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Spanish-language TV smackdown between Rove group, Democrats

by George Bennett | July 22nd, 2011

After the Karl Rove-affiliated Crossroads GPS began airing Spanish-language ads criticizing President Obama in Latino-heavy markets in Florida and around the U.S., the Democratic National Committee is countering with its own appeal to Hispanic viewers.

Read the English translations of both ads after the jump….

English translation of Crossroads GPS ad:

“Sometimes it’s hard to sleep. Worried, I guess, about our jobs, our home, how everything costs more — even Mom’s healthcare. How will we ever retire? Lately I worry a lot about my kids. What’s their future going to be like? I supported President Obama because he spoke so beautifully, but since then things have gone from bad to much worse. He said spending hundreds of billions on a stimulus would create more jobs, but now all we’ve got is a lot more debt and more people out of work. Instead of fixing health care, my Mom’s Medicare will be cut and our health insurance premiums went up. Our country’s got this huge debt, and Obama says raise taxes and keep spending more? Doesn’t Washington know we can’t afford more taxes and debt? If they don’t figure it out, it’s going to be even tougher for our kids. There’s got to be a way to take away President Obama’s blank check.”

English translation of Democratic National Committee ad:

“Behind the ads that pretend to care about our children, it’s the Republicans who would end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich. It was the President who extended health insurance to our children, financial aid for students and cut taxes for the middle class. We know who to trust, and who we can’t. Because it’s our job to protect our families. The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.”

5 Responses to “Spanish-language TV smackdown between Rove group, Democrats”

  1. Sandy Says:

    It’s amazing how the Republicans are so against any kind of tax hike – especially this one. Maybe that’s because they are trying to close the loopholes that only the wealthiest people & large companies can take advantage of. If I remember correctly, I read an article earlier this year that named a huge well known company that earned multiple millions of dollars in 2010 yet paid $0 in taxes. Why not close the loopholes that allowed this to happen. Why is closing loopholes considered raising taxes? I seriously doubt the Republicans would be making such a big deal if it was the normal behavior of tax the middle & lower class extra while offering more loopholes for the wealthiest. This is going to affect a lot of them so of course they are squealing about it.

  2. Searcher Says:

    Sandy, you are wrong. The company actually made BILLIONS (not millions) and paid no taxes….

  3. Brown.Pelican Says:

    If the tax hike was on the middle class and the working poor, the Republian’s would be ALL in Favor of it!

    Searcher is correct the profit numbers were: $14.2 BILLION world wide, and $5.2 BILLION from their US operations. March 24, 2011 story in the NYT.

  4. cynthia Says:

    The working poor do not pay taxes…

  5. Thor Says:

    How about the love affair between GENERAL ELECTRIC and OBAMA??? He has bent over backwards to accommodate GE…. and why are we subsidizing OIL when it’s 100 per barrel?? OBAMA is either stupid or he’s trying to lead us to fiscal failure on purpose. Either way, I’m voting Republican in 2012!

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