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Immigration tops Rick Scott’s legislative priority list

by Dara Kam | July 26th, 2011

Immigration is at the top of Gov. Rick Scott’s legislative priorities when lawmakers reconvene in January, the first-term governor told Northwest Florida conservative radio talk show host Burnie Thompson today.

Lawmakers failed to reach agreement on any immigration proposals during the session that ended in May.

“We should have done an immigration bill. The federal government should be securing our borders. They should have a logical, national immigration policy, a good work visa program policy. But if people are in our state illegally we should be able to ask them if they’re legal or not if they’re doing something wrong and violating our laws. That’s one thing we ought to be doing,” Scott told Thompson, a talk show host on Panama City Beach’s WYOO 101.1 FM.

Other Scott priorities include property and auto insurance reform and restricting how school districts spend money, he said.

Scott, who spends part of his days reaching out to corporate leaders and encouraging them to set up shop in the Sunshine State, challenged all Floridians to follow his lead. Scott has pledged to create 700,000 in seven years.

“I want everybody in this state to call somebody and say, ‘Look why don’t you move your company here?’ Any feelers they get give my office a call because I’ll make the phone call with them to make it happen. We have 19 million people in our state. If all of us get active on economic development, everybody in this state will have an opportunity for a job,” he said.

Read what Scott said about insurance and education after the jump.

On insurance: “We’ve got to focus on continuing to make the process to get our insurance industries in a better position. First, make sure we move citizens to an insurance company of last resort rather than an insurance company of first resort. Two, make sure we don’t have fraud in our auto insurance policies through PIP. That’s one thing we need to focus on.”

On education: “We had great education bills last year…by allowing our principals now to get rid of bad teachers, starting the process of merit pay…But we need to make sure the monies we give to our school districts are spent on instruction, not administration.”

Scott will also continue to push for a reduction in the corporate income tax rate, he said, “so we give an increased incentive for every business person in this country to move to Florida and open their businesses here.”

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29 Responses to “Immigration tops Rick Scott’s legislative priority list”

  1. Robin Says:

    Our borders are not secure. Sri Lankans were found wandering in Palm Beach just a few weeks ago (the Post Times didn’t bother reporting that)

  2. Hopeful Says:

    And if Tallahassee gets involve in dictating how local taxes are spent on education, we can get rid of local elected school boards.

  3. Helen Says:

    If he really cared about the FL immigration problem, he would look into Friends of El Sol, in Jupiter, FL. I doubt they are here legally. And, they get paid a minimum of $10/hr CASH.

  4. maggie Says:

    By the time the guvna completes his 1st and hopefullly last term, working class people will not be able to live in FL even if he does bring 700000 jobs to the state. What kind of corporation would want to relocate to a state where education will be 50th by the time he leaves office?

  5. No habla Says:

    Here’s an immigration policy for Tricky Rick: Go back to Texas with the rest of the losers.

  6. Native Palm beach Says:

    Illegal aliens break into our country!!!They ruin our neighborhoods!!They are not allowed to drive but they do it anyway,and in time hurt an innocent loved one.They use our tax base to raise their huge families!the special teachers cost a lot of our hard earned dollars.everything we pay for they use.America can’t afford these criminals inundating our land any longer.

  7. Ain't happening Says:

    So why do illegal immigrants come here? Because American companies give them jobs. No jobs, no illegal immigrants.

    So if Scott was really serious about immigration reform, then he would propose a bill that stated that ANY business owner who knowingly OR unknowingly employes illegal immigrants gets 5 years in prison.

    That way business owners would have a real incentive to use the Federal eVerify system to ensure that all their employees are here legally.

    But that would mean he would have to put all his friend in jail…

  8. Gerald Says:

    What Americans forget is that America was built around immigration. In this point of time of the recession. People like Rick Scott is pointing at an issue that is not the problem. Those he need to know the definition of Recession Here is one way of putting it.

    A significant decline in activity across the economy, lasting longer than a few months(the situation were in is far worse). It is visible in industrial production, employment, real income and wholesale-retail trade. The technical indicator of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as measured by a country’s gross domestic product (GDP); although the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) does not necessarily need to see this occur to call a recession.

    I dont want to take it back years ago, but
    let me say and you can quote me on this. We are in the position were in, is because of one entity Banks(Greed). There the ones attached to everything beside the government we are all in. The government supports the bank, why I don’t know? But are they for economic progress or are the banks for them selves. Are they bailing us out in these times? They are taking a toll on the government and yet the government praise them. To kick people out of there homes and to raise the interest rate and lower our american dollar value. Where does the money go to, is it to better the world? Its more like a self destruct button. I can go on and on. This is from my perspective. All I’m saying is that there are more big fish of the sea, to point at rather than Immigration to make him feel that he is contributing something to american people.

    Conclusion: When we point at our foundation. We must be doing something wrong. Because we are Americans our Foundation was built strong. We are just messing with our selves because of the structure we chose to build. Rick Scott please, look outside the box.

  9. Thomas Says:

    Who’s mowing your lawn Rick? I know it’s not an american, because they would be chargeing you double the standard rate. Those veggies you ate weren’t picked by “good americans” either, if they were you wouldn’t pay the price. Move back to Texas and try you anti-immigration laws there. Florida will be glad to be rid of you.

  10. Jupiter Guy Says:

    If Skeletor really wants to help this state he will leave.

  11. Tony Rand Says:

    Secure the border, let law enforcement check if illegal. E-Verify every employee.

  12. Lady Justice Says:

    Our borders have never been secured and they will never be. The best security is already in place our decrepit economy. That will drive anyone back to where they came from.

  13. jebamoni 4 Says:

    First thing he should do is put a clown suit and dance before the public!! Dont we all miss. Cris, Jeb and other great Governors. Missteps in Polling booth taught the Floridians good lesson!!!

  14. l Says:

    go scott, last yr two yrs got stuck w/citizens because no ho ins would take me due to my old roof not that there was much too choose from in the state of florida. immigration is what took down my husbands construction business during the const boom in florida could not compete with the low labor illegal bids. bring this state back for the taxpaying floridans, right now jersey and florida has added jobs to their state keep pressing on.

  15. Wyn Says:

    I thought your self-proclaimed priority was bringing 700,000 jobs to Florida. Who’s going to clean your house and do your landscaping when all the immigrants leave? Perhaps a better approach
    would be to ffine and possibly jail all these big business owners and corporation CEO’s who hire illegals. I’m afraid the Rick Scott would be one of tthe first to be fined or jailed. We know where many of the illegals are working, so why aren’t they rounding them up? Years ago the now defunct INS would round them up from factories, farms, businesses, yes and even schools.




  17. rdc Says:

    There was net zero immigration in the US last year…as many illegal immigrants left as came in. What does Scott want to do? Round them all up and send them back? That worked well with Elian Gonzalez. And what does it do to our economy when all of those consumers leave?

    Now auto insurance reform I can get behind. Cops can’t even check if your policy is good from their car and over 30% of Floridians aren’t carrying any. I got hit by a kid last November that hadn’t had any insurance in six months and I still haven’t seen a penny back from the thousands that it cost me.

  18. rpg Says:

    Gerald is one of those people living in the past. Yes this country was built on immigration. But that is a hundred or more years ago. We do not need masses of unskilled labor anymore. Technology and oursourcing have reduced jobs available. We have 20 million unemployed and underemployed and yet we still accept a million legal immigrants a year. And an even bigger difference is that it was sink or swim back then. No huge social welfare programs. If you had six kids, YOU supported them, not taxpayers. We are overpopulated enough in this country. 300 million people is too many now. We don’t need to keep adding more. Guys like Gerald just have this romantic view of immigration that is not applicable in the modern world.

  19. rdc Says:

    There are also NO consequences to driving without insurance. They don’t take your car or your license or suspend your registration even AFTER you hit someone. So why are the rest of us left footing the bills?

  20. steveo Says:

    I need all 700,000 jobs at minimum wage just to buy gas for my car and any of my insurance needs.

  21. Tea Lady Says:

    Mr. Scott sure understands The Will of The People.

    Enforcing our current immigration laws is a top priority! And getting rid of Citizen’s Insurance (a big big government boondoggle) is near the top of the list as well.

    How wonderful that We The People spoke .. and Mr. Scott is listening!

  22. Koch Brother Says:

    Scott is a huge mistake, making his Tea Party Fat Cat Brothers richer than they were before

  23. Koch Sucker Says:

    I can’t wait to call up my friend who runs a Starbucks to tell him to move to FL! I’m ON IT Rick!

  24. Gerald Says:

    RPG I’m just stating facts in regards of history and the present issue. Florida has the third-highest population of foreign-born residents in the United States and the number is increasing at roughly 6 percent a year, despite the nation’s economic slowdown and increased border security. If what you state our modern structure evolves so much to the point that our history seems fictional to you. What does kicking out people gonna benefit. Rpg sounds like your wanting to set up camp and eliminate two third of human beings in fl, of what this guy says. Sounds like an act selfishness. Let me just say, where are these jobs Rick was implying? Can he not hold up to what he stated, So the alternative is to spend our hard earn money to beef up security so we can secure the jobs most don’t have. U should be ashamed.

  25. Carlos Says:

    You know, Mr. Scott memainds me when I became a US citiezen,I was an Inmigrant then, but I came with a “green Card”, anyway the first I learned was about President Monroe “America for the Americans”, my goodnes what a bigot. Remainds also when in 1975 I applied for a taxi license in NYC, and was labeled as Puerto Rican, so you know always people that are in power are the ones that ruin this our country, I believe that everybody needs a chance.
    Were not the Indians that first habitah this country? I was given a chance, I am a good provider for this country, my son served in the US armed forces, the other 2 professionals, something that I could not do it in my third world native land. So every body deserves a chance, lets stop this bigotry, and remember you all big shot, including “the Donald” uses the services of Iligal aliens; go ahead Rick and INS if you want, you can quit politics an I’ll be taking over.

  26. AntiTallahassee Says:

    Republican so called conservatives in Tallahassee have been consolidating power in their own hands for 10 years. Isn’t time that Floridians took back local power? What good have the Tallahassee Repugnants done? One of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Your governors solution – call your friends and tell them to move businesses here. Why? So their kids can watch their teachers get let go and their education opportunities reduced by short sighted political fools. One of the highest foreclosure rates and the softest housing markets in the country. Your governors solution – increase property insurance (already ridiculously high), increase utility costs, increase commodities costs.

  27. Robin from Orlando Says:

    Why should business come to Florida, when Tricky Ricky and his buddies are investing elsewhere?

    Take the money and run?

  28. Carol Says:

    Really? Native Floridian? Choctow Ais or Jeaga? AntiTallahassee – you’re right on the MONEY! Shouldn’t Scott be focusing his attention on EMPLOYMENT?

  29. Brittanicus Says:

    Either party, Democrat, Republican are completely ignorant or just intentionally remain unconcerned about the massive expenditures for pandering to the illegal alien invasion. The federal debt ceiling and all 50 States have huge deficits from the illegal immigration occupation. Schools, health care and programs that is reducing America to a pauper nation. You as the American people must start yelling at the politicians in Washington, to demand they recognize that this issue is part of the discretionary spending. Only Rep. Michele Bachmann R-MN) Leader of the Tea Party Caucus, speaks out about this issue, with a conviction that this is part of our national issues. Bombard them with you voices, tell them no Amnesty, No Immigration Reform, no Sanctuary cities or States and No Dream Acts.

    This needs to be repeated that When (Fair) analyzed the cost of illegal immigration and its nationwide deficit, they came up with a stunning figure of $113 billion dollars annually, while illegal alien revenue to the government coffers was a total amount of $13Billion dollars and change. Not included in these illegal foreign labors is wages leaving the country to foreign nations, estimated to be 46 Billion dollars? Our economy is sinking and the Obama administration is insisting on passage of another Amnesty failure. Heritage Foundation has stated that cost for processing another Amnesty expenditure is another 2.5 Trillion dollars,

    Break down of revenue to support illegal migrants and illegal immigrants.
    Federal Expenditures on Illegal Aliens

    Education Title 1 program $1,332,900,000
    Migrant education program $236,900,000
    Title 111 program $538,000,000

    Education Subtotal $2,107,800,000

    Medical Emergency medical care $250,000,000
    Fraudulent use of Medicaid $1,235,000,000
    Medicaid cost of childbirth $1,238,100,000
    Medicaid for children $1,626,800,000
    other medical outlays $1,600,000,000

    Medical Subtotal $5,949,900,000

    Law enforcement Scaap compensation $330,000,000
    Federal incarceration $678,400,000
    Byrne grants $24,300,000
    Detention and removal $2,545,000,000
    Project safe neighborhoods $39,500,000
    Residual ice functions $2,824,000,000
    Exec. Office of immigration review $222,500,000
    Southwest border prosecution $33,000,000
    National Guard $642,000,000
    Coast Guard $500,000,000

    Law Enforcement Subtotal $7,838,700,000

    Public assistance Free and reduced meal program $2,264,600,000
    Temporary assist. Needy families $1,030,000,000
    Housing assistance programs $637,000,000
    Child care & development fund $633,000,000
    Public Assistance Subtotal $4,564,600,000

    General expenditures $8,184,400,000

    TOTAL $28B, 645,400,000

    State/Local Expenditures on Illegal Aliens ($ M)

    Alabama $298 Illinois $4B,592 Montana $32 Rhode Island $278
    Alaska $139 Indiana $608 Nebraska $262 S. Carolina $391
    Arizona $2B,569 Iowa $350 Nevada $1B,191 S. Dakota $33
    Arkansas $244 Kansas $442 New Hampshire $123 Tennessee $547
    California $21B,756 Kentucky $280 New Jersey $3B,478 Texas $8,878
    Colorado $1,451 Louisiana $224 New Mexico $608 Utah $453
    Connecticut $957 Maine $41 New York $9B,479 Vermont $38
    Wash D.C. $312 Maryland $1B,724 N. Carolina $2B,063 Virginia $1B,905
    Delaware $305 Massachusetts. $1B, 862 N. Dakota $32
    Washington State $1B, 510; Florida $5B,463 Michigan $929,
    Ohio $563 W. Virginia. $31; Georgia $2B; 399 Minnesota,
    $744 Oklahoma $465 Wisconsin $883.Hawaii $155 Mississippi.
    $106 Oregon $705 Wyoming $51, Idaho $188 Missouri $338,
    Penn. $1B,378



    Category federal State/local

    Income -$2,302,800,000 $244,200,000
    Social security $7,000,000,000
    Medicare tax $1,637,100,000
    Excise and miscellaneous $2,489,700,000
    Employer (FUTA & income) $632,600,000
    Property tax $1,378,000,000
    Sales tax $2,333,000,000
    If you as a taxpayer wants to keep paying financial support for 20 million illegal aliens outlaws, then you deserve higher taxes and loss of jobs. Read the projections of future years if our borders remain unsecured, or no tracking system for 40 percent of visa over stays, who disappear and all take American workers jobs. Go to the Heritage Foundation website, NumbersUSA or Judicial Watch and read for the dollar figures that will turn your stomach sour. This is a patriotic chance to help your fellow jobless countryman by Calling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121


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