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Tea party bailout: Trump to pay local group’s disputed $6,000 bill for Boca Raton rally he headlined

by George Bennett | June 23rd, 2011

South Florida Tea Party Chairman Everett Wilkinson is relaying word that Donald Trump will pay more than $6,000 that Boca Raton says it is owed for police officers and barriers that were deployed for an April South Florida Tea Party rally that Trump keynoted.

Wilkinson questioned the charges said his group didn’t have the money in its coffers to cover them.

“We’re working on paying it,” Wilkinson said earlier this month. “We don’t have the money right now, but we’re good at paying our bills.”

Here’s a statement from Trump adviser Michael Cohen as reported in Politico:

“An unexpectedly large number of citizens peaceably assembled at the Boca Tea party event, hosted by Everett Wilkinson, that drew a crowd in excess of 5000 people. Mr. Trump is honored that so many people came to hear him speak on important political and social issues. Mr. Trump does not want any citizen group to be disparaged or burdened for exercising their first amendment right and has agreed to personally cover the full obligation to the City of Boca Raton.”

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14 Responses to “Tea party bailout: Trump to pay local group’s disputed $6,000 bill for Boca Raton rally he headlined”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Bunch of looser whiner dead beats who don’t want to pay their fair share.

  2. Aunt Knee Says:

    Why didn’t Sick Rott foot the bill? He is the head of the Florida Tea Party.

    Not that he would let that get in the way of being Gov Valdermort.

  3. Doubt it Says:

    Nice of Trump to pay the TP for the event, but would he also be so generous if the Green Party ran up a $6k tab for a rally and couldn’t pay?

    “Mr Trump does not want any citizen group to be disparaged or burdened for exercising their first amendment right…”.

  4. Vietnam Vet Says:

    Now,Now what do you know, would you look at that, The Tea Party spending beyond their means. Some people would like them to be in charge of our budget how pathetic is that?

  5. Big Dem Says:

    Such hatefulness from liberals! A real hoot since they pretend they are the civil ones. The ability to leave comments on news stories has revealed liberals to be hate-filled, closed-minded ideologs who want to control everyone’s behavior and opportunities thru gov’t force under the misguided idea that their way of thinking is so superior, they can force it on everyone.

  6. The Truth Says:

    Thank you Mr. Trump for your generous offer. Now had it been a liberal gathering there would’ve been additional charges to clean up all the litter, used needles, crack viles and empty prescription pill bottles left all over the place.

  7. Kate Says:

    It is amazing how many liberals are so filled with ugliness and hate. I agree with you 100% Big Dem!! Thanks you, Donald Trump. The rally was great and people who did not attend missed a real opportunity to learn more about our nation and what it stands for. Grassroots has been the backbone of our government since its founding. Too bad liberals won’t come out for a gathering unless it involves protesting and violence.

  8. Conservative Amnesia Says:

    @Big Dem, The Truth, and Kate funny that you complain about hate and violence from liberals.

    I seem to remember seeing a lot of pictures of conservatives frothing at the mouth during town hall meetings for health care reform legislation.

    Never mind the calls by conservatives to take back our government by way of the bullet.

    Sounds pretty hateful and violent to me.

    But you all conveniently forgot those ugly episodes.

  9. Retired NYPD Says:

    Only in Florida do we have to pay for extra police officers and barriers when any group holds a rally. Boca Police Officers are nothing more than armed security officers with nice haircuts.

  10. Sarah Caldwell Says:

    Get the Koch brothers to pay. They’ve paid for everything else about the Tea Party, who are, BTW, on average wealthier than the average American.

  11. Kevin Says:

    The Donald did the right thing agreeing to pick up the tab. In the end his appearence was self promoting and nothing more.

  12. npgator Says:

    Liberals are hell bent on ruining the Nation and turinig into socialism.

  13. Wilkinson is a Disgrace Says:

    Why didn’t GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein, who “created the Tea Party”, and the egomaniac Wilkinson, write another check for his puppet?

  14. Dawn Says:

    I thought Wilkinson was a financial planning expert. Do you think Trump has anything to do with recent reports that Wilkinson is now against e-verify?

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