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When Scott and Cabinet meet, it’s mostly a millionaires club

by John Kennedy | July 7th, 2011

When Gov. Rick Scott and the all-Republican Florida Cabinet meet, it’s mostly a millionaires club, according to new financial disclosure reports.

Only Attorney General Pam Bondi claims a net worth of less than $1 million.  Bondi, a former Hillsborough County prosecutor, quit her job last year to campaign fulltime, resulting in her reporting no income in 2010 and a net worth of $472,696.

Her assets are a house and a car.

Scott, considered Florida’s wealthiest governor in history, reported a $103 million net worth — down by more than half  from a year earlier. But still a bundle detailed in four pages of assets and income sources.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, scion of a Polk County citrus family, reported a $6.8 million net worth. Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, a former Senate president from North Palm Beach, was worth $1.6 million at the end of last year, according to his report, filed this month.

Atwater said he earned roughly $114,000 last year, with income from the state of Florida, investments, and banking work with Bank of America. Putnam, who left Congress last year to run for Agriculture Commissioner, reported income topping $570,000, including his congressional salary, investments, income from Putnam Groves, Inc., and the sale of  his Washington, D.C., home.

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16 Responses to “When Scott and Cabinet meet, it’s mostly a millionaires club”

  1. Can't believe the Post Says:

    Palm Beach Post = Cox Enterprises = Democrats

    Anything you read in the PB Post is pro-democrats, anti-republicans.

    It is slanted, biased reporting. All negative stories, many times without the ability to comment afterwards.

    There is no balance in Post.

    How many republicans or Independent candidates has the Post endorsed in local and state offices in the LAST 10 YEARS. Nearly, 95% of endorsements for democrats.

    You can’t believe this newspaper. It is seriously biased and influenced.

    Stories are ‘fed’ to the Post through democrat channels.

  2. JP Knight Says:

    Alex Sink, backed by the Post for guv, has a net worth of almost $10 million. Dan Gelber, backed by the Post for AG, has a net worth about twice that of Pam Bondi.

  3. dark gator Says:

    Oh big surprise, right! It’s very old news. Everybody knows that Florida has the best politicians money can buy.

  4. Proud 58 Says:

    The comments make me laugh out loud – there was no spin here. The facts were reported based upon these politicians’ financial disclosure forms. Geez, people, take a deep breath!

  5. amy bandis Says:

    So, dumb Blondi files a sworn affidavit and fails to disclose money in the bank. Is she trying to hide the fact that the old man she dates pays her bills (there is a name for that) or is she just too stupid to know how to file a simple form.

  6. Frank Gimsdale Says:

    Actually Rick Scott could surround himself with recently retired cops, fire fighters and top gov’t administrators (including school officials) with their drop money and high dollar pensions and he’d still be surrounded by millionaires–most worth more then Atwater. Heck if Sheriff Bradshaw were to join his team, he’d be one of the richest. Maybe we should set a limit on how many millionaires can work in all levels of government. That would probably remove about 25% of the present government workforce.

  7. Mitch Says:

    Barack Obama wants to CUT Cost Of Living Increases (though senators and congressmen will KEEP their AUTOMATIC RAISES and COLAS).

    Obama has given RAISES to his staff (apparently they hadn’t had any raises in two years…so sorry for that!)

    The babyboomers paid into Social Security. The government took the SAVINGS and spent it, not just on SS recipients but for OTHER PROGRAMS to ‘balance’ the budget!

    Now, Obama is set to cut SS AND Medicare. ObamaCare will take over Medicare.

    YOU can’t trust the government. YOU can’t trust Obama (he’s entered us in MORE wars-Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somolia at the cost of American lives and additional costs for taxpayers)

    NO to Obama, anyone but him.

  8. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Can’t believe the Post,
    I see you are at your BS again!

    Greedy people=Koch brothers=Gop/Tea Party
    Did you read the latest about the scientist, Willie Soon, who claimed CO2 emissions are not the cause of global warming? The Koch bros paid him $1 million. LOL! And all you apologists for Rick Scott, who defrauded medicare for MILLIONS, when did you start being cheerleaders for frauds and crooks? Do you just naturally identify with these types, or do you aspire to be the same one day?

  9. totally amazed~ Says:

    Ms. Vicky, back up your assertion about Koch giving Willie Soon a million. I won’t wait as you can’t. Spreading false rumors will gain you no points.
    Want to talk about someone trying to buy influence? Take a look at George Soros and his media matters,, etc.
    If the Post ever wonders why their subscription rate is in the can, their lack of ethics & bias in reporting, is so obvious, it isn’t hard to figure out you won’t really get the facts.

  10. Ms Vicky Says:

    @ totally amazed,
    You want proof (or did you run away)! Check out the link…and weep! LOL!

  11. Ms Vicky Says:

    @totally amazed, I’m awaiting your response. Everything I said was factual and true. Are you big enough to admit that?
    You assumed that I lied because you are a BS artist. The reason you’re “totally amazed” is that you’re totally ignorant of the facts and spew all the BS Fox news spin. Your hatred of “elite” a/k/a educated, is because you fear what you don’t understand, and you hate what you fear. You truly are “Amazed.”

  12. totally amazed~ Says:

    no, seems I have other things to do. Seems you have fallen for the rumor mill. You have posted nothing more than another blog proclaiming such. And you couldn’t even quote your blog source correctly. Need I say more? Sensationalism at its best. Have you checked out Soros yet?

  13. totally amazed~ Says:

    oh, and Ms. Vicky, I rely on no news organization, nor political committee, or blog. I actually research for myself to find out the real facts. Too many have an agenda out there. ;)

  14. Ms Vicky Says:

    @totally amazed, Then DO YOUR RESEARCH and you’ll find I am correct!You don’t even have the grace to admit when you’re wrong. I challenge ANYONE to read the article, by
    DJ Pangburn, wherein Soon ADMITS he received $1 million from the Koch brothers. Can’t you read, or does the truth disturb you? I won’t confuse you with the facts, but it’s no wonder you’re so confused. If I were a GOP member, I surely would NOT want you as a representative. And, btw, George Soros
    can give his money to anyone he chooses! But you probably don’t get the distinction between giving to a political party and donating to a researcher,do you, Amazing?

  15. Ms Vicky Says:

    P.S. totally amazed, I know the truth hurts, but research the following facts and know that you WILL be caught in YOUR
    faulty accusations and BS on here!
    From the above article, I quote, “Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, was paid $1 million over 10 years to express the view that CO2 emissions are not the cause of global warming…the Koch Brothers gave Soon $175,000 in 2005/2006 and once again in 2010. The American Petroleum institute gave Soon grants totalling $274,000 between 2001 and 2007, and Exxon Mobile provided Soon with $335,000 in grants between 2005 and 2010.”

  16. Moderate Says:

    Nice retort, totally amazed~. Back to the GOP echo chamber with your ad-hoc attacks.

    “You assumed that I lied because you are a BS artist”.

    When you can’t win on facts, start the name calling. Doesn’t change the key premise of the article: Government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.

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