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Scott jobs announcement from Montreal sounds like deja vu

by John Kennedy | June 7th, 2011

 Gov. Rick Scott’s trade mission to Canada is lined up to tout its first big score Wednesday, but the announcement from French-speaking Montreal will sound like deja vu to many Palm Beach County residents.

Scott is expected to unveil that Montreal-based Garda Worldwide Security is moving its U.S. headquarters from California to Boca Raton, bringing with it about 100 jobs  by the end of 2013. The jobs will pay in the $65,000-salary range, county officials said.

Scott repeatedly says he’s all about “jobs, jobs, jobs.” But is the Garda announcement really “news, news, news?”

After all, Palm Beach County commissioners in January approved the county’s $210,000 share of an incentive package for Garda World Security Services. Boca Raton late last year approved its $210,000 portion of the package, while the state of Florida later OK’d $580,000 to bring the firm.

The County Commission’s action came a week after Scott took office, powered by his campaign promise to create 700,000 jobs in seven years. But county officials said talks with Garda began last summer, well before Scott was sworn in.

“There were a number of things the company had to do in preparation,” for Wednesday’s announcement, said Gary Hines of the Palm Beach County Business Development Board.

The incentives would be paid over six years, the county has said. Garda has 45,000 employees around the world and sells a variety of security services, including armored vehicles to transport cash and background checks of potential employees.

Garda’s interest in Palm Beach County follows a drop in the cost of doing business here. A report released earlier this year by a nationwide financial firm found the county’s costs ranked 40th of 55 metro areas.

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15 Responses to “Scott jobs announcement from Montreal sounds like deja vu”

  1. Tea Lady Says:

    How wonderful! Governor Scott is bringing us 100 jobs! Wow, that’s a lot of jobs! One Hundred, a really big number! Whoopieee!

  2. Ron Says:

    Wow, this company has 45,000 employees world wide and they are sending 100 here! I wonder how much they had to pay them to move to this sand trap?

  3. Ms Vicky Says:

    This governor has lost thousands of jobs for middle class state workers, and he announces there may be 100 jobs in 2013??? He is completely INCOMPETENT to be governor. He’s the most hated governor in any state, and I just read that he is the ONLY governor who rejected millions in govt grants for healthcare without setting up alternatives programs for people who need it! (Check out “Fighting healthcare Law”) Floridians should start a class action suit against him. He is truly a danger to our health and welfare. HE HAS TO GO!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Hot diggity dog!!! 100 jobs!! Maybe in 2013!!! God, this guy is insane.

  5. Jim Says:

    $790,000 in taxpayer money for 100 jobs. Does that mean we can we buy 700,000 jobs for $5,530,000,000?

  6. Arthur Says:

    we’re so screwed.

  7. Big Johnson Says:

    Transplanting 100 existing jobs and employees is not creating new jobs for the unemployed. Get a grip Mr. Scott.

  8. oxymoron Says:

    Its sad we have to pay to get companies to come here. That money could have been utilzied elseware.

  9. TGC Says:

    Unknown to the folks down there who can’t seem to figure out a simple ballot, is that Publix is doubling a 550,000 sq.ft. warehouse (jobs), NJ’s Matheson Tri-gas is going to build a $40 million plant (jobs), JBT Food Teck is building a $16 million plant (jobs), Rooms To Go will be building a 300,000 sq.ft. distribution center (jobs) etc.

    But I suppose you might miss that if all you get is liberal propaganda and weed newsletters.

  10. Ms Vicky Says:

    @TGC, You just posted that Publix, Tri-gas, Food Teck, and Rooms To Go MAY be offering jobs someday; but even if they DO eventually create jobs, do you realize what caliber jobs we will be getting considering what we’ve LOST in teaching, corrections and healthcare? NEWS FLASH: AMERICA IS NOT A CASTE SYSTEM WHERE A FEW WEALTHY RULE AND THE REST OF US WORK FOR THEM! Your post was a perfect example of what the GOP/Tea Party is all about. THAT’S WHY WE’RE VOTING YOU OUT IN 2012!(Take your sorry Fox news propaganda elsewhere; it won’t work here.)

  11. Amazed Says:

    If Scott were to bring 2 million jobs to the state in 6 months, 90% of you would still find something else to rag on about. REally sad the state of affairs our country is in.

  12. ghinhee Says:

    Ms Vicky, America is well on its way to becoming a caste system. Are the wealthy hurting? A spokesman for Saks 5th Ave, says his clients are increasing. The people making that kind of money are happy and spending money again. The wealthy are now rapidly having the rest of the America work for them. Just ask the government who they work for?

  13. Ms Vicky Says:

    ghinhee, You are exactly right. The 5% wealthiest have become increasingly more wealthy over the past 2 decades, paying lower taxes, and WHERE are the jobs? Bush signed the bill to lower taxes on the wealthy 10 years ago yesterday…WHERE ARE THE JOBS? If Scott were to do ANTHING positive for Floridians, we would be thrilled; but, so far, he’s done NOTHING but line his corporate friends’ pockets while cutting benefits for our needy children + elderly. It’s DISGRACEFUL! We need to start a Class Action suit against this governor as Pennsylvania + Texas have already done. (Google it!) Let’s get to work!

  14. OBIWAN Says:

    The republicans use you tea bags for fools. You are a tools for the rich and the trust fund babies. Their only concern is lower taxes for THEMSELVES and less regulation from the state and federal gvt. Wake up and think for yourselves. They sold you a bill of goods and you still line up to vote for them. It is not as frustrating as is it pathetic.

  15. watching it happen again Says:

    Garda is bringing the HQ staff to Boca? Sounds like the same kind of deal Naples/Ft. Myers fell for. The CEO gets a huge tax break to start his/her retirement home and 8-10 years from now he has a nice retirement home and the next CEO gets to move HQ to a new tax haven for retirement. And we pay for it.

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