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West explains his vote for Boehner plan in ‘letter to the American people’

by George Bennett | July 29th, 2011

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, has doused suggestions from admirers that he run for president or vice president in 2012. But West struck a presidential tone this evening in explaining his support for Speaker John Boehner‘s debt-ceiling plan, which just passed on a 218-210 vote.

West, who drew fire from many of his tea party allies for coming out early and vociferously for the Boehner plan, wrote what his office called “a letter to the American people” and begins it with “My Fellow Americans.”

Click here to read the letter.

Spokeswoman Angela Sachitano explained that West “has got calls from all over the country the last two days and he felt the need to be a voice on this to everyone.”

4 Responses to “West explains his vote for Boehner plan in ‘letter to the American people’”


    You believe we’re broke.
    I believe we live in one of the wealthiest nations on earth.
    You believe public employees don’t deserve good health and retirement benefits.
    I believe everyone deserves good health and retirement benefits.
    You believe it’s okay to silence your opponents.
    I believe everyone’s voice should be heard.
    You believe might makes right.
    I believe a bully is a bully, whether he’s an angry kid on a playground or an angry man in a suit.
    You believe government should be vilified, belittled and shackled.
    I believe government is the only institution in the world in which we can all share and participate equally.
    You believe in every man for himself.
    I believe we are better and stronger when we work together.
    You believe “we can’t…”
    I believe “We can. We must. We will!”
    And so, in this time and place, I plant my flag and make my statement. With all the fervor and strength I can muster I tell you now, YOU CANNOT HAVE MY STATE!
    There is room in this world for honest disagreements. There is room for differing policy views and different world views. But there is no place in this state, in this world, for the behavior you have chosen. There is no place for those who would trample the rights of anyone, be they in the minority or the majority. There is no place for those who would hide from the voice of the people
    behind armed authority. There is no place for those who would serve the interests of wealthy corporations ahead of the poor or disadvantaged. There is no place for those who would say “We have nothing to discuss.”
    I did not ask for this fight. But you have brought it to my home, so fight I will. I will not allow you to create the ugly, selfish, hateful world of your vision. We are better human beings than that. While your world view insists that self-interest is the way forward, my world view rests on the power of community.
    The new day starts now. We are going to clean house. Your power derives solely from the consent of the governed, and we no longer consent to be treated as your subjects. Your experiment is over…
    Dennis Deery
    March 11, 2011

  2. Rick Goff Says:

    Saturday, July 30, 2011
    This morning Neil Cavuto began discovering a couple elements of the overall mess a credit (bond rating) downgrade will/would present.
    Sen. Mike Lee has written a bill that solves the problems that present the risk of a credit downgrade. His bill also offers a cap on spending which WE have to get done if WE want to control these lawmakers spending now and in the future.
    Sen. Lee’s bill which has passed the House already also includes a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Sen. Lee has the near term spending cuts WE need and it raises the debt limit for an unprecedented amount of time which is what the President demands so this won’t interfere with his political campaigning.
    Someone wrote and many have reiterated that a politician is concerned about the next election and a statesman (or patriot) is concerned about the next generation. Sen. Mike Lee’s solution shows, in writing, that he is a true Statesman.
    Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) went to Washington to solve problems. He has gotten a bill passed through the House of Representatives that solves the problems which have led to the need to continually raise the debt ceiling in the past, present and future.
    Sen. Lee promised his constituents he would not vote to raise the debt ceiling without a balanced budget amendment being attached to a bill. Don’t expect him to be someone he is not.
    Congressman Quayle, AZ and Congressman Allen West, FL are both fiscally conservative freshman lawmakers. As much as both wanted to see the passage of Sen. Lee’s Cut, Cap and Trade bill in the Senate, they also realize that at this time Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and bunch of other pal sam (progressive and liberal, socialist and marxist) politicians are concerned with the next election. Statesmen like Congressmen West and Quayle, and others including myself, feel like the best available method under the current circumstances is to make as much progress as possible toward a balanced budget amendment.
    I am looking for someone to come up with a plan to force each member of the Senate declare their support or lack thereof for a balanced budget amendment by way of vote as a matter of public record.
    Those in the Senate have had two opportunities to vote for a measure that included a direct or an indirect balanced budget amendment provision. Those who chose to go on record, on both occasions, in opposition to the direct and indirect balance budget provision have some explaining to do.
    I can understand why some individuals who supported Cut, Cap and Balance opposed the second measure that indeed had a balance budget amendment provision. That bill had only a watered down version of the balanced budget amendment provision in comparison to Cut Cap and Balance so some fiscal conservatives chose to vote no. I understand and I hold no animosity. However, if it happens again and I do not see every effort being made and every opportunity taken to get a balanced budget provision, you darn well better have a good story to tell.
    I want to see every opportunity maximized when it comes to a balance budget Amendment to The United States Constitution. As a proud American, I am telling you now and I will not be patient very long. I want to see some creative thinking going on and some fresh ideas as to how WE can at least make solid progress toward a balanced budget measure.
    Harry Reid and the rest of the pal sams that oppose a solution to OUR Country’s fiscal mess are the bad guys. I can think of no one at this time that I would want to beat up on because they voted for a measure that made progress toward an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring a balanced budget. Those who have already opposed it twice need to be voted out of office. They need to be unceremoniously fired.
    Over 70% of the American People want a balanced budget amendment and the President and the pal sam politicians have crushed the effort by the American People TWICE.
    I understand that people are frustrated. WE all want things done correctly. WE all want the problems solved no later than yesterday. However, fiscal conservatism is dominating the U.S. House of Representatives only. The President is against fiscal conservatism and fiscal conservatives. Harry Reid and the majority party in the Senate are against fiscal conservatism and fiscal conservatives.
    Obama, Reid and the pal sams have US outnumbered in the Legislative and Executive branches of government. I want that to change in November 2012 so I am going to vote in a fiscally conservative manner. I want a balanced budget amendment. Are you with me?
    The problem is not with people like Congressman Allen West and Congressman Quayle. The problem is Obama, Reid and the pal sams who don’t care about the wishes of 70% of American’s who want a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The ultimate solution is to get rid of people who are not fiscally conservative and are not doing everything in their power to pass a balanced budget measure through Congress and to have the measure sent to the 50 States that comprise the United States of America.
    Make no mistake, Obama and Reid and Peolsi and the pal sams want to see US fight among OURselves. Big-government, big-spending pal sams as a whole want to see US lose sight of OUR goals. They don’t want to have to stop running up debt on OUR Children. They don’t want more change to come to Washington. They want to see fiscally conservative Americans take OUR eyes off the ball. They want to divide US so they can conquer US. Let’ send a message that WE will remain UNITED and WE will grow and WE will get stronger. They have created their OWN little world and a fantasy around it to protect it and they will use any means to protect it.
    The truth is on OUR side. Let’s continue to use it. Let’s stay on high ground. The truth will set you free!

  3. Rosangela de Azevedo Says:

    Dennis Deery:

    you are so confused and lost.

    To begin with:

    read our Constitution. read the letters between the founding fathers and read the Federalist Papers. If you read it, you will see that being a submissive man is not a dream or a goal. government works for us. Not us for government. And protection and honesty you will find only in God. Which certainly is not in your life. If he were you would not put the government who wouldn’t care less if you are alive of dead. If you , after reading the truth about this country, still think that we must be submissive to our enemies and let government take over all in our lives, then, i propose, to give you one way ticket to Havana. With one condition: You will go with me to an IRS office that I will inform you, I will bring 4 witnesses with me. You will sign a form (8854) refusing your American Citizenship and/or right of Residence. From there, we all will proceed to the airport, we will leave you at the aircraft door. Once that door is closed, you will never again breath the air of a Capitalist, Free society. You will arrive in Cuba, where your dream, as per your post above, will be satisfied. And the money you plan on taking with you, will be government property as soon as you land in Cuba. let me know!

  4. Linda Pharmacist in Tennessee Says:

    I agree 100% with Dennis Deery. I am sick and tired of the tyranny of corporate owned government. Rule of the rich via subverted and stolen elections if needed….but usually not needed as we are given a “choice” of two corporate owned puppets who do the biccing of the wealthy and corporations regardless which of the two big business parties “win”. This is the real tyrrany we face. The wealthy write the laws that funnel the profit off others labor to themselves and then claim it is redistribution if anyone tries to temper their laws for a fairer economy for all. I am a pharmacist and work 90 hours every two weeks and am not looking for a handout. Just taxation with representation.

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