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West Palm Beach lawyer to lead Bar

by John Kennedy | June 15th, 2011

West Palm Beach lawyer Scott Hawkins is expected to be sworn-in next week as president of the Florida Bar, the organization charged with overseeing lawyer regulation in the state.

Bar members played a central role this spring in fighting House Speaker Dean Cannon’s push to add three members to the state Supreme Court, while splitting it into criminal and civil divisions.

 The legislation also would have set aside a specific funding level for the courts, which the Bar generally supported as a way to stave-off shortfalls like one this spring which  threatened courtroom closures and employee furloughs.

Hawkins, a partner with Jones, Foster, Johnston and Stubbs, is scheduled to take office June 24, at the Bar’s annual convention in Orlando. Hawkins has been with the firm since 1985.

During his term, Hawkins wants to study how the Bar handles the grievance process through which lawyers face discipline when violating rules governing the profession.

“We need to honor our obligation as effectively as we can,” said Hawkins. “I want to have a broad, representative group, some of whom are not serving on the Board of Governors, to take a look at the grievance process.”

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3 Responses to “West Palm Beach lawyer to lead Bar”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Mr. Hawkins will not only serve the members of the Florida Bar well but, most importantly, the citizens of Florida. He is a true professional and gentleman in every sense. We are all fortunate to have Scott as the incoming Bar President.

  2. Bad Bar Says:

    Good luck. Most people know that the Florida Bar is allegedly a mechanism to cover up and perpetuate Lawyer wrongdoing.

    Why are BBB complaints public against any business but a FLORIDA BAR complaint is kept confidential, usually until the “investigation’ is complete maybe years later?

    This allows BAD ATTYS to keep messing up clients that have no idea that an atty could have 1 or 100 very reasonable complaints filed against them?

    Cops/Lawyers/Wall Street….have all proven SELF_REGULATION cannot work.

  3. Scott Rothstein Ponzi Says:

    Didn’t Scott Rothstein, biggest Ponzi Schemer in Florida history allegedly have 4 former Judges, a Former Broward Sheriff ( once he got out of jail ) and Abrams, (PB County Commissioner) as partners in his firm?

    Didn’t all the other Lawyers Also speak about Rothstein in Hushed Respectful tones? Wasn’t he hi-up in the Florida Bar and Judicial Nominating Committees too? The FLorida Bar is a member Fan Club and protection racket , at least when it counts.

    Form Online source-”Gov. Charlie Crist suspended Rothstein from the Fourth District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission. Crist appointed Rothstein on Aug. 25, 2008, and four days later the lawyer gave $140,000 to the Republican Party of Florida. The Florida Bar also has removed Rothstein from a grievance committee that considers ethics and other complaints against lawyers.”

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