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Scott names agency heads

by Dara Kam | July 28th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott rounded out his administration today, naming three long-time state government workers as agency heads.

The appointments include a holdover from his predecessor Charlie Crist, a long-time legislative staffer and a former aide of his gubernatorial opponent Alex Sink.

Scott made Cynthia Lorenzo’s job as interim director of the Agency for Workforce Innovation permanent. Crist put Lorenzo in charge of the agency that oversees unemployment compensation in 2009. She’s worked in state government for more than six years, serving at the Department of Juvenile Justice and the state transportation department.

Mike Hanson will head up the troubled Agency for Persons with Disabilities, which for years had been running a deficit and at one time had a wait list of more than 18,000 Floridians seeking services. Hanson has been a health care guru for the state for more than three decades, serving under Gov. Jeb Bush and as a policy analyst in both the House and Senate. Most recently, Hanson was the staff director of the Senate’s health and human services budget committee.

Doug Darling, currently the governor’s deputy chief of staff and director of Cabinet affairs, will take over Scott’s new Department of Economic Opportunity. Darling was forced out as a top aide to former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink – who lost her bid for governor to Scott by a hair – over an audit that found his division lacking in internal controls. Darling also served at the departments of Environmental Protection and Education.

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5 Responses to “Scott names agency heads”

  1. Tea Party Head Says:

    EMPTY DOME is the name of Scott’s Head.

  2. Vietnam Vet Says:

    I like that did you hear him this morning saying we shouldn’t raise the debt limit/ his head is more than empty its shot out.

  3. Bob Says:

    I saw him on TV, speaking what he doesn’t know about the debt ceiling. The man looks like “Chrome Dome”,and has absolutely no emotion what so ever.One of the anchors got really mad and said “What is it you don’t understand Governor?” and he just sat there with the blankest look ever. God help Florida by the time this one is out!

  4. Tea Lady Says:

    Oh My, now just stop picking on Governor Scott, his mother is so nice and he is such a nice boy.

  5. SunnyFlDays4Me Says:

    Let me get this right – Mr Darling was fired because he didn’t supervise his Division. So now, Scumbag Scott rewards him for (loyalty?) and brings him back on the public dole?

    Let there be no doubt Voters – Scott continues the same slimy habits he got away with at Columbia Health. Remember? His former company that was fined over a BILLLION DOLLARS for Medicare fraud.

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