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Scott to huddle with anti-abortion organizations at Gov’s Mansion

by John Kennedy | July 29th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott plans to showcase new restrictions on abortion approved this spring by the Legislature, huddling Saturday at the Governor’s Mansion with representatives of the Florida Catholic Conference, Florida Baptist Convention and Florida Family Policy Council.

Scott’s already signed the measures into law. But Saturday’s event is aimed at touting what those opposed to abortion rights say was a milestone year.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said John Stemberger, president of the Family Policy Council, who plans to attend Saturday’s ceremonial bill signings. “Over the past 15 years, we’ve taken small steps, passing different pieces of legislation. But to have five major reforms pass as we did this year, I’d say that’s pretty big.”

The legislation divided lawmakers, with most Democrats opposing the measures. Among the most disputed was, legislation requiring a woman seeking an abortion to undergo ultrasound and be given a chance to view the results.

The sweep of abortion legislation prompted Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, to quip at one point during session that since ruling Republicans were so opposed to government regulation for business, his wife should “incorporate her uterus” to be left alone.

Randolph was admonished by House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, for the remark, that later drew nationwide attention. 

 During the session, parental notice requirements were toughened for minors seeking abortions, while another measure barred insurance companies from covering abortions under the new federal health care overhaul. Changes also were approved that allow dollars from Choose Life license tags to be distributed statewide to Choose Life, Inc., which counsels against abortion.

A proposed constitutional amendment for the 2012 ballot bans public tax dollars from going to abortions — mirroring an already existing federal ban. But the measure also would exempt abortion from Florida’s strong constitutional privacy provision — a standard that has scuttled previous legislative attempts at abortion restrictions.

 Stemberger said he wasn’t sure if Scott would use Saturday’s event to call for more action by next year’s Legislature. Among the measures that failed to advance this year were those similar to a law approved by Nebraska in 2010 which restricted abortions after 20 weeks because opponents maintain a fetus can feel pain at that point.

  Brian Burgess, a Scott spokesman, said Friday night that the governor has conducted several ceremonial bill signings this summer “and this one is no different.”
“He’s always maintained that he is supports legislation that reflects Floridian’s respect for human life,” Burgess said. ”As for next session, we’re still formulating our agenda.”

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6 Responses to “Scott to huddle with anti-abortion organizations at Gov’s Mansion”

  1. arthur Says:

    Neanderthals, all of them.

  2. Jupiter Guy Says:

    It’s interesting how the pro-lifers get worked up about abortion, but could care less about the kid once it is born.

  3. Hollie Albert Says:

    This country was built on the foundation of dividing church and state and freedom of religion. The history of this country wanted its citizens to be able to make decisions from their inner intellect, rather than dogmatic pressures. To ban abortion, especially with underage citizens causes a greater concern in the long run. Statistically, poverty is higher with single-female households, especially the younger the mother. The cost of an abortion is immensely smaller than supporting a family on welfare for 18+ years. The offspring of poverty stricken kids run a greater risk of being in state custody, which is another expense to tax payers.
    Poverty is statistically generational. It is monetarily in the best interest for people to allow women to have necessary abortions and earn a higher education and be self-supporting before having kids. In former times, women would finish school, marry then have children. Now it is reverse, they have kids, go to school then (maybe) marry. This situation is causing a great influx of poverty.
    I urge politicians to research bigger abstract concerns before making a quick decision. Children who have no adult figure (because the single mother is working several menial jobs to support a family) can encompass psychological problems. Bowlby’s Attachment Theory would be an excellent source for our politicians to evaluate. Overall, our country would benefit if our politicians looked more into long-term financial effects. Abortion is a small price to pay for something that can cause far greater repercussions (i.e. the cost to tax payers with supporting generations of families on welfare and through the penal system). Politicians that voted for the abortion bill in my opinion are extremely myopic and failed to see the big picture which will have horrendous long-term effects.

  4. Downtown Danny Says:

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! We need jobs – not more government in our personal lives. What happened to the separation of church & state? All republicans do IS MAKE GOVERNMENT BIGGER WITH MORE REGULATIONS ON OUR PERSONAL LIVES.
    These same republicans will fly their daughters to some other nation for an abortion when she gets knocked up and tell their friend she’s on vacation. Republicans are HYPOCRITES AND LIARS!

  5. Jamey Fritts Says:

    “But to have five major reforms pass as we did this year, I’d say that’s pretty big.” That’s cause you have this asshole as governor, for now. When he is defeated or thrown out of office, all the changes that he made will revert to common sense and legal ones, as before. Rick Scott is a frickin moron.

  6. Fed Up Says:

    Jupiter Guy you are so right! How is this smaller government? There is a choice about this procedure so if it is wrong for you don’t choose, but don’t interfere in the choice for others.

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