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Scott finds a bill he doesn’t like; vetoes background screening exemption

by John Kennedy | June 23rd, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott cleared another milestone as chief executive Thursday – vetoing his first bill passed by the Legislature since whacking a record $615 million from the state budget last month.

Scott has been remarkably supportive of the Legislature’s actions, signing about 150 bills without a single veto. But Thursday he rejected a measure (SB 1992) that would have eased criminal background-screening requirements for volunteers working with seniors.

Scott said eliminating such oversight posed a threat to vulnerable older Floridians.

“That is a risk not worth taking,” Scott said in his veto letter.

The legislation had been pushed by Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Brandon, and a pair of Senate committees as a cost-saving move. Supporters said a 2010 law revamping background checks requires even volunteers to undergo screening and fingerprinting – which can cost close to $45 per-person.

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4 Responses to “Scott finds a bill he doesn’t like; vetoes background screening exemption”

  1. Idiots in Tallahassee Says:

    Great job Legislature. I have to get a background check if I visit my grandma in a nursing home – and pay a fortune, but you just repealed – in another bill – background checks for port workers who could be terror smugglers at our state’s ports.

    I’m a REpublican but its no wonder why people have left to join the Tea Party. Red light cameras, bcakground checks to see momma…you people are insane.

  2. SheliaJoy Says:

    Dang! I finally agreed with our Fraudster govenor. The elderly are very vunerable to abuse-especialy physical and theft. Any volunteers shoudl be screened

  3. Deliverance Says:

    So true. Honesty and eervyhitng recognized.

  4. tefqkslntmp Says:

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