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West: Obama supporters ‘a threat to the gene pool’

by George Bennett | July 19th, 2011

In his latest weekly update to constituents, U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, calls the debate over the federal government’s debt limit “the ultimate ideological clash in America…between those who believe in principled fiscal policies and those desiring the socialist bureaucratic nanny-state.”

He rips President Obama‘s handling of fiscal affairs and the economy and offers this critique of Obama’s supporters:

“I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”

West’s weekly update also runs here on the conservative site.

36 Responses to “West: Obama supporters ‘a threat to the gene pool’”

  1. Gene Pool Says:

    Ha! What a hoot. This West character is the funniest thing going. Thank you voters for electing a certified genealogy expert to congress.

  2. Repubtallygirl Says:

    West for President!

  3. Gene Pool Threat Says:

    Mr. West has a myopic view of the world. He endorses a plan that has been tested by time and does not work. Let’s preserve at all costs the tax cuts for the top 2% of wage earners on the illusory theory that they will set the inborn trait of greed aside and let those benefits trickle down to the middle class. Take an economics course, Mr. West. It doesn’t work that way. Office Depot has amply illustrated this point by outsourcing Palm Beach County jobs to Guatemala and India after both the county and the state gave them a tax cut in exchange for job creation. I don’t care what political party label you choose to tattoo on your forehead – you are delusional if you think that the answer to economic problems is cutting taxes for the wealthy, cutting programs, tying the hands of every future Congress to address the tough economic choices it faces, and belligerently refusing to raise the debt ceiling that has been automatically raised under every other president (except Clinton, who, after two years operated a surplus budget… a surplus that Bush quickly decimated). Mr. West, you are a danger to all you profess to hold dear and your obvious pandering to your big corporate donors is obvious. Are you being wined and dined by the Koch brothers, too?

  4. Charles Says:

    Ha, I think that there was an infiltration in Mr. West’s gene pool!

  5. We're paying Meek's salary Says:

    Support West!

    Obama nominated failed democrat senatorial candidate Kendrick Meek to a UN post! Yow, take someone and put him on the public dole.

  6. Bob East Says:

    Mr. West, you obviously know how not to be re-elected. But then again, we’d expect this from someone who supports those who are obviuosly swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. By the way, Rick Scott supports you!

  7. dogg Says:

    Those who pay no income tax(50% of the US citizens, and all of the illegal aliens) should not complain about anything that taxpaying producers do. In fact, they should not vote!

  8. VLF1964 Says:

    “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”

    I must confess, when I see Allen West, he of the dishonorably discharged Army torturing of innocent Iraqi citizens fame, I recognize him as someone who peed in his gene pool …

  9. Pat Says:

    Glad to see that George Bennett is back with us. Thanks for the eye-opening article on the (yuk) Congressman in my District 22. I plead not guilty to voting for this particular gene pool.

  10. Gina Says:

    Not long ago West criticized Gingrich’s idea of a poll test.
    Is he now insinuating that voters be given a DNA test?
    Quit insulting the majority of the electorate in your district, shut your partisan bickering mouth, and do something for South Florida rather than aggrandizing your ‘Cult of Personality’ with hate filled rhetoric.

  11. Gene Pool Threat Says:

    Mr. West exemplifies the Tea Party. A radical fringe that lacks any refinement whatsoever. The Tea Party caters to the lowest common denominator of government-hating conspiracy theorists who are more than willing to blindly follow anything spouted by Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing political machine.

  12. constitution 101 Says:


  13. HM Says:

    Got it, Allen.

    Meanwhile you’ve proved precisely nothing to South Florida citizens other than you know how to shoot your mouth off.

    Go back to talk radio with Crazy Joyce. Leave leadership to adults.

  14. Sylvia Says:

    I will wear my Obama 2012 teeshirts and bumper stickers with tremendous pride! I recognize Allen West as being shell-shot and a threat to himself. Judging by your comments . . . millions of Americans are a threat to the gene pool! Blatant ignorance and profound arrogance!

  15. Scubafreak Says:

    Priceless. No, I’m not talking about Congressman West’s opinion. I’m talking to the schoolyard sniveling and snarling in both the story AND the Replies. R-PLANTATION? Why not just put on a white robe and follow his family around screaming DIRTY NIGGER? DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED? That’s crap and you all know it. He RETIRED after questions came up on conduct relating to ONE INSURGENT (which, THESE days, could be for not having enough foam on the insurgents latte)..

    Get over yourselves, people. It’s called FREE SPEECH. Something you LIBS seem to think only applies if people tell YOU what YOU want to hear…..

  16. Fireobamain2012 Says:

    It’s funny. We can’t even get away from marxism in the comment thread. It is nice to see all the jealous ideologues that were passed along in school for scribbling their name on the top of the paper. They drone on about how great Mr. obama is and they whine about the Conservatives that embrace liberty that gives them the freedom of speech. Mr. obama has only increased unemployment (especially for “minorities”) he has increased debt to the point there is now a hidden tax called inflation. His policies in obamacare will just lead to quicker end of life and put a dollar amount on your ability to breath. These marxists whine about privacy in the bedroom but they vote for Mr. obama. When one controls you ability to seek care he also controls what you eat, drive, live in, and yes, who, or in some cases what, you sleep with.

    We Conservatives denounce the Statists threat to Private Property. We embrace the idea put forward in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. We seek to destroy those whom wish to turn our society into some Master/Slave ownership society. These Statists seek to do nothing other than to segregate and conquer based either on race, wealth, politics, or any other differing factor that makes this nation one in which the world has not seen before.

    We will deny the statists the pleasure they derive by controlling you. Your Liberty is at stake and if you don’t Fire obama In 2012 then it is all over. You will be telling you children or grand children what it was like once in these United States where men, women, and children from all walks of life were once free.

  17. HM Says:

    And you’re a paranoid moron.

    I said it when he took office. Allen West will make it 8 to 10 months before saying or doing something so vile and pathetic, either he’ll be forced to resign or no other Republican will be seen with him.

    I’m sticking to that schedule.

  18. John Thomas Says:

    West is right.

  19. Mr. Bizniz Says:

    All the haters are out in force I see. He’s Black and not a Democrat so that makes him_____. Fill in the blank with your most hateful nasty comments. All from the tolerant loving left.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  20. Reality Says:

    Do you have overdraft protection on your bank account? Would you turn it off if you knew it would bounce checks? That’s what West and his Republican cronies are trying to do. They ran up huge debt in their Wars on Everything… Now they wan the country to pay bounced check fees on the Debt that they have already voted to incur…

    The Rich get Richer the Poor get Poorer. Stop voting for these scum and start taxing the Rich Jerks who own so much…. Make them pay their fair share…

  21. Winston Says:

    I agree with Colonel West. he’s right on. Obama supporters seems to be retards.

  22. TROYBEAM Says:

    Ah, you Obama supporters……the truth upsets you so much that you go instantly on the attack to Mr. West.

    Has it ever occurred to you Obama supporters that Obama is selling you out as well as everyone else?

    Oh that’s right, your blinded by his brilliance that only shines on those that cannot see the fraud before them.

  23. JamesBennet Says:

    Allen West R-Plantation? What, are you some kind of racist? It was your party that wore the white sheets and went after those who though for themselves. You have flown your true colors.

  24. KnowHistory Says:

    I have a couple of questions for JamesBennet, post number 23.
    What party was president Abraham Lincoln, who signed the emancipation proclamation, a member of?
    Which party dominated the south during the years of segregation and discrimination?
    Members of which party vowed to keep the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bottled up in committee, and then fillibustered the bill for 54 days before being finally cut off by Republicans?

  25. Luigi&Daisy Says:

    How pathetic to honor a sub-human POS like the teabagger Allen “I’m a coward because I retired from service instead of taking it like a man and accept responsibility for my illegal actions in the murder of innocent Iraqi citizens and be dishonorably discharged and I lied that I have higher security clearance than POTUS” West. Well, that’s just the teabaggers and the tools of the Rabid & Ridiculous Reich MO … whine and demand and wring their girly-hands over others taking responsibility for their own actions yet, abdicate said acceptance and blame others for their screw-ups. Infantile, cowardly and pitiful – it’s the teabaggers way! If it weren’t so pathetic it would be laughable.

    “Reality has a well-known liberal bias”
    The Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

  26. Uncle Tom Says:

    Please have West run against President Obama, PLEASE!!!

  27. Proud Gene Pool Member Says:

    Hmm…I find Mr. West’s remarks to be vile, unprofesional and despicable. Sound familiar Mr. West. Seems like you don’t practice what you preach.

  28. Luv the guy! Says:

    Love Allen West. The guy tolerates no democrat stupidity! Go West!

  29. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    Please remember: The socialists we oppose are bankrupt in debate points and on the run since everywhere their ideas have been tried has lead to pitiful failures. On most political forums I haunt they have nothing left and currently retreat with snarling ad hominem epithets.

    Not surprisingly those knowledgeable people living in other countries are in more of a panic about how “America” is currently collapsing since they are much closer to the edge of the new dark age. The U.S. holds the last torch and is the last bastion of liberty and freedom other than a few smaller countries/areas — Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. who could be looted and destroyed in a heart beat by the barbarian hoards.

  30. Otis R. Needleman Says:

    Rep. West was just speaking the truth. I look forward to voting for him for President.

  31. Captain Obvious Says:

    To the moron lying about West “torturing innocent Iraqis”:

    He threatened ONE captured combatant with a gun to reveal the location of a planted bomb. This “innocent” capitulated and American lives were saved.

    But making the enemy in a WAR scared of being shot is somehow “dishonorable” to some politically correct nutjobs who’d rather see troops come home in body bags because it enhances their ability to demagogue and play politics.

  32. Proud 58 Says:

    WEST is truly a threat – to the gene pool and all else on earth. Please research his past, his ‘service’ – all of it.

  33. KidnPlayWest Says:

    Allen West…. he actually threatened the “insurgent” by telling him he’d give him the “west” haircut.. the guy began singing like a bird.

  34. Charles Lemos Says:

    Allen West is a liar, a ranting pyschopath. Let’s start with his assertion about the Taliban. He writes:

    “In the area of foreign policy, the United States has officially recognized the Libyan rebels as the “legitimate” government of Libya. Now, I am just a simple fella from down South, but I recall a previous Democrat President recognizing a bunch of undefined ideological zealots called the Taliban…and we all see how that ended up!”

    Not true. The Taliban came to power in October 1996 when they finally captured Kabul after a near two year siege. The Taliban regime was called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and it only gained diplomatic recognition from three countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Clinton Administration did not recognize the Taliban government. It’s truly mind-boggling that a Congressman, especially one with a two decade military career, can get such basic facts wrong.

    Next, the assertion that “47% of wage earning households in America do not pay federal income taxes” is a misleading canard. The stimulus programs of the last few years — the first one signed by President George W. Bush, the second and larger one by President Obama — have increased the number of households that receive enough of a tax credit to wipe out their federal income tax liability. Furthermore, income taxes aren’t the only kind of federal taxes that people pay. There are also payroll taxes and investment taxes, among others. When all is said and done only about 10% of US households have no federal tax liability largely because they are too poor.

    Allen West is either willfully ignorant of the facts or he is just plain stupid.

  35. RaeMarie Says:

    “R-Plantation” ?????? Are you KIDDING ME? You racist creep. You Liberal hypocrite. If a conservative criticizes Obama for his POLICIES he/she gets racist screamed in his/her face. Put “R-Plantation” next to a black congressman’s name and that’s supposed to be OK? You are absolutely disgusting. Nothing you say after that has any credibility.

  36. tekkei arity Says:

    i agree with the man above me, racist is not tolerate,it is going to blow up the peace in this earth.

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