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AIF prepares for life after Barney

by John Kennedy | August 18th, 2011

Associated Industries of Florida on Tuesday named insurance lobbyist Cecil Pearce as interim managing director while assigning former legislator Trey Traviesa to oversee the search committee for a new president and CEO.

The big business lobby has been holding its annual conference at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Among the items on the agenda has been finding a replacement for outgoing President and CEO Barney Bishop, who earlier this month announced he’d be leaving by year’s end.

After seven years on the job — which pays more than $400,000 annually — Bishop’s decision to leave was at least partially inspired by rising discontent among the organization’s board of directors.

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4 Responses to “AIF prepares for life after Barney”

  1. Andrew C Says:

    After seven years on the job — which pays more than $400,000 annually? OMG

  2. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Trey Traviesa’s fingerpritns on the knife in Barney Bishop’s back.

  3. Jon L Says:

    Barney, as a moderate liberal and former state Democrat party executive director, was a weak and perplexing choice from the start. The ‘misson creep’ during his ostensible ‘leadership’ saw AIF drift into many issue areas and expending time and money where members had little skin. Barney was a popular media source because he was quick with a sound bite–a little too quick. His flippant pot shots finally sealed his doom. For AIF, it’s back to the future with the basics.

  4. Wanda Says:

    pays more than $400,000 annually, thats big money

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