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Rep. Connie Mack endorses Haridopolos in GOP Senate primary

by George Bennett | June 27th, 2011


U.S. Rep. Connie Mack — who earlier this month chided state Senate President Mike Haridopolos for not supporting the Paul Ryan budget plan — is endorsing Haridopolos in the 2012 GOP primary for U.S. Senate.

Mack was considered a leading contender for the nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, but announced in March he would not seek the seat. Haridopolos is running against former appointed Sen. George LeMieux, former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner of Boca Raton and retired Col. Mike McCalister in the Republican primary.

Read Mack’s endorsement statement after the jump….

Statement from U.S. Rep. Connie Mack on the 2012 GOP Senate primary:

“For too long Bill Nelson’s liberal record has been at odds with Floridians. From his support of ObamaCare, his opposition to tax cuts and his recent attempt to further bankrupt our state and federal government with his support of an unnecessary rail line, Bill Nelson can no longer be trusted with our tax dollars. Mike Haridopolos has confronted the challenges of our day with a steadfast commitment to freedom, limited government, and fiscal responsibility and I am proud to stand with him to put Florida and our country back on a path of economic and job growth. I remember fondly Mike’s participation in the Freedom Caucus in Tallahassee and his watchful eye on the state budget as President of the Senate. I ask all Florida Republicans today to join me in my support of Mike Haridopolos for the U.S. Senate.”

4 Responses to “Rep. Connie Mack endorses Haridopolos in GOP Senate primary”

  1. A completely inconsequential endorsement Says:

    This news should really fire up the base!!

    A quid pro quo endorsement, paid for by Florida Congressional R.I.N.O.S for U.S. Senate.

    I’m John Cornyn and I appove this message. (Paul Ryan passed on this one)

  2. AK Says:

    Enough endorsements already! Haridopolus does not have the brains or ability of Bill Nelson. There are plenty of piles of pachyderm poo in Tallahassee without sending another load to Washington. Most are southern recist republicans and not fit to hold office.

  3. AK Says:

    pardon, should have read southern racist republicans

  4. Downtown Danny Says:

    Ask Connie Mack about his ex-wife and 2 kids that live in Ft. Lauderdale in poverty and on food stamps. He used them in flyers to brag about his family values when he first got elected due to his daddys money and influence on the west coast of Florida. Then Mack went to washington and started an adulterous affair Sonny Bonos widow, left his family and married her. This is a typical republican liar, cheat and fraud of a man.

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