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Nelson rejects BP’s pitch

by John Kennedy | July 11th, 2011

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson accused BP of trying to back away Monday from an earlier pledge to cover the cost of last summer’s Gulf oil spill.

Nelson wrote Ken Feinberg, who adminsters claims and the $20 billion BP fund created, saying the company should not be given early release from its obligation to pay damages stemming from the spill.

 BP last week filed a document with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility saying the company should not be required to pay claims for future compensation, because the region’s economy is recovering and fisheries have reopened.

Feinberg did not immediately respond to BP’s filing. But Nelson did.

“BP made a commitment.  People are still hurting.  And we don’t know what will happen in the future, plus there’s still claims in an appeals process and large claims that haven’t even been submitted yet,” Nelson said in his letter to the administrator.

 ”BP doesn’t need to be protected from the citizenry.  It’s the other way around,” he added.

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3 Responses to “Nelson rejects BP’s pitch”

  1. RR Says:


    NAME or LIST what he has done for Florida!

    Here is what this guy did: Nelson FAILED to stop the bleeding of 26,000-YES, TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND JOBS from the Space Coast of Florida.

    NO to Nelson. Vote for another democrat or republican, NOT NELSON!

  2. RE Says:

    For God’s sake, please don’t vote for a republican. They’ve wiped their butts with our beautiful state enough. If the republicans had it their way, our oceans would be full of human feces, our beaches full of tar, our water system would be salinated/dried up/polluted with human/livestock/agricultural waste, and we’d see nothing but wal-marts, panera breads, and condos everywhere. I want my kids to grow up in a state that’s as beautiful as the one I grew up in… not some hotter, more humid, over-developed version of every other state… plagued by corporate branding that’s headquartered in other states

  3. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Re, Don’t worry…almost NO ONE with a brain will vote for the GOP in 2012. We Americans have seen the vision the GOP has for America, AND WE REJECT IT AND THEM! They hate ANYONE who stands up to the tyranny of Big Business. They’re so brainwashed by Fox propaganda that they vote against their own best interest. Just think about it: What kind of people vote for a governor that swindled medicare in the biggest fraud case in the USA? Answer: People that identify with frauds and crooks.

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