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Scott says pause in drug-testing, “just the process now”

by John Kennedy | June 16th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott downplayed the implications of his decision to suspend his order that all state employees undergo pre-employment and random drug testing, saying Thursday he remains committed to screening.

The move came two weeks after the ACLU of Florida sued the governor, claiming testing was an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. Scott sent a memo last week to agency heads saying that only the Department of Corrections should go forward with implementing his March testing order until the outcome of the lawsuit, now in Miami federal court.

“We’re going forward with it,” Scott said. “We’ll continue to go forward…It’s just the process now.”

Scott also brushed off questions about whether he was concerned about the court overturning his order.

“The private sector does this all the time,” Scott said. “Our taxpayers expect our state employees to be productive…this is the right thing, and we’re going forward.”

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5 Responses to “Scott says pause in drug-testing, “just the process now””

  1. Ms Vicky Says:

    Scott says, “The private sector does this all the time.” NEWS FLASH: STATE EMPLOYEES ARE NOT THE PRIVATE SECTOR.”
    This guy is so out of touch with reality, and so ill-equipped to be governor of ANY state, that it’s painful. He’s already cost us thousands of jobs, and billions in lost grants; now, he will cost us more in law suits! Our police are very wise to assemble on July 16th and re-register as Independents and Democrats. They were lied to and abandoned by a governor they thought they could trust. The ONLY person that DEFINITELY needs competency testing is GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT (and perhaps the people who still think he’s qualitifed)!

  2. backwood Says:

    Another progressive,that’s why I am now independent. Thank. McCain, spector,brown,Romney should I go on.

  3. ichupichu Says:

    Is anybody surprised at this? This is how our rights are stripped from us. First step is to create a situation that the public will accept. Drug testing for people with “dangerous” jobs. Slowly and steadily the policy is expanded until drug testing is the norm. With an extremely radical supreme court, Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, etc, the blatantly unconstitutional laws will be upheld. People are kept in line through fear. We must keep our streets safe for our children. Screw the rest of the population.

    This policy has been executed with skill and one result it the UN-Patriot Act which has made a mockery of our civil rights. The terrorists have already won the war as we are one baby step away from being a police state. Have your papers ready, especially in Arizona.

    We are now a society that can stop someone at any time and make them prove they are not breaking a law. Hitler would be proud.

    Bottom line is you get the government you vote for, and for those apathetic losers out there you get the government you are too lazy to get up and vote OUT of office.

  4. shaner Says:

    Just like George bush Jr. and the patriot act. Taking our liberties for security.

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Franklin’s Contributions to the Conference on February 17 (III) Fri, Feb 17, 1775

  5. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Shaner, great quote! Franklin also advised against paying salaries to members of Congress. (Originally elected members served Congress as a position of honor, not of salary.) He said (I paraphrase) that there is nothing more dangerous in men than the combination of avarice and ambition. He eloquently suggested that to compensate people who already have power would eventuate in their ruling over the people who they were sent to serve; and he cautioned that they would make “mischievous wars” and move heaven and earth to scorn their colleagues, all in their own self-interest. He certainly was brilliant and, sadly, prophetic.

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