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Nelson’s $1.8 million quarter doubles leading GOP rival

by John Kennedy | July 12th, 2011

Under fire from a pack of Republican challengers, Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson raised more than $1.8 million over the past three months for his re-election, his campaign reported Tuesday.

Nelson’s campaign was quick to point out that the top Republican fund-raiser this quarter, George LeMieux, had collected half the Democrat’s total since April 1.

LeMieux collected $950,000 to Senate President Mike Haridopolos’ $900,000 over the past three months. Former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner of Delray Beach collected $560,000. A fourth likely well-heeled Republican, former Ruths’ Chris steakhouse CEO Craig Miller was flying around the state Tuesday, making his formal entry into the race.

“The support so far is adding to the momentum that’s building for Sen. Nelson’s re-election,” said Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith. “It’s a sign of strength and broad-based support.”

5 Responses to “Nelson’s $1.8 million quarter doubles leading GOP rival”

  1. Oblowme Says:

    But, but, but I though republicans were the rich ones? I guess we’ll see if it can buy him the election.

  2. Ms Vicky Says:

    Senator Nelson has a lot of integrity and honor, so he won’t have a problem running against the GOP; in fact, I don’t think ANYONE will have a problem running against the GOP in 2012. They are in for some very big surprises, all due to their extreme partisan attitides. Americans are not about to let lobbyists and Big Business make slaves of the entire middle class. THIS TIME, THE GOP GOT CAUGHT IN THEIR MISCHIEF!

  3. josey Says:

    House & Senate Republicans VOTED to END MEDICARE and increase the age of eligibility to 67.

    This bill passed in the GOP House, and if the White House and Senate were GOP now – Medicare would already be history.

    GOP = Goodluck Old People

  4. mark Says:

    Nelson is the only guy I have heard of who can speak out of both sides of his mouth at one time.
    You folks that think the gop got you into this mess obviously don’t realize
    your socialist president has created more debt for this country than all presidents combined from washington to bush. Now if the chinese quit buying our debt where is your medicare,welfare
    social security money going to come from? Most democrats that write in these
    little group gropes have no idea of any
    kind of economics. Only the idea of bad gop starving old people. I do not believe it is going to work this year,
    regardless of all the poor old people rhetoric.

  5. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Mark, Apparently YOU weren’t watching Haridopolos in session if you think Nelson double-speaks! LOL! Check out Nobel economist J. Stiglitz on how we got into this mess with Bush costing us $1 trillion fighting a war in the wrong country. (BTW, we will be taking care of those injured vets-as we should-for the next 70 years.)What ISN’T going to work this year is the GOP taking money from the middle class to fill the coffers of Big Oil and the corporations that busted the backs of Americans. Mark, you have a very short memory. Most American’s DON’T!

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