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West: Liberals threatened by a black conservative with ‘a strong voice’

by George Bennett | July 21st, 2011

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, turned down several TV appearances Wednesday in the aftermath of his scathing email to U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston. But he went ahead with a previously planned evening radio interview with conservative talker Mark Levin and said that, as a black conservative, he’s subjected to a double standard in the politics of victimization.

“The thing that really most aggravates me is that there’s this double standard in that the people on the hard left can continue to attack conservatives and especially minority conservatives and female conservatives, but yet when all of a sudden you stand up and you say that you will not tolerate this any more, then they claim to be a victim, which I find just absolutely laughable,” said West, whose attack on Wasserman Schultz has been branded “sexist” by some of his foes.

West also said: “People who are black conservatives — I grew up in the inner city, strong values, came from a strong military family and background — you know, what we do is we totally invalidate the liberal social welfare policies and programs.

“And you know, I’m a threat because I’m the guy that got off their 21st century plantation and they cannot afford to have a strong voice such as mine out there reverberating and resonating across this country. And even more so, they’re not used to anyone that says ‘I’m going to fight back against you.’ That is absolutely reprehensible to them.”


107 Responses to “West: Liberals threatened by a black conservative with ‘a strong voice’”

  1. Witch's Brew Says:

    Don’t worry, West. You get my vote in 2012.

    We need strong voices like his.

    Wasserman Schultz is stirring the witch’s brew.

    It’s the typical democrat attack. Debbie is just like her counterpart-Anthony Weiner. Exactly like him!

    Evil lurks in certain people. That’s all they know.

  2. HM Says:

    Once again, Allen West’s scorecard:

    Accomplishments in Congress: F
    Ability to rant about himself and others: A+

    Allen West’s future as a low rated kooky right wing talk radio host is bright.
    His present as an effective member of Congress is a disaster.

  3. lol donkey Says:

    Allen West sounds like a big crybaby. Grow some stones.

  4. nemo Says:

    West got all my support in 2012! Go forward West! Down with the left wing that only breed lies, hatred, misery and despotic regimes.

  5. dounome Says:

    I think the opposition ignore Allen West and leave him alone. He is in a pretty secure district that has more Republicans than Democrats. They were lucky to unseat Clay Shaw, and I don’t think it will happen again.

  6. Fairandbalanced Says:

    Congressman West, we are with you all the way! Thanks for all you do for us.

  7. alan Says:

    What a wonderful breath of fresh Allen West is for us locally and nationaly. I am out of his district but he will get a donation from me. You libs need to go outside and smell the roses for a change and look out for our country, she is in trouble. As far as stones go, he has big ones and I respect and thank Allen West for his service

  8. Koch Brother Says:

    West still believes he is still in the military, where he can threaten and torture..I would not vote for him for Dogcatcher…he would probably SHOOT the dogs!!!

  9. Skeptic Says:

    Dounome, you are correct,the people in his district will soon tire of him when they realize he is nothing more than an empty shirt,as to liberals threatened by a black conservative, ask J C Watts how that worked out for him, he was used and abused by his own party.

  10. JIM HEGARTY Says:

    The DNC replaced wildly screaming Howard Dean with shrewish Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She insists on twisting facts whether on the Floor of the House or in interviews. Since she continues to be a provocateur some return fire is inevitable.

  11. Reasonable Says:

    Iguess I dont understand Alan West on this. I’m an independent. And generally he has my support although I think he goes too far at times. But why get in a pissing match with the head of the Democratic party? She has nothing to lose, everything to gain. He has everything to lose, nothing to gain. He should just ignore her from now on. Its silly for him to engage her at all. It is obvious she was baiting him into a response.

  12. West Is Best! Says:

    Thank you for standing up for minorities who are conservative. We do not need handouts just an opportunity. Liberals can’t stand that idea. You’ve got my vote again Mr. Allen West.P.S. Thank you again for your outstanding service to our great country!(that was probably insulting to a liberal)

  13. Riviera Beach Taxpayer Says:

    Allen West tells it like it is. What a breath of fresh air. GO WEST!

  14. rileymon Says:

    democrats such as wasssseeerrrrrman and weiner are the party of CHIN BAGGERS and have a miserable day because as a democrat YOU will never be happy!

  15. John B Says:

    I thought republicans were always blaming the democrats for playing the race card. Strange world we live in.

  16. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    Congressman Allen West is again the hero for normal people.

    He tells the truth about whatshernamewhohasneverheldarealjob and the libs go nuts. What fun.

  17. Diane Says:

    So, Debbie Wasserperson thinks it’s sexist if she is criticized and called to task for her actions. Why aren’t her attacks and demonstrations in front of Allan West’s offices considered “racist”? Liberals label anyone who disagrees with the President’s policies a racist. Liberals call Juan Williams a racist if he admits to being cautious around passengers dressed in muslim garb on an airplane. They are quite comfortable attaching labels to everyone but themselves. Grow up Ms. Wasserperson, you are being criticized because of your comments and antics, not because of your sex. Your actions would be equally offensive if you were male, female or gender neutural.

  18. Shane Says:

    I agree. West should ignore her.

  19. middle ground Says:

    A breath of fresh air?? more like stale political rhetoric. Are you a Congressman or an anti-liberal fanatic?? Citizens need strong leaders not petty infighting egos. Debbie is guilty of the same thing. Political mud-slinging is wasted efforts. ALL citizens need real solutions, not name calling, that’s what we pay them for.

  20. Repubtallygirl Says:

    West for President!!

  21. X. Ray Vision Says:

    Rep. West is the living definition of “hypocrite”. He cries about name-calling and race-card playing, yet he does EXACTLY that, only in reverse. He can’t “speak his mind”, except in a sterile, safe, friendly environment, ie: the internet or a conservative radio talk show. He is just another self-serving role player who happens to label himself a “conservative”, because that is currently in vogue. Lets see how this plays in 2012.

  22. farmer Says:

    I could care less what his race is. I just want someone to represent my district who has some moral character – something that West lacks and has no clue on how to obtain.

  23. Truth Says:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz made a simple statement of fact. West did vote to make drastic cuts in Medicare which would hurt seniors if implemented. He blew a gasket because he couldn’t argue with that fact! All this plantation talk is B S.

  24. Tara LoCastro Says:

    Why is race always being brought into politics? West is a whack-job who thinks just because he’s a conservative and Black that people should follow him. Where was he when Wasserman made her veiled remarks about him on the floor? Wasn’t he supposed to be present? Let me just ask you Repuke-i-cans one thing, what has West done for us since he’s been in Congress? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. If you mindless sheep had any brain WHATSOEVER; you would remember who got this country into this mess-GW Bush. When Clinton left office, our budget had a huge surplus-Bush left office-the largest deficit in our nation’s history. Yeah, West needs his own talk show-Limbaugh needs someone to replace him when he gets caught with a carload of Oxys.

  25. mike Says:

    I am proud that Rep West is standing up against the liberal attack dogs (Wasserman-Schultz et al)and he has my support… for 50 years, we have endured the liberal social engineering policies, freebies for the so-called underpriviledged, this great country was not built on “freebies” but on individual responsibility and hard work and ingenuity. Send Wasserman-Schultz and her liberal ilk out the door in 2012.

  26. V Says:

    When liberals said that about conservatives and their hate for Obama they were criticized. But, now it’s ok since it the shoe’s on the other foot.

    West is useless. He’s a typical tea bag candidate talking out one side of his mouth while his hand is in the pot. Has he showed up for a full session of congress yet?

    He’s a nut case and a criminal just like our governor. The rest of the tea baggers are just nut cases for the most part. Flori-duh for sure.

  27. South Palm Beach Says:

    No, Mr. West. People are only threatened by you because you are, well, how do you put it….insane.

  28. Frank Says:

    I have been a fan of West up to this point – and with good reason. However, I do not like that he is starting to play the race card, and if this continues he will lose my vote and support.

  29. DannyR Says:

    So welcome to politics Mr. West. Guess it’s not the same as the “real war games” you’re use to. Stop complaining and grow a set, then get by in the ring. Maybe the women won’t beat you next time. You ask for the “big times” and unfortunatly for us you won!

  30. DannyR Says:

    Opps, forgot. Have another cup of tea!

  31. Michael-David Says:

    In any compromise between good and evil, it is only EVIL THAT CAN PROFIT……….GO WEST 2012……

  32. Wandering Pawn Says:

    Notice the enormous quantities of silence coming from West’s fellow Republicans. Dems are off the mark on it being sexist, and West is ridiculous in saying its about race. But you never hear ANYONE in either party call another person “vile”, or “reprehensible”, or tell them to “shut up” when they criticze your politics, honestly or not. It crosses a serious line of decorum, and my guess is that there are many within his party who will be glad when he’s gone.

  33. Charles Says:

    I am a conservative and I think that Allen West is a jerk! He is the person that should learn some manners. His comments are not remotely connected to politics.

  34. Jon Doe Says:

    Dear Allen,

    You’re an idiot. That is all

  35. Carol Says:

    West is a kook! He gets some attention from white guys with cash and starts taking this garbage seriously. He’s a puppet of the right

  36. mike Says:

    west is a cowardly little, little man.

  37. Heman Schwartz Says:

    Rep West is certainly Not an Officer & a Gentleman
    and of course is Not one To Judge!! time stop crying
    and being nasty and offensive

  38. Bob East Says:

    You West supporters are correct, he is a breath of air, foul smelling swamp gas… we’ll see how he does in his re-election if he has the stones to try. He’ll probably follow the lead of another of your hero’s, Mike Haridopolis.

  39. Soupman Says:

    I watched the interview West did on TV yesterday and he referred to himself in the third person. I thought only ego-filled athletes like Lebron did that? This guy’s head’s so big it’s gonna blow soon.

  40. Carol Says:

    The Dem. Senate voted to gut $500 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare. West voted against it. He’s new to the business of politics and allowed that shrew to get under his skin. Guaranteed that it won’t happen again. People like that woman are best left totally ignored by their targets.

  41. Alan C. Says:

    Well said, Allen. She spoke negatively of you, your disregard and damage (?) to your own constituents (not hers), while you were not on the ‘floor’ of the House. All while wrapping her partisan view smoothly around the personal insults. She has the track record … during your run for the Congress, and gets away with a lot due to who she is and what she is. She will try to bait you again, and often. One counterpunch such as this, per event, should do the trick. Sends the right msg to all of her friends.

  42. RobWPB Says:

    Allen West is one bad S O B… he has my vote anytime…

  43. trader Says:

    Man, many kool aid drinkers here! Let’s here some more lefty lies. This not the Democratic Party of the sixties! More self serving billionaires than you can shake a stick at are Demo’s.

  44. Carol Says:

    Dem. controlled Congress voted to cut $500 billion from Medicare. West voted against it. He’s new to the business of character assassination so well practiced by liberals, so he allowed this shrewish excuse for a woman to get under his skin. Guaranteed it won’t happen again. 2016 Republican presidential nominees – Rubio for President, West for VP. Now let the liberals plan on how to attack that ticket. Should be amusing.

  45. AJA Says:

    Thank you Mr. West for your honorable service to this country. The pathetic attack by Wasserman is just another example of liberal hate and anger. You were not in the house to defend yourself and that despicable women took unwarrented shots at you-based on lies none the less!

    Thank you and GO WEST!

  46. Koch Brother Says:

    send the raving lunatic to Afghanistan…West might be of value there…here he is totally useless

  47. Gina Says:

    Reposting comment I saw on Miami herald cause it is so right on:
    Allen West’s broken logic continues to fail him.
    You got off the 21st century plantation and now hang around with old white rich dudes saying what they want to hear from a black man so they will open their wallets. You may have left the plantation but you did not help anyone else off of it, and damn those that are still there by placating to the foibles of the rich. You are more like the overseer on a 21st century plantation, doing the repressive bidding of the slave owners for your own comfort.
    You made the analogy first not me.

  48. Repubilcan Says:

    I am amazed there are people who think West is standing up against a liberal attack dog. The so called “liberal attack dog” is a woman asking why he voted to cut spending including Medicare benefits while his district has a lot of elderly people who really need it. An excellent well-written explanation on his stance will shut her up automatically and win people’s heart at the same time. His district deserves to know his reason anyway. Instead he resorted to name-calling to her doing exactly what he accused her doing (sending email instead of saying to her face, being an attack dog without discussing the real issue, telling her to shut the-heck up, for god sake). This is what people think: he is standing up? Come on, man…

  49. Tom R Says:

    Wasserman-Shultz gave her opinion of the bill that West was supporting. West reacted by foaming at the mouth and calling her names. If you can’t see that, regardless of your political affiliation, maybe you need to stop your knee-jerk reacting and think CAREFULLY about what you’re doing. And yes, Democrats do it too.

    This is not what our country needs right now. The whole spat is fiddling while the US burns. And all you knee-jerkers are making it a lot worse.

  50. Dave Says:

    Oh, no! A black man calling things as he sees them, without consulting the East Coast Liberal Elite. Congressman West, don’t you realize that the wealthy, mostly white liberals know what’s best for you and your people? You have my vote again.

  51. Awwwwww Says:

    Wah wah wah wah wah …. anybody hear an annoying whining noise?

    So when his policies are questioned he whines, then pulls the race card. LOLOLOLOLOL Typical. Did the military teach him to whine like this?

    If you can’t take it, you should stop trying to dish it out. Crybaby.

  52. Thomas Says:

    West makes a fool of himself and now his party is playing the race card to cover for him. Pretty pathetic excuse for leadership. West better stick to his Tea Party. That fad will slowly fade, and people like West will fade with them.

  53. Vicki Says:

    West has my vote !!!! Not the woman from Florida !!!

  54. The Truth Says:

    I hope West is the tip of the iceberg of a new generation of politicians. Honest, calls a spade and spade and not concerned about political correctness. West or Wiener??? You decide!!!

  55. Jose Ortega Says:

    Allen West is becoming intoxicated with power. He has the potential to become the next Adolf Hitler.

    We already know that Mr. West was booted from the Army for murdering legitimate prisoners of war.

    West attacks Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz because she speaks the truth that war criminal West wants to hide.

  56. Get over it Says:

    Okay so Wasserman keeps pushing the buttons and calls West out during her turn for all to hear. West responds privately to her via e-mail and WASSERMAN puts the e-mail out there. Now we have other women crying sexual harassment.

    And we want to know what is wrong with the country. Wasserman started this fight and now she has everyone stepping up to fight it for her.

    FYI- Don’t particularly care for West either – but don’t see where he is wrong in this one.


  57. Constituent Says:

    It is such a shame he is allowed to speak at all. His next move, hold a meeting at a “tea party” only location, have it at a place that women cannot open the front door. (moose lodge) and cowtow to only the tea party again !! When will he get it, he represents all his district now, not the minority of radicals that happened to vote for him in November. Elections over West, look around you officially represent everyone now it was in your oath. Democrats Seniors poor people. How about a meetin at a oopen space without the tea party to scare anyone away that is not within their acceptable beleifs.

  58. npgator Says:

    West is the man! The DNC must have given up hope by putting Wasserman Schultz out there.

  59. Moderate Says:

    Ad-hominem attacks are unprofessional, and are resorted to only when the merits of his argument cannot stand on their own (i.e., the medicare/medicaid vote Wasserman-Schultz was referring to) You’ve ceded intellectual ground in the argument. Show some character more becoming of the LTC you sign your name with in Fundraising requests for this petty namecalling.

  60. Dan B Says:

    This is an example of Liberal hypocrisy. As long as minorities stay in there place and agree to be enslaved by Liberalisim they can say or do anything. Example, Charlie Rangels tax evasion, Obama’s cocaine past and Marxist policies and communist connections. But let a minority or a woman step out of line. Then the Gestapo goes into action. Liberals for women and minorities? Yeah right, they are for big Government and power and all you Libtards that go along with it are nothing but sheeple. Your definitely not about Liberty. Your about something else. Go Allen West, you have definitely got my support!!!

  61. jason burt Says:

    West is the next Don King.

  62. Jose Ortega Says:

    Allen West is the Workingman’s worst enemy. West seeks to dismantle all OSHA regulations that protect workers.

    West seeks to protect corporations and businesses from law suits filed by injured employees who were hurt on the job.

    West seeks to introduce legislation that will force workers to pay for their individual Workers Comp Insurance.

  63. Jay Says:

    Rep West got my vote before, and will again, he described Wasserman perfectly. This entire state should be embarrased by her.

  64. Hypocrites Says:

    “Let’s call a spade a spade”… and you say this supporting Mr. West?

  65. james Says:

    I was with him up until he started this %@?! with the race card. Give me a freakin break already with this. Libs don’t care if your black. STFU and govern. Lost a bit of respect after that statement. Ponderous

  66. Bill Clinton Says:

    Rep. West, I’d go into battle with you anyday.

  67. Obamarmy Says:

    2012 campaign slogan

    “West HATES Women”

    VOTE Lois Frankel 2012

  68. JJG Says:

    What have you accomplished in your tenure besides whining?

  69. Big Johnson Says:

    After reading the comments here I’m beginning to understand how Rick Scott was elected. Are you reading the same thing I am? I’m a life-long republican from a very old republican family. Mr. West displayed the inability to stand in defense of his support for a proposal that would cause harm to his constituents and instead impugned the character and demeanor of the person who questioned that support.

    As former military I know that senior field grade officers are not accustomed to having their decisions questioned, but Mr. West is now in an arena where every decision will be questioned and require a well crafted response, not a juvenile rant. Mr. West has yet to defend or explain his support for the proposal use diversionary tactics. Wrong battlefield Mr. West. Heck, he wasn’t even present for the debate on the subject, how is that fulfilling the obligation of his office?

  70. Vietnam Vet Says:

    I didn’t vote for West but I would endorse
    in him firing back at Wasserman. She is disgusting and that’s a fact.

  71. Big Johnson Says:


    Mr. West has yet to defend or explain his support for the proposal but instead chose to use diversionary tactics. Wrong battlefield Mr. West. Heck, he wasn’t even present for the debate on the subject, how is that fulfilling the obligation of his office?

  72. Stephen Colbert Says:

    You go Allen!

    (go away that is)

    Watch my comments from last nights show on you tube

  73. keysersoze Says:

    West playing the race card. Pathetic. Liberals afraid of a black politician with a strong voice. Must be why they voted for Obama. What an idiot West is. Ashamed he is my representative.

  74. keysersoze Says:

    I think conservatives are afraid of a Jewish woman with a strong voice. How about that, West? Makes about as much sense as your race-baiting defense for your childish behavior.

  75. nativewooder Says:

    It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?!!! How did it feel to become a passed-over nutcase who had to retire? I’m sure that wasn’t your fault either!!!

  76. spartacus Says:

    For being a big tough former military guy, as West constantly reminds us, he sure loves to play the wilting victim. I don’t hear his voice resonating anywhere, except when he’s whining. If he’d exert as much effort into legislation as he does into self-promotion and complaining about what others say about him, maybe he’d be able to actually accomplish something in Congress. To date, he’s been a major disappointment to the GOP.

  77. Dee Says:

    Allan West if full of s==T

  78. spartacus Says:

    Big Johnson at 72 and 74, above – you said it best.

  79. Racka Fracka Schmacka Says:

    I remember DWS protesting in downtown Ft. Lauderdale calling West a misogynist who placates criminals. What a sad sight that was….

    DWS has never been opposed in an election. West is a threat to her clearly. She will cling to the Demo cronies that keep financing her.


  80. He took the 5th 82 times Says:

    Why does West have to play the race card so often? That really is beyond the pale (pun intended). He is such a whimpering bully, he runs to his Fox friends and cries that Lil’ Debbie hurt his feelings and is a racist? Pusssy!!!
    This Republiclown loves to play the race card as much as Governor Scott love the 5th Amendment against self incrimination. Both should man up and stop picking on small women.
    West is a complete buffoon and joke! Can’t wait to see Bill Maher’s take on this one tomorrow night on HBO.
    Go get em Lil’ Debbie.

  81. drewsco Says:


    Your comment-48 is excellent.

  82. BOND Says:

    i don’t know of one progressive that is afraid of west. west talks just like the other white conservatives. there is no difference. so for him to suggest that there is fear is typical republican/white /black nonsense.

  83. More B...Sch Says:

    I saw the exchange from the Democratic Lady and the response from Mr. West.

    What a farce.

    Mr. West is not a professional.
    He was so angry? Over what?

    Is this is what our country has come too?

    I am not a Demoterd or Re-pubic-hair.

    I don’t vote! I am not stupid enough to vote for any of these clowns.

    Mr. West, you need to go and all the democracks with you and the other politicians including the Elephants.

    All of YOU in politics!

  84. Kevin Says:

    His ranting on Mark Levin’s radio show makes no sense in the context of the issue at hand. DWS was simply stating that the position taken by Mr. West on the republican budget bill runs counter to what is in the best interest of his constituency. That is a fact, and she was doing a service to his district by pointing this out to them. He was dead wrong in the letter he sent to DWS and obviously knows it now. What politician would turn down the opportunity to be on TV during an election cycle unless he knows he’s wrong? Kick this military dropout race baiting idiot to the curb in 2012.

  85. Mike Says:

    Congressman West has an unfortunate habit concerning pressure and fear.
    When he is in front of friendly crowds the red meat stuff works and remains with that group of faithful.
    Firing off the email to an opposing collegue either had some design to it or Allen West was under pressure perhaps after receiving bad news on some front.
    Cracking under pressure is nothing new to Congressman West, it’s why he is ‘retired’ from the Army.

  86. Bob Says:

    Allen West is a Black man that Black people should ignore and be ashamed of. He is a crass, nasty bully who is ashamed of his black roots and has becomes the Republican/Tea Party’s “Uncle Tom”. A complete disgrace to the Republican party, his race and culture! Doubtful he’ll see a second term.

  87. mike Says:

    Wests delusions keep getting deeper and deeper. Keep talking west you are your own worst enemy. West doesnt like women, that was apparent last year when he wrote his piece for the biker magazine.

  88. Outside Your Box Says:

    One reason why I am a lifelong independent is that the lunatic pathologies of the extremists in the two political parties disgust me. Republicans need to give up on their great black hope pathology. Are you listening to yourselves??? What does history tell you?? Think about how well the ten most prominent Black politicians since Nixon’s southern strategy have worked out for you! Now think about why.

  89. pbcnative Says:

    Where was he when Wasserman supposedly “attacked” him? In the john? Let’s look up his attendance records. He’s more worried about inflating his own self worth than representing his constituents in Congress. This isn’t the military and you aren’t a drill sargent. The man is a bully, sexist and full of himself. The Tea Party is using him as their black “poster boy”. They’ll get rid of you as soon as you outlive your usefulness..Look at Michael Steele!

  90. steve layman Says:

    debbie got wests PANTIES in a wad! go girl! this guy is a total idiot and doesnt belong in government..

  91. RR Says:

    Wasserman Schultz is being naive or dishonest if she believes Medicare can continue as is. She is guilty of misleading and scaring seniors into believing something totally untrue, which is that their current Medicare will end. That is much more likely to happen under the Democrats, who are continuing to kick that can past their next election. West is far more honest than Wasserman Schultz will ever be.

  92. Buffy Says:

    I got a good laugh about West’s response when someone called him sexist. He responded he was not sexist because he was married to a PHd. Why couldn’t he just say he was married to a woman or a lady. Instead he made it clear he was married instead to a title.

  93. Rawhide Says:

    West come find me we can go mano a mano, a small woman got under your skin no wonder they forced you to retire from the military

  94. Whatamoron Says:

    @Dan B-are you in a coma?? You obviously failed third grade Grammar, “there” instead of “their”. Obama’s Cocaine past? What about GW’s Alcoholism and Limbaugh’s Oxy addiction? What about David Vitter and the fetish with the diapers? Yeah, so Weiner got caught with his pants down, but so did your boy Chris Lee. Marxist Idealogy from the Democrats? You need to study your history books too. I bet when you retire you want your Medicare and Social Security benefits that you worked your entire life to earn. Republicans are trying to take that away from you…DUH! I’ll bet you’ve never had a pre-existing condition and couldn’t get health insurance coverage either. Allen West is a bully, a Misogynist (look it up)and still thinks women should be seen but not heard. He was discharged from the military for executing foreign POWs. The guy preaches hatred and to rebel against those who don’t buy into their (Tea Party morons)angry rhetoric. Tea Party=KKK in suits. West is too stupid to realize it. He thinks they are his ticket the top. Look what happened to Gabriella Giffords. Black, White, Brown, Purple; whatever. Hate is Hate and knows no color. He is a hateful, ignorant, coward who doesn’t have the nerve to confront Wasserman because he’s not intelligent enough to debate her face to face. He hides behind an e-mail. That’s someone I want respresenting me..FloriDUH, the armpit of America.

  95. Feel Says:

    What is this Negro trying to Conserve???

  96. STAN Says:

    Allen West reminds me of that uncle at the barbeque that you have to cut off before he goes too far and insults everyone in the family. And since he never shuts up about his war record or how he did this or that, he becomes an insufferable boor only suited for old fashioned men’s clubs where he, the Duke Bros. and Commander Fogg can swap lies about how they saved babies from burning ships while sharks bit at their feet.

    Mr. West is now and shall forever be a clown. He is not really a conservative, since he tries to get his bona fides as a fire-breathing radical out to shake up the system. He only speaks for one Black person, himself, and no amount of imagination can conjure up numbers the “liberal” boogeymen (or women) he needs to fight to justify his election to office. He is just like Eddie Murphy in “The Distinguished Gentleman” except it’s clear he’s starting to drink his own Kool-Aid and believe his own BS. Every African American who has been adopted by the Republican Party, from JC Watts to Michael Steele to the shamefully disgraced Colin Powell has been used as a pawn to attract African American votes to a ticket that largely ignores their collective interests. Many African Americans have made the strides that Mr. West brays on about, but many are still mired in poverty and joblessness. Most African Americans who accept Republican money become as selfish and unconcerned with the plight of poor people, single mothers, neglected elders and needy children as their White counterparts. It is only in that regard that they have become equals. It’s not a Black thing or a White thing–it’s a treat other Americans with the kindness and respect you would like to be treated with thing.

  97. chaka Says:

    I am a registered Democrat because Republican policies consistently favor the wealthy. I don’t know whether I’m a liberal, a conservative or a moderate. I am however a black 82nd Airborne Long Range Recon Ranger brat. Who studied and trained to follow in my father’s footsteps from the age of 5 until I was 14, at which time after 18 combat jumps at least 1 behind the Iron Curtain and 23 separate engagements (black bag ops), my father resigned in 1968 rather than go to Viet Nam because he said that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a scam and the war was not about freedom and was against an WWII ally who refused to be enslaved by the French after holding off the an entire Division of Royal Japanese Marines. Guess what? He was right! (See Macnamara) I went on to major in History and as such I can state unequivocally that the Great Depression did not end because of budget reduction. In fact the first country to recover (5 years) was Japan who engaged in heavy deficit spending retooling their industry from light to heavy. In fact that’s when Toyota came on the scene. While in the US republicans came to power after the mid-term elections spouting the same anti deficit rhetoric they are spouting now and undercut Roosevelts’ New Deal. As a result the US languished in the Depression until WWII during which; by the way the top 1 per cent of income owners paid a 90% tax rate! Anyone who is supposedly a History person (as West claims to be)knows this. So West is either a fool or an opportunist Uncle Tom who seeks to curry favor with his masters by spouting the company line that he knows is a blatant lie. But than again I think it was Hitler who said that if you tell the people a big enough lie often enough they will believe it! I sincerely hope that this man does not win another term! He is an embarrassment to any knowledgeable person of African Descent!

  98. Luis Says:

    Coronel West has my respect and admiration; as a son of a hispanic combat veteran I will continue to support Congressman West who is bringing us out of the liberal plantation;


  99. He took the 5th 82 times Says:

    @ 97: Chaka your post brought tears to my eyes. All of these fake Gulf heroes who fought against a toothless enemy are not heroes in comparison to persons like your dad, who fought the good fight against real foes, not manufactured ones. West is being used, and letting himself be used, by people who wouldn’t think twice about using racial slurs against African Americans if they saw one in their country club. West is the biggest tool in Congress except he is so ineffective. He has, and I’m sorry to use this analogy given the many who have been maimed by our senseless and spendthrift engagement in Iraq, stepped on a proverbial land mine when he went after Debbie using a sexist bullying tone.
    Impeach West!

  100. Mike Says:

    I can speculate that the quote from Allen West who said everytime he sees a car with an OBAMA 2012 bumper sticker he thinks the vehicle’s occupants are “A THREAT TO THE GENE POOL” the Congressman may have received orders to create a diversion ensuring Americans don’t know about or remember that hateful comment.
    It’s far better for Allen West’s political future for the vast majority of Americans not know he called over 65 million americans genetically inferior.
    Attacking one Democratic Congresswoman is far more beneficial than becoming known for Allen West’s venture into the world of eugenics.

  101. constitution 101 Says:

    DWS is a vile disgusting person.
    She can dish it out but she sure cannot take it. She is a liar and a racist.
    The progressives are threatened by a
    black conservative. It does not fit the
    demorat narrative of big government,
    unions, and social dependency.
    DWS should appologize to Congressman
    West. She is Alan Grayson in high heals.

  102. constitution 101 Says:

    DWS aka Hypocrite of the Year who claims
    to be offended by Allen Wests PUSHBACK:
    She didn’t seem to mind Anthony Weiners
    exposure when she REFUSED TO COMMENT and
    repeatedly said ‘ITS A PRIVATE MATTER”

  103. James Says:

    Representative West is a bully and reacted like any other bully that gets called out for his actions. Did anyone expect a well reasoned fact based argument from him or his office? And here i thought West Point grads were taught to take and hold the high ground!Has he found a place to live in his district yet? Can we actually send some adults to Congress in the next election instead of crybabies?

  104. Thomas Says:

    First the cowardly act of sending his threats via e-mail, now the cowardly act of hiding behind his race. Equality will exist when people of all races stop using their respective race as a shield. West is a sad example of a candidate who slipped into office because of a lack of worthy opponents.

  105. Bob Says:

    Stan &Chaka—Excellent postings from level headed true American people. You both hit the head right on the nail about Mr. West. Mr West unfortunately has decided, against much advice, I’m sure, to join the Republicans in trying to keep a great deal of the lower income, poor, and disabled people of this country down. It’s too bad many of these people are Black. It doesn’t seem to phase Mr. West, just as long he can tout his military career and tell us what a patriot is. Too bad he doesn’t use his position to help his people at all. Really pathetic.

  106. SciGuy Says:

    West’s picture recently reminded me of Alfred E. Neuman’s in Mad Magazine saying, “What me worry?” Is this art imitating life? Naw. It’s just an angry black man who is not listening to what people in this country need – jobs and a decent medical delivery system but instead is taken in by the conservatives’ “songs of the sirens.” Remember Eisenhower warned us about the “military industrial complex” and its eventual effect on politics and our nation. Lil Abner’s General Bullmoose used to say in the cartoon, “War is good for Big Business.” Harumph!

  107. South Palm Beach Says:

    Here’s the thing about the race card, because I just know the conservatives were chomping at the bit to use it at the best possible moment when Mr.West found himself embroiled in some sort of controversy.

    To the conservatives, using the race card for criticism of Allen West is a means of percieved payback for times when others have accused those in the tea party movement of having either conscious or subconcious racism in their criticism of President Obama.

    And to be fair, there have been times where those on the far right have criticized or disparaged President Obama and charges of race based politics against the conservatives have been grossly overblown and inappropriate.

    That being said, the whole “birther” movement was racist. Placards and signs depicting President Obama as an African witch doctor or calling him a “Lyin’ African” were racist. Were they representative of the entire tea party as a whole? No. But did they show that at least some of the criticism from some on the right against President Obama had a racial component to it? Yes.

    Now here’s the thing about Mr. West….there’s been no jabs at his birthright, no race based protest signs. There’s been some heavy criticism of him by the left, and repeated references to the manner in which Mr.West’s military career ended (whether one believes that to be relevant or not).

    But as far as I know, the nastiest criticism from the left rests not on his race but on a belief that the man is a reactionary loose cannon.

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