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League of Women Voters, others urge Justice Dept. reject new Florida elections law

by John Kennedy | July 15th, 2011

The League of Women Voters and other voter-advocacy organizations urged Justice Department officials Friday to reject the state’s new elections law, arguing that it creates hurdles for minorities and low-income voters.

The Brennan Center for Justice, Democracia USA and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law wrote federal officials critical of the new legislation, which is already subject of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU and other groups.

In their 25-page letter, the organizations contend the law violates the Voting Rights Act.  The league and others are asking that Justice Department officials examine three areas, alleging:

The law will restrict the opportunity and ability of citizens and grassroots organizations to conduct voter registration drives by imposing burdensome and wholly unnecessary regulations and red tape;

The law will reduce the number of days in the state’s early voting period, and possibly cut early voting hours as well; 

The law will make it impossible for registered voters who have recently moved within Florida, from one county to another, to provide notice of their change of address on election day and still cast a regular ballot.

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13 Responses to “League of Women Voters, others urge Justice Dept. reject new Florida elections law”

  1. Prejudice Says:

    League of Women Voters has consistently endorsed democrat candidates. They are biased.

    If people can’t prove they have the right to vote just like the rest of us then they shouldn’t vote.

    Too many elections are questionable. Florida has a particularly prickly problem with those who have second home here. Too many vote in both primary and secondary homes.

  2. Forget them Says:

    The ACLU has done nothing regarding the airport body scanning machines.

    Forget the ACLU. They have done more to unbalance our country than anything else.

    If it’s radical, they’ll support it. The ALCU has diminished this country.

  3. hank shaw Says:

    yeah…This Democrat Party front knows if enough illegals are allowed to vote, Florida will become a blue state..

  4. Doug Webster Says:

    Those who feel draconian restrictions are vital to halting widespread voter registration and voting fraud have consistently run up against a serious problem. When challenged, they are unable to cite any detailed findings that fraud has occurred, including charges of widespread voting by illegal immigrants. (Ask yourself why an illegal immigrant would ever want to expose themselves to possible identification by trying to register to vote.)

    The Bush Administration’s bogus US Attorneys ousters were often driven by claims that the Attorneys weren’t doing enough to halt voter fraud. Trouble was the USA’s had repeatedly investigated this area, found there was no problem and that it was a waste of their time and resources.

    Attorneys General for states across the US have also undertaken studies….no fraud. This is a “solution” to a problem which doesn’t exist.

    Not surprisingly however, these new laws just happen to have their biggest impact on voter groups which have not supported Republican causes.

    I know it is just a coincidence of course. It used to be called Jim Crow. Now it is “reform.”

  5. hank shaw Says:

    blah. blah, blah..CRYING RACISM BS to avoid verifying if a voter meets the legal requirements to vote will fall on deaf ears to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

    If the Democrats defeat this..and get the illagal votes..our country will no longer be..and we will never get it back.

  6. RU Serious Says:

    This voter suppression bill, along with ‘no maps’ redistricting will surely have a detrimental effect on upcoming elections. This is such an obvious political ploy and should be overturned.

  7. RU Serious Says:

    Prejudice Says:
    ‘Too many elections are questionable. Florida has a particularly prickly problem with those who have second home here. Too many vote in both primary and secondary homes.’
    In that case, why does this voter suppression bill not address this issue? Or remedy any other non-existent voter fraud? This bill is what’s fraudulent.

  8. Hank Says:

    How about our Social Security numbers becoming a national ID number??? ..Computers can make sure no voter can vote in two different states and proof of citizenship is required to get that number in the first place..

  9. John Frank Says:

    The League of Women Voters, ACLU, are all calling these so-called voter registrations as biased, racial, preferential and the like. Isn’t it truly amazing that any legislation passed which is not based on liberal or “progressive’ agendas are draconian in nature! We must all adhere to the liberal “things be be done”, or this country is going to the dogs. With this present administration in Washington, the president does more posturing and soliciting then governing. Fund raising is the norm, not decision making. But, truth be told, if any legislation does not meet the will of the AARP, NAACP, ACLU, etc.., we all should be “stoned.” What a disgrace!!

  10. hank shaw Says:

    onsulted with the League of Man voters or NAAWP..or is this blog gender and racially biased?

  11. Doug Webster Says:

    I will again note my earlier observation and am still awaiting a single post here which can provide evidence in Florida or anywhere in the U.S. in recent years of systematic or substantive voter registration fraud.

    Anyone, Anyone, Buehler?

    The problem doesn’t exist, but the measures being proposed to deal with this non-existent problem always seem to have the effect of disenfranchising the poor, the elderly and racial and ethnic minorities. what a coincidence.

    So, if you want to respond to this, provide evidence, including links of significant fraud incidents. Otherwise you are ignoring the question and trying to change the subject.

  12. Marilyn Brown Says:

    There are some real equality-minded people here. You all forgot one more thing, the complete roll-back of voting rights for people who have served their time in prison. Charley Crist, along with Alex Sink, changed the law so that if you do your time, you can vote. Scott and Bondi changed it back. Go to prison, and lose your rights. Yay. These people suck.

  13. RU Serious Says:

    Thanks a lot Marilyn! I don’t know if I really wanted to be reminded of that!

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