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McCalister tries to be tea party alternative to ‘Tallahassee Triplets’ in GOP Senate primary

by George Bennett | June 15th, 2011


Florida’s 2012 Republican U.S. Senate primary so far has been a three-way contest between state Senate President Mike Haridopolos, former appointed Sen. George LeMieux and former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner.

But with polls suggesting roughly two-thirds of GOP primary voters are up for grabs, retired U.S. Army Col. Mike McCalister is hoping direct-mail money and tea party buzz can put him in the running. McCalister — whose ultra-low budget 2010 gubernatorial campaign ($8,422 in reported expenditures) got a surprising 10.1 percent in the 2010 GOP primary against Rick Scott and Bill McCollum — has lined up Washington mailhouse Base Connect to raise money and signed veteran GOP operatives Buzz Jacobs and John Yob to advise his 2012 campaign.

Jacobs and Yob both worked on the 2008 John McCain campaign. Yob last year advised unsuccessful tea party Senate-seekers Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware as well as Michigan outsider-turned-Gov. Rick Snyder.

Disparaging Hasner, LeMieux and Haridopolos as the “Tallahassee Triplets,” Jacobs says McCalister “has all the qualities of a candidate that will resonate with Tea Party, Project 9/12, and conservative grassroots Republicans.”

Base Connect is the direct-mail firm used by U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, whose 2010 campaign was marked by stupendous money-raising but also a fairly high burn rate for mail expenditures.


10 Responses to “McCalister tries to be tea party alternative to ‘Tallahassee Triplets’ in GOP Senate primary”

  1. Chandler Levrich Says:

    The key to understanding Jon Yob is that everyone likes him, he make TONS of money off of his candidates and he has yet to have any sort of election victory. Why do people hire him?

  2. Patriot4sure Says:

    The ONLY candidate with national security expertise, the ONLY candidate who can beat Bill Nelson – he has my vote!

  3. CRF Weekdays Says:

    We interviewed Colonel McCalister live this afternoon. You can listen to the interview at:

  4. Tea Partier Says:

    McCalister can try to court Tea Party people, but most of us have a brain. He has hired losers because winners will not touch him.

    As far as his military history let me ask you this, would you vote for Wesley Clark? Colen Powell? They have tons of military experience but are not conservative. Nuff said.

    I do not know who I am going to vote for yet. They all have issues. However, I am positive that I will not vote for McCalister.

  5. Voice of Reason Says:

    As an active conservative who sympathizes with many of the precepts of the Tea Party, sheer logic would propel me to support Col. McCalister as the next US Senator to defeat Bill Nelson. He has the military and business experience to confront the economic morass and national security threats affecting this nation’s survival. I encourage people to listen to the Colonel’s talk at a gathering of the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party. You can perform a Google video search.

  6. Voice of Reason Says:

    Part 1 of McCalister Speech:

  7. Voice of Reason Says:

    Part 2 of McCalister Speech:

  8. Voice of Reason Says:

    @Tea Partier: I support McCalister because he precisely combines his military and business experience with a very patriotic, conservative set of beliefs and solutions to our nation’s problems.
    Those of us who support McCalister also have brains, so to speak. A number of his supporters have multiple degrees, are successful in their careers, or have good common sense instincts. And the Colonel himself has lots of academic background and tons of teaching experience at the Army War College, etc.

  9. Tea Partier Says:

    What business experience? Face it, you guys support him because he is says he is not one of them. He says what you want to hear.

  10. Voice of Reason Says:

    @Tea Partier: Col. McCalister’s business experience includes :”He has worked with physicians at biotech and healthcare companies to improve efficiencies in the healthcare system, is a licensed agri-business professional, and owner/operator of a tree farm in Plant City, Florida…Colonel McCalister is a university instructor, and served as the Lead Faculty in a Global MBA Curriculum, teaching practicing, professional students about the Forces, Drivers, and Environmental Factors in today’s global economy, as well as global business operations, strategy, and policy. He has chaired Thesis Research Committees studying how to successfully compete against outsourcing, off-shoring and global competition.”

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