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Jesse Jackson joins rallies against new FL election law

by Dara Kam | July 25th, 2011

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson will lead a series of rallies tonight and tomorrow in Florida challenging the state’s new election law.

The ACLU and others have filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Rick Scott‘s administration over the elections overhaul, one of at least seven lawsuits prompted by the first-term governor’s actions and laws passed by the GOP-dominated legislature this session.

Jackson will participate in a rally in Orlando this evening, a workshop in Eatonville tomorrow morning and a rally and meeting in Tampa tomorrow night.

Critics of the new law, including the League of Women Voters, say it is designed to make registering to vote and casting ballots more difficult for minorities and low-income voters, who typically vote Democratic.

The law imposes strict regulation of third-party registration groups, including requiring that they turn in registration forms within 48 hours after they are signed. Minority and low-income voters are more likely to register through the third-party groups, said Washington-based Project Vote lawyer Estelle Rogers.

The lawsuit asks a federal judge to block the new law from going into effect until federal officials sign off on it, a requirement because five counties in Florida require “preclearance” from the Justice Department before changes to elections can go into effect.

Scott last week asked to be removed from the lawsuit.

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8 Responses to “Jesse Jackson joins rallies against new FL election law”

  1. Repubtallygirl Says:

    The race baiter himself is desperately attempting to be relevant. Pathetic.

  2. Unreal Says:

    I like how Jesse jumps on the bandwagon. Probably just a cover to come visit a couple of his unknown baby mama’s in S. Florida. Ha

  3. Paul Says:

    Two things about this article interest me:

    1 – If Jesse is opposed to this legislation, it is probably a good thing that it passed. His opposition seems to be a prime indicator that something is pretty good.

    2 – What turkey is suing the Governor over laws passed by the legislature?

  4. luckydog Says:

    Why are third parties needed to register to vote?

  5. No Way Says:

    Jesse ‘has a love child’ Jackson telling us!

    Please he’s another Al ‘Tequana’ Sharpton.

    Raise your standards, black community. These guys are your best.

  6. Obama2012 Says:

    What is up with all of these republican states trying to suppress democratic voters? Next thing you know they will be trying to reenact poll taxes but of course they will not call it that. Jesse Jackson is right to call our this crook-it medicare fraud governor. I hope the courts slap him and this ridiculous law down. Go Obama2012!

  7. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    Jesse Jackson?

    Who follows what that self-serving idiot says any more?

  8. Andrew Says:

    Honestly, elections in Florida arent so difficult even with these new rules. I mean, you can register online for godsakes! It takes two minutes, just go to and register. Honestly, I feel like everyone is just ooking for stuff to complain about!

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