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Rep. Allen West leaning toward supporting debt-ceiling deal

by George Bennett | July 31st, 2011


U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, the tea party superstar who took heat from the movement last week for supporting Speaker John Boehner‘s debt-ceiling bill in the House, appears to be leaning toward supporting the accord reached tonight by Boehner, President Obama and Senate leaders.

“I just got off a GOP conference call with House Speaker John Boehner,” West said in a statement released by his office. “During the call, I reviewed a power point presentation highlighting the current debt agreement. This agreement reflects basic framework of the Budget Control Act. I will wait and get clarification from the CBO score, however at this time I believe this is a good plan for the American people. There aren’t any tax hikes and there isn’t a clean raising of the debt limit. It is focused on real spending cuts of the federal government with draconian stop-gap measures to ensure we enact those spending cuts. A balanced budget amendment to the states is also a part of the agreement, which is a huge victory for Americans.”

West used tonight to address likely conservative and tea party resistance to the bipartisan plan. He tweeted: “Before conservatives go criticising this agreement consider what would have happened if Pelosi, Reid and Obama were still in control.”

6 Responses to “Rep. Allen West leaning toward supporting debt-ceiling deal”

  1. vkmo Says:

    San Jose, Ca Mercury News front page Headlines,

    Yecch…….!!!! Get lost Boehner…… !!

  2. Tragic Consequences Says:

    Surprise, West wants to have a future. If he goes along with leadership, he’ll be rewarded. West will still have to win his district, which won’t be easy, even with party establishment backing.

  3. Alan West Must Go Says:

    The simple fact is that the House GOP (TP and establishment Institutionalists) CAUSED this crisis in the first place by voting against a clean debt ceiling increase. We will just have to live with the economic fall-out from that poor decision on the part of ALL of the House Republicans.

    You can agree or disagree on tax rates, you can agree or disagree on spending… but the one thing that ALL Americans should be able to agree on, after the utterly disgusting debacle on Capitol Hill the last couple of weeks, is that lurching from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis is NOT governing and is NOT leadership.

    If Alan West supports the deal, good for him, but he has already shown by his votes that he has a disdain for the legislative process, and for good governance, that should IMMEDIATELY disqualify him from holding public office ever again.

  4. Le Langelier Says:

    This was the last sentence in Lupica’s column on “The Deal”: “You know who needs saving? Us. From them.” How true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Searcher Says:

    Now West wants to be a “CAREER” politician. Now he wants to play “The Game”. So, your Tea Buddies will desert you and the Democrats who enjoyed tweaking will be against you. Who is left to vote for you? Bikers????LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BEKOOL Says:

    West is going after his free lunch he thinks he will be entitled to by voting with tan boy. The guy isnt all he cracks himself up to be.

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