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Some Michele Bachmann Florida links…

by George Bennett | June 27th, 2011

Bachmann at tea party event in Jupiter in March.

Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, the House Tea Party Caucus leader who kicked off her presidential campaign today in Iowa, made a well-received stop in Jupiter at a tea party gathering back in March but doesn’t appear to have much of a Florida campaign organization.

Palm Beach Town Councilman and major GOP moneyman Bill Diamond — a key Florida financier for Rudy Giuliani‘s 2008 presidential bid and recently part of the Draft Donald Trump movement — says he’s a Bachmann backer and hopes to raise money for the Minnesotan, but isn’t too clear on her campaign structure in Florida.

Bachmann’s spokeswoman is Alice Stewart, a veteran of Mike Huckabee‘s Arkansas administration and presidential campaign who worked on Rick Scott‘s primary campaign in Florida last year. Stewart said Bachmann, who’s been spending lots of time in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina, doesn’t have any Florida trips on her schedule now.

Bachmann’s consultants include Washington-based Ed Brookover, who’s also a consultant for U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.


3 Responses to “Some Michele Bachmann Florida links…”

  1. Kevin Says:

    She’s nothing to worry about unless she comes up with a few hundred million of her own money to spend buying the election like Rick Scott did. She is on the extreme fringe of the Republican Party which is likely to loose many seats in the coming election anyway. West will be packing up his things pretty soon as well. I think this neo conservative experiment has just about run its course. People are quickly realizing that they are only interested in improving the lives of those who already live lavish opulent life styles. If you work for somebody else or are retired you are currently under attack by these neo-cons. It’s time to put them out of work

  2. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Kevin, You are right on! I doubt Bachmann will want to spend much time in Florida, in view of Scott being the most despised governor in the USA. He’s the NUMBER 1 reason that people are switching parties in droves, and there were already more registered Democrats in Florida. They will ALL be out to vote in 2012! We now see what their vision of America is, and it ISN’T pretty for the middle class: It would be HELL!

  3. Dee Says:

    Michell Bachmann is as dumb as a stump and that is what has me concerned because we all know that the majority of Americans are just as dumb and easily led. Who would have thought that idiot W would have been elected for a second term or that Rich Scott would have been elected governor. I don’t know one person who voted for that bald animal. Not even any Repugnants I know voted for him. Who got all that money he used during his campaign anyway?

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