to be a General and is ashamed that he blew that chance, but whatever. Not my problem.

  13. howie Says:

    Liberals and the Black Caucus believe the Big Government plantation and affirmative action is needed to prop up inferior black people who can’t compete without special treatment.
    West nailed it. They are the true racists.

  14. SouthPB Says:

    After the 1960s, hard, overt racism against blacks may have been relegated to the extreme fringes, but soft, more subtle racism is still alive and well in the mainstream. And, as Mr. West’s ludicrious comments show, this racism can even be propogated by African Americans themselves against their own race.

    What Mr. West is insinuating is that the majority of blacks are stupid sheep too stupid to know what is best for them. That they are easily duped. That if they chose to identify themselves with liberals and progressives, they are lemmings being led off the edge of the cliff. And only he can be their savior, showing them the “right” way.

    Think about this ridiculous analogy of his. Back when slavery actually existed, I’m pretty darn sure that blacks who were enslaved knew that they were enslaved. They knew they weren’t being paid wages for their jobs. They knew that they couldn’t just voluntarily leave. They knew they could be severely beaten if they fell out of line. They knew they could be sold away from their families as if they were property.

    What Mr. West is now saying is that modern day blacks are enslaved, but they are too stupid to know that they are enslaved. And that the only salvation is to turn right to the party of big corporations.

    Regardless of who’s saying it, it’s insulting to blacks, and they aren’t going to buy that B.S. from Mr. West.

    This tired old canard has already been repeated ad nauseum by white conservatives for years. The fact that it is now being told by a black conservative doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.

  15. Tim Says:

    Alan West is a modern day racist, who despises the black race. He has re-created himself as the cruel overseer of the White Mans property.

    He doesn’t give a d#mn about his black brothers. In fact he is getting the same treatments as Michael Jackson had to turn his skin color white.

  16. Patriot Says:

    LOVING LOVING LOVING….the hissy fits SoFla Tea Partiers are throwing over West’s betrayal on the ‘debt’ vote.

    Note To Teabaggers….I’ll speak slow so you can understand…..

    This. Guy. Isn’t. Serious.

    He’s practicing his rhetoric every day, sucking up every interview, every camera. He wants to be famous…not a politician. He has -0- interest in being your great savior in DC. The guy’s one term (if that) and then onto Fox, CNN or whatever circus is looking for a new loudmouth. Onto book deals, onto talk radio so he can join his buddy Joyce Kaufman talking to the same 160 people everyday dead last in the listener ratings.

    Guy comes along tells you everything you want to hear, you think that’s all you need, you elect him……and who looks like idiots now!?

    Face it! You bought it!

  17. howie Says:

    with enemies like Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton who belong in prison….Congressman West does not need New York liberal friends to be successful in Florida

  18. Dusty Says:

    @Patriot which guy were you talking about? Sounds more like the Obama voters and the results we got from that election.

  19. Jeff Spicolli Says:

    I think he reminds me of a cross between Uncle Tom and Herman Goerring, which is truly scary. Fortunately most tea baggers will be dead before next years elections… and just so you know the truth, your kids are gonna spend their inheritances on weed, alcohol and hookers! Oh Yeah!

  20. KR Says:

    One in five children are living in poverty in America! That statistic is a result of politicians like West. Our country should never turn its back on those in need yet we seemed to have mastered that technique during the Bush Administration and now are unfortunately continuing that as a result of the Koch supported Teabaggers!How much did you get from Koch Industries, Mr. West?

  21. howie Says:

    Liberal racists will always attack conservative women and blacks because they feel they own them so how dare they speak their own convictions.

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