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Buddhist Green Party satire gone wrong: e-mailer to Joyce Kaufman speaks from slammer

by George Bennett | July 28th, 2011

Martinez: satirist, inmate

Remember that threatening e-mail and phone call last November that sent all 300 Broward County schools into lockdown and prompted conservative radio talker Joyce Kaufman to turn down the chief-of-staff job for U.S. Rep.-elect Allen West?

The person who sent the original e-mail to Kaufman, it quickly developed, wasn’t a gun-toting tea party member inspired by Kaufman’s remark that “if ballots don’t work, bullets will.” Instead, the e-mail was traced to a Green Party member from across the state in Pasco County named Ellisa Martinez.

Martinez pleaded guilty in May to transmitting a threat through interstate commerce and got a two-year sentence this month. Now she’s telling the Broward New Times her e-mail to Kaufman promising “something big” was meant as “obvious sarcasm based on the recipient’s hateful comments” and was “nothing more than a satire of Mrs. Kaufman’s loose-canon (sic) anti-government gun talk.”

In her two-page letter to the New Times from the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Martinez says she’s a practicing Buddhist and “I don’t support violence as a means of conflict resolution.”

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2 Responses to “Buddhist Green Party satire gone wrong: e-mailer to Joyce Kaufman speaks from slammer”

  1. HM Says:

    You swim in that cesspool…. prepare to catch the virus.

    Hate begats hate. And here’s another fact to mkake your blood boil, Ms. Inmate….you’re in jail after taking on one of the lowest rated talk show hosts in South Florida. Her ratings are non existent in Miami Dade and Broward and barely eek out a response in Palm Beach county. She’s like the rest of the Tea Party….loud & obnoxious, but statistically inconsequential.

  2. whasup Says:

    Just another wacky greenling, the type that makes the tea party people look reasonable.

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