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UPDATE: Rick Scott willing to go to Supreme Court over drug testing state workers

by Dara Kam | June 1st, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott is willing to take the fight over drug testing state workers all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, his spokeswoman said today in response to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.

The civil rights organization filed the lawsuit challenging Scott’s executive order mandating drug testing of all state workers, arguing it is a violation of the constitution’s protection from unreasonable searches by government.

“The Governor is confident the courts will see that this policy makes sense and is legally sound, and he’ll take the law suit to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes to implement a common sense policy that is appropriate and fair to tax payers. If it makes good business sense for private sector companies to drug test their employees, why wouldn’t it make good business sense for the state?” Scott spokeswoman Amy Graham said in an e-mail.

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38 Responses to “UPDATE: Rick Scott willing to go to Supreme Court over drug testing state workers”

  1. dark gator Says:

    Sounds like Scott, The Carpetbagger From Parts Unknown – Not A Real Floridian, seems desperate to get more business for his drug testing.

  2. sign o the times Says:

    i’m cool with testing state workers. i get tested in the private sector…

    now, tricky ricky and every legislator line up. you work for the state!

    testing begins first thing monday morning

  3. wyn Says:

    Has Rick Scott been drug tested recently? How much money has he invested in private drug testing companies?

  4. Steve W. Says:


  5. voter Says:

    all state wokers thats you as well slick rick.

  6. dan Says:

    Great job going after drug addicts on welfare! Only an addict would be against a test to recieve free money! Thank you for making Florida a staple for reform!

  7. Big Tea Partier Says:

    Oh no! The ACLU is ruining our plans (again).

    The ACLU is Communist! They believe that the U.S. Constitution should be followed.

    Gosh, I HATE it when the U.S. Constitution gets in the way of our political agenda.

  8. jj Says:

    SOB sure doesn’t mind wasting out tax dollars to litigate does he?

  9. Lord Sahib III Says:

    I am surprised to hear that there is no official law or policy that requires random drug tests of state workers, especially those involved with public safety. I have said it before, I am a card carrying Democrat but I confess that I like what Rick Scott is doing on this issue as well as privatizing the prisons and firing all the $100,000+ per year jail guards.

  10. tj Says:

    @ Lord Sahib :
    Show me all the $100,000 jail guards you moron! You must be an ex inmate! All you have to do is go to the web site ricky dick put up and you can see that the wardens dont even make $100,000 you idiot! The average salary is no more than 36,000 you dumb a$$! The only one’s making that money is your Dr’s and Dentist thats it, all you teabaggers need to die!

  11. Todd Says:

    The Republican party is awful for the middle class and poor. However, I have ZERO problem with this. How could you? I have to get drug tested for every job. I would absolutely get drug tested if I worked for the state or for the federal government. This money comes from the government. If you receive unemployment you are in a way an employee of the state or the federal government if you receive and cash the check. What needs to be done further is change the marijuana laws if alcohol and cigarettes are deemed legal and are regulated.

  12. tom j Says:

    I’m a county government worker and get drug tested every year and they can do a random test if they want. I have no problem with it, they should drug test everybody on the public dole, including politicians.

  13. PirateCafe Says:

    They should drug test all construction workers, roofers, painters, car salesmen/women, every company executive of every contractor and sub-contractor vending with the State of Florida…all their jobs impact public safety in some way.

  14. !!!!! Says:

    Scott’s an F’ing Fascist PIG and the Federal Government will squash him like a bug and so will the Supreme Court. He will be indicted soon.
    This is getting really old.

  15. RDC Says:

    It won’t ever make it to the Supreme Court…the precedent stands that drug testing without cause is violation of your civil liberties…Skeletor is going down in a ball of flames. Also to all of you that say “you have to get drug tested in the private sector” NO YOU DO NOT…not at random in professional employment. How many lawyers, engineers, scientists, and HR professionals do you see lining up to pee in a cup at your local urgent care?

  16. Hopeful Says:

    Drug testing without a cause… Well given the low salary and punching bag status, one would need to be on drugs to want to be employed by the state.

  17. NOBAMA Says:

    You liberals are so annoying. Please leave palm beach county before I tea bag you.

  18. George Says:

    Rick Scott won’t be governor long enough for this case to make it to the US Supreme Court. The guy has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the country.

  19. Les Coleman Says:

    This is a basic right to privacy issue already addressed by the courts. Public servants are not private employees, and random drug testing without “Just Cause” has been ruled illegal. Private workers could demand the same rights if they banded together in unions and collective bargin those rights


    NOBAMA, you are so funny! As long as you are cute, clean and HIV-, you can tea bag me anytime you want!

  21. Jimbo Says:


    Most companies that are in the commercial construction field whether generals or subs do drug test their personnel. Insurance usually requires it of you, and even gives discounts.
    Particularly government contracts always have drug free policies and there are drug tests done at the contractors expense.

  22. Fed Up Says:

    How many jobs does this create?

  23. Common Sense Says:

    Only addicts object.

    ~ Good job Gov Scott! ~

  24. Liz Says:

    Public servants do have to be tested for drugs before they are hired!! This includes police officers. Gov. Scott is trying to protect the taxpayers from giving welfare to drug addicts. He is trying to balance a budget to keep us from going bankrupt like California. He has over three more years to make changes. Good luck, Rick!!

  25. Hugh Says:

    Apparently Amy Graham got a job without a brain that engages. Typical of Scott appointees and how shallow his talent pool has been. Accusing your workforce of being guilty of a crime and forcing them to proof themselves innocent is not good business. Killing employee morale does not increase productivity or commitment. Unlike private sector employees, state employees are not paid by Rick Scott and should not be subjected to his whims, contradictions, bizarre schemes, unconstitutional dealings, and crooked ways. Here is a man who hid behind the 5th Amendment some 75 times and yet does not want state employees to be protected by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Here is a man who cut services for disabled children while giving hacks like Ms. Graham higher paying jobs than they would ever make in the private sector. Not exactly good business itself. Here is a man who has a law degree, but wishes to bully state employees without regard for the Constitution. Here is a man who allegedly defrauded the Federal government of million$, and yet acts like there is some law to be upheld here. What a joke — Scott and all his overpaid, inexperienced and dogmatic followers like Ms. Graham. Before Graham calls the ACLU hypocritical again she should take a mirror and hold it up to Rick Scott. Hypocrisy personified and magnified!

  26. Active Passive Says:

    This will create a $3.5 million annual windfall for Florida’s drug testing industry. And the money is coming out of your pocket.

    Scott is the co-founder of Solantic, an urgent care chain with 32 clinics scattered around the state. Drug testing is a major part of Solantic’s business.

    You think Scott’s interest is drug-free state workers or drug-tested state workers – tested by his own company.

  27. Randomly Drug Test Welfare Recipients Says:

    I think that any profession dealing with public safety should be drug tested upon accepting a position and only if cause should arise thereafter. Other than that, these people WORK for their paycheck and are not “given” anything. I agree with random drug testing of welfare recipients because they are receiving a benefit and can’t afford to support their kids so they should not be able to afford illicit drugs. Welfare recipients have generally not put anything into the system and are truly receiving a handout. I don’t think employees should be treated the same way unless cause arises, because they work for what they receive.

  28. Mindless idiots posting here Says:

    Gee and next we should test all kids wanting a public school education. And anyone wanting or renewing a drivers license. Or anyone wanting to be addmitted to an ER. How about drug testing at the poles to see if your vote should count!

  29. maggie Says:

    Someone needs to test the voters to see what they were on when they voted this clown into office.

  30. t42 & 24t Says:

    Wake Up Idiots
    Drug War Has Failed And Governments Should Explore Legalizing Marijuana, Says Report
    How will you prevent Floridians from using more dangerous substances with State funds like Alcohol and Tobacco?

  31. kere1962 Says:

    I am a state worker an I was drug tested when I received the job and I am drug tested on the spot at any given time….Is there something new I dont know about???? Rick Scott needs to handle ALOT more important affairs than harrassing state employees as he has done since he has taken office!!! If he will take it all the way to the supreme court…then we (as state workers) should file a CLASS action law suit for harrassment!!! WAKE UP RICK…we are NOT your enemy…What have we done so terrible to deserve the treatment you have dished out to us???? You have given the drug addicts a loop hole to go through if they test positive for drugs we will just let them find someone that is NOT on drugs to receive their money…OK that will really work right???? Come on….Chill the hell out!!!!!

  32. A Says:

    fascist alert, oink oink piggy fascists, it’s not a crime to be poor in America fascist pigs

  33. Gregg Pennington Says:

    I was subject to random drug screening for almost 40 years while working for three major corporations. I agreed with the process and it served to eliminate those using drugs. Since my tax dollars are paying government workers salaries they need to be tested the same as private and public companies.

  34. Tim Says:

    Lord Voldemort will go the extra mile on drug testing, because he needs to recoup his campaign expenses (70MN) through ‘Solantic’ selling pee tests.

  35. Addict Says:

    I’m an addict and I am one of the more productive people in my office. I smoke alot of weed and it helps me stay sane in these hard times. All I can say for you clean tax payers is “Get Mad” because your poster boy will not be successful and I will continue to get paid by your tax dollars and will continue to work hard and make you swallow you stereotypes like a bottle of green tea.

  36. mary romano Says:

    I work for DOH and I signed a random drug testing form. No problem I haven’t tested any good drugs since the 80′s. All kidding aside I think I might have missed something here. All state workers have to sign this form or you don’t get hired. I worked for Servico Hotel Chain and all 15 years I was never drug tested, none of us were. And trust me my salary now is pale compared to what I use to make. The company moved out of state and I took this job which I love, but Scott makes me feel as if I were a criminal. I think he needs to step back and say can I really balance the budget this way. Jobs lost not gained.

  37. Letrfeedomring Says:

    Let’s put a chip in everyone’s brain to alert the authorities if someone is thinking of breaking a law and lets test everyone for the use of alcohol because that it is an intoxicant and will make the public safer. Heck let’s just throw everyone in jail to preempt any crime they might do or think about doing.

    Zeek hile! Zeek hile! Zeek hile!

  38. El Conquistador Says:

    Why don’t we drug test all politicians ? We drug test the people in society with the least ability to do harm like waiters and trash men but not the people who because of their position and power are capable of doing the most harm – including being in control of the nuclear arsenal ? Let’s drug test all politicians in State & Federal government including all judges right on up thru the Supreme Court – What do they have to hide ? Let’s also drug test all persons in administrative positions for the same reasons. Surely if a judge agrees to having other person undergo drug testing then they must also be drug tested for the same exact reasons.

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