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Congressional ethics office reviews sexual harassment complaint against Hastings

by George Bennett | June 22nd, 2011


A congressional ethics office is looking into the sexual harassment allegations that were leveled against U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar, in a March lawsuit, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Hastings has vehemently denied the claims by Winsome Packer, a staffer on the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Hastings is a member of the commission and a former chairman. Packer is being represented by attorneys from the conservative group Judicial Watch.

The Wall Street Journal report says the independent Office of Congressional Ethics has launched a “preliminary” investigation of the allegations. The office has 90 days to recommend whether the House Ethics Committee should look into the matter.


18 Responses to “Congressional ethics office reviews sexual harassment complaint against Hastings”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Can’t the black community find another black candidate to run?

  2. Shut up and Listen Says:

    Hastings is a Republican, right? No Democrat would ever do this. What did you say? Anthony Weiner. Who’s that?

  3. npgator Says:

    This guy doesn’t believe in the term Sexual Harrassment! He believes that a man in his position can do whatever he wants to do.

  4. rukiddingme? Says:

    OMG! The PBP has actually posted a story about a local scandal involving a Democrat! Quick copy this article because it will soon be buried or pulled from the site once the PBP staff realizes their error. Of course if it was a Republican it would hold front page above the fold exposure for weeks.

  5. White bloke Says:

    @ Daniel….ALAN WEST! This isn’t a race story, it’s yet another politician drunk with power.

  6. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Another dispicable, unethical scumbag politician showing his true colors. It sad that our political system is so broken that it only attracts scumbags to run for office.

  7. mike Says:

    Is’nt this the same guy that was impeached? Oh yeah it was. American voters are wacked out

  8. justice101 Says:

    Judicial Watch is representing the victim, hmmmm. Their top 10 most corrupt politicians are democrats with 2 republicans (and Vitter) isn’t one of them!

  9. Cranky Yankee Says:

    @shut up and listen: can you say Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Mark Sanford, Helen Chenowith, Robert Livingston, Bob Packwood, John Ensign, Bob Allen, David Vitter, -all fine, upstanding, family-values Republicans. Want to keep throwing stones, friend?

  10. Impeached judge? Says:

    Wasn’t this the same Hastings that was a FEDERAL JUDGE that was allegedly IMPEACHED for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribe / payoff money to fix cases for criminals?

    That felony should prevent him from running for office but did not our house and senate make a special vote to let him back in?

    We have such insane corruption.

    Politicians and cops…bummer.

  11. Nuuf said Says:

    Districts are gerrymandered so that a black is elected. Then the black voters go out of their way to continue to vote in a flawed and failed individual. Look at the blacks in congress. Intellectual midgets with only one agenda. This guy, Rangle, the woman from Houston, the one from LA, the idiot from Detroit who though Guam might sink. Fools all. he Black community should wise upi and use it’s vote more wisely.

  12. rukiddingme? Says:

    @Cranky Yankee, You need to shut up and listen: Can you say Bill Clioton, Charles Rangel, Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, William Jefferson, Rod Blagojovic, Gary Studds, Mel Reynolds, John Edwards, Kwame Kilpatrick, Jim McGreevy, Marion Barry…C’mon I could go on for days! There is no comparing the scandals that involves democrats. Democrats are power crazed idiots! There is no bounds to their unscrupulous behavior, and the scandals outnumber those of republicans at least two to one. And they keep getting elected because democratic voters are just as selfish and stupid as those that they elect.

  13. DJ Says:

    Power corrupts. It evades accountability for a while because partisans can’t see the corruption nearest to them. Thank God for a two-party system. At least someone will complain about corruption, even if the motive is partisanship.

    Open your eyes, people. Hold YOUR guy to a reasonable standard and his enemies won’t get a chance to play “gotcha”. All named above are Weiners.

  14. Bill W. Says:

    So many in Congress feel they are “entitled” to everything America has to offer. They are there to serve, not be served. In this case, Alcyee Hastings is accused of believing he was “entitled” to “get some” from Winsome. After all, he’s in Congress and it’s his right, his entitlement.

  15. Anthony's Weiner Says:

    Obama wears nipple rings. Fact.

  16. Oh Please Says:

    Interesting how Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz is keeping her distance from Hastings. Should he resign Debbie???

  17. constitution 101 Says:


  18. Ms Vicky Says:

    @rukiddingme? So you claim, “There is no comparing the scandals that involves democrats.” Man, are you off your meds tonight? You must be too busy watching the rasslin’ and wet t-shirt contests on Fox propaganda to know what’s happening in the country! Fox viewers have been voted #1 MISINFORMED, and YOU are the poster boy for this study. LOL!
    BTW, why are you so angry? At least wait until 2012, when you will have something to be VERY angry about.

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