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Docs’ suit against gun law gains more firepower

by John Kennedy | July 19th, 2011

The Florida ACLU and Palm Beach County Medical Society are among a half-dozen organizations that Tuesday sought to join a lawsuit aimed at stopping a new state law restricting health care professionals from asking patients about firearms in their homes.

“The government is trying to play referee on conversations by ruling some topics out of bounds while other subjects or speakers are allowed,” said Howard Simon, the state ACLU’s executive director. “That’s why we have a Constitution – to make sure the government can’t use the power of law to restrict speech – especially on politically sensitive speech such as guns and ammunition.”

Under the law, doctors and other health care professionals will face sanctions including fines and losing their licenses if they ask patients about guns in the home without a direct belief that the inquiry is relevant to the patient’s safety or health. Pediatricians say the law keeps them from doing their jobs.

The National Rifle Association spearheaded the push for the legislation’s passage last spring. Supporters said the measure (HB 155) was designed to stop doctors from giving patients anti-gun lectures.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and three physician organizations sued the state in Miami federal court last month to block the law. Also looking to join the suit Tuesday are the University of Miami School of Law Children and Youth Clinic, Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc., the Early Childhood Initiative Foundation, Broward County Medical Association and the  Broward County Pediatric Society.

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6 Responses to “Docs’ suit against gun law gains more firepower”

  1. Please tell me... Says:

    What reason could a doctor have for making the inquiry in the first place?

  2. doug hurd Says:

    several doctors around the country, backed by the violence policy center (handgun control_have attempted to intimidate clients with “questions” about gun in the home. their goal is to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in the minds of the uninformed. apparently nothing has changed. if you are unable to secure information on your own about guns and their necessity, then you do not need a gun.

  3. blah blah blah Says:

    So what stops the patient from saying “no” when they do in fact own a gun? Patients have been known to lie about their drinking habits, weight and smoking. Since when is it a requirement to share personal gun ownership information with anyone other than law enforcement? Just another steppign stone to altering the Constitution and the basic rights afforded to every American. Bear arms is on the chopping blcok, what’s next-free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, the right to pursue happiness?

  4. Lynn Moscoso Says:

    Great! Now the doctors will be able to “diagnose” gunowners with “GUNAGITAS” and have them Baker-Acted or medicated or anything that will bring profits to one of the organized government mafia groups.

    What a shame to see the ACLU and the University of Miami involved in such crap litigation.

    We have enough civil violations going on to start this crap.

    The “thought police” is at work here again.

  5. steve Says:

    We should also sue Doctors for killing people thru negligence…

  6. Joseph Says:

    For years I have not answered the question: 1- What political party do you belong; what is your ethic background; 3 are you male or female; age; etc – So far I have not been envolved in ID theift. That may not be possible as time goes by because of all the data bases collecting my info. Always best not to disclose even your SS# to anyone you do not know or trust….

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