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Frankel’s quarterly cash keeps pace with Democratic rival

by John Kennedy | July 13th, 2011

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel said Wednesday that she collected $440,000 for her congressional campaign over the past three months, keeping pace with Democratic rival Patrick Murphy, who earlier reported pulling in $450,000.

First-term Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West of Plantation, who Frankel and Murphy are targeting, eclipsed his rivals by collected $1.5 million during the year’s second quarter.

“We are working hard to make sure we have the resources necessary to communicated our message to voters in South Florida and send Congressman Allen West packing,” Frankel said.

West’s campaign said his latest round of fund-raising reflects cash came from 23,500 contributors — what it took as a sign of widespread support. Frankel, too, pointed to the scope of her donations, saying 90 percent came from Florida, with most coming from Palm Beach and Broward counties, which the 22nd district spans.

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7 Responses to “Frankel’s quarterly cash keeps pace with Democratic rival”

  1. You're kidding ... Says:

    Who in the world could vote for Frankel after the mess she left in WPB?

    Hundreds of millions wasted on fancy unneeded building, while the city water supply dried up and the police were being stuck on an substandard radio system.

  2. Metal Rules Says:

    Never, Lois, never. Never would I vote for you. Your financial supporters are squandering resources that could be well used by a viable candidate.

    Now please Lois, mount your broom and fly back to Witch Mountain.

  3. Ms Vicky Says:

    @You’re kidding: You asked who in the world would vote for Frankel, and I’m here to tell you; in fact, I’m here to PROMISE you. IN 2012 A HUGE MAJORITY OF FLORIDIANS WILL VOTE OUT EVERY MEMBER OF THE GOP PARTY IN FAVOR OF ANYONE RUNNING AGAINST HIM/HER! Are YOU kidding, You’re kidding? Not only Floridians, but AMERICANS have had enough of these BS Big Business-pandering GOP hypocrites. And YOU can say that you heard it here, FIRST! LOL! (Consider your question answered!)

  4. Mr. droid Says:

    Is Lois making a joke? after the mess she left in WPB.
    I think people will know for the feature

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    I am a left wing liberal democrat who WILL NEVER VOTE FOR FRANKEL AGAIN! Frankel is a total corrupt crook who acts like a child when she does not get her way. She DESTROYED CLEMATIS STREET & WPB.
    This woman is not fit to be a cashier at City Hall, she would steal every day.

  6. Ben Dover Says:

    Frankel would be a bad fit. I hope Murphy checks out OK. It will take 20 years to fix Frankel’s desasters in WPB.
    Some still in the works! Parker Ave!!

  7. the real McCoy Says:

    Murphy if u turn out to be a solid guy u have my vote and people I talk to.

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