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Scott would lose to Sink, Crist in hypothetical match-ups, Democratic pollster says

by George Bennett | June 29th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott has a 59 percent disapproval rating and would lose a do-over election to Democrat Alex Sink by a 57-to-35 percent margin, Democratic firm Public Policy Polling says in a new survey.

If the 2014 gubernatorial election were held today, and if Republican-turned-independent former Gov. Charlie Crist were running as a Democrat, Crist would thump Scott by a 56-to-34 percent margin, the poll finds.

Asked if the Republican governor’s actions have made them more or less likely to vote Republican in the 2012 presidential race, 40 percent of all voters — and 45 percent of independents — said they were less likely to vote Republican next year because of Scott.

The June 16-19 poll of 848 Florida voters has a 3.4 percent margin of error.

11 Responses to “Scott would lose to Sink, Crist in hypothetical match-ups, Democratic pollster says”

  1. And the point is? Says:

    Odds are that Obama wouldn’t be re-elected either if the election was today.

  2. Dempsey Says:

    And why does this hypothetical election matter. People were warned well before election day what he was going to do. The teachers and other gov’t workers who voted for him or didn’t vote at all, have nothing to complain about. My gov’t agency was well healed in his plans and given the facts of his intentions as soon as he won the nomination. The numbers don’t lie. If the various organizations had gotten the word out and educated its membership, this article wouldn’t matter. And Scott wouldn’t be Governor. Suck it up and vote next election.

  3. Lois Says:

    Having spent the vast majority of my life in the political arena, where EVERYONE knows that elections can turn on a dime, I am curious as to why we are to take as newsworthy polling about an election more than 40 months out? Seriously, what an abject waste of time and money.

  4. Darren Says:

    Its because the Democrats have no candidates…hence why they suck

  5. Dempsey Says:

    Hey Darren, I would have to say the Republicans don’t look much better. Our choices are becoming very thin all around. And no…. I’m not a bleeding Liberal, just someone who wants good people making decisions. Also, it’s people who stay party loyal that are screwing this Country up. Show some guts and elect someone good out of their comfort zone.

  6. joel Says:

    There will be no better campaign ad around than seeing what “brave” republican candidate will stand on the stage with rick scott in Tampa during the republican convention. A great poly-sci experiment is to see how fast the reps high-tail away from ole gov scott. Florida will be a lock to stay BLUE as we attempt to end the gerrymandered lock that exists in Tallahassee.

  7. joel Says:

    The President will again win Florida just as Sen. Bill Nelson(running against him is a true “abject waste of time and money”) will cruise to a re-election victory.
    The key is to make sure the “fair districts” amendments are “legally” enacted, thus ending the gerrymandered gop hold on this BLUE state.What could be interesting is that with a new Florida legislature they “could” draw up a recall provision.:) It will take the likes of rick scott to “wake” up the people of Florida to “take” back the state!

  8. Jake 54 Says:

    I hope the people that voted for Scott are happy. I don’t know if we will ever recover from his incompetence. He is not “pro business” – he is nuts. Even “B”usiness doesn’t like him.
    He is a disaster for our state.
    I don’t care if a Repulican or Democrat wins, if it is an ethical intelligent candidate. That is not Rick Scott.

  9. Kenneth Green Says:

    Can anyone who voted for Ric Scott tell me which of the 160 new laws that went into effect are going to produce JOBS???? Did not Scott campaign on the pledge “700,00 jobs in 7 years”. He must have know it was untrue as he will NEVER get reelected. Even the people who voted for him have now taken their heads out of the sand and realize that this man, his policies and his minion of legislative cronies are bad for Florida!!

  10. scott support hot happy Says:

    Let me report that I am a 24/7 former Scott supporter and blogger who busted my knuckles for Scott because I was tired of the Bush, Crist, McCollum culture of corruption. Let me be clear. Corruption is a bad thing! With Rick Scott we have a mixture of corruption and ignorance which is a terrible thing!
    Just like the race between McCain and Obama what choice did we have? None! Same thing with Scott and McCollum. I worked for what I thought was the lesser of two evils! I apoligize for my ignorance! But I declare I will work just as hard to get rid of him as I did to help him get elected!

  11. Ms Vicky Says:

    By the time this governor’s term is over (if he isn’t been driven bodily from his post), there will not be a living breathing Floridian (young, old, rich, poor, Democrat or Republican) who hasn’t been harmed by his policies. He is a man without ethics, morals or standards, as evidenced by his past behavior; and he has NO idea how to “grow” a state. The best we can do is vote out his cohorts in 2012 and make him a lame duck. By then, even those 10 sycophants who cheerlead for him will be counting the moments until he is GONE!

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