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Altman v. Scott — again

by John Kennedy | June 23rd, 2011

Republican Sen. Thad Altman, who unsuccessfully sued Gov. Rick Scott for killing the state’s high-speed rail project, swiped at his fellow Republican again Thursday — this time over legislation making 655,000 government employees contribute 3 percent of their pay to the Florida Retirement System.

Altman, R-Viera, represents Brevard County and other parts of Florida’s Space Coast, hard-hit by job losses stemming from the federal government’s closure of the Space Shuttle program. The Florida Education Association and other big labor unions sued Scott in Leon County Circuit Court this week to overturn the FRS overhaul (SB 2100).

Scott praised the legislation in a Thursday ceremonial signing in Orlando, saying it is helping modernize Florida’s pension system.

Altman, though sided with public employees in ridiculing the measure as a tax.

“It is important for government to operate efficiently and effectively,” Altman said.  “These individuals protect our quality of life, personal freedoms and insure a bright future for our children; they deserve more.

“This legislation not only hurts public employees, but is detrimental to all the citizens of Florida,” Altman said.

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18 Responses to “Altman v. Scott — again”

  1. Repubtallygirl Says:

    We will not donate to you ever again!

  2. everyone else Says:

    We will.

  3. Randy Wiseman Says:

    Over a 30 year relationship with our County School System I have been;
    a parent,
    a (volunteer) School Advisory Board member,
    a (volunteer) PTA president,
    a (volunteer) Booster Club President,
    a (volunteer) Athletic Booster Club President,
    a (paid & volunteer) coach,
    a (paid & volunteer) substitute teacher,
    a (paid) teaching assistant,
    a (paid) custodian,
    a (paid) grounds keeper and
    a (paid) School Board member and it’s Chairman.

    I have seen, experienced and been part all aspects of public education from the toilet to the board room. Over these 30+ years I have come to realize the one common element that is pervasive through the entire system. I now understand the number one problem with government.

    The problem is the labor force.

    This is prevalent in all governmental entities and especially our School system.

    It is the public labor force and their benefits that are draining our economy dry.

    The mind set of many government workers is that of a freeloader.

    In other words; “One who depends on others for support without reciprocating”. There strategy is to “churn” the system and make it think it needs them.

    Many government workers choose not produce a full days work.
    In Physics an erg is a unit of energy used to make up a total body of work.
    In labor 1 hour =’s 1 erg therefore 8 ergs would represent 1 days work. Or (1×8=8)
    This is not the case in a government labor force.

    There are 1,000′s of examples of public labor waste but I have seen the following with my own eyes.

    Administrators taking 2 hour lunch breaks every day.
    Custodians working 4 hour days and being paid for 8.
    Entire departments spending the first and last hour of work just sitting around.
    Groundskeepers sitting in the shade for hours.
    High School teachers in front of students for only 4 or 5 hours a day.
    Employees showing up to execute a work order, just to say it’s not their department and leave.
    Employees leaving work for hours, without signing out, to do errands.
    Two employees spending 2 hours getting 10 gallons of gas.
    Employees spending hours each day surfing the web.
    Workers standing around talking for hours about everything except their job.
    Employees complaining about time constraints when in fact it is a reason to cover for their laziness.
    And get this … 6 employees at a job site with 7 pickups for an entire day to do the work of 2 people.

    Figure this; Let’s say 1 erg is worth $15.00 per hour. A department with 27 employees that only produce 6 ergs each per day, constitutes a loss of over $200,000 per year for that 1 department.

    This is an embedded problem within government. My references are directed at just one school system. How many governmental entities are there in the United States?

    When it comes to government spending, we are not getting what our tax dollar is worth.
    When government receives our tax dollar a large percentage will be wasted by the employees;

    Ignoring the problem or action thus making it will go away.
    Denying the problem or action thus making it will go away.
    Deferring the problem or action thus making it will go away.
    Or, not addressing the problem or action at all.

    By doing this the system simply makes the problem or action go away or just continue to “churn”.

    Most unproductive workers are members of unions, Teachers Unions, Classified Unions, Skilled Unions etc. These Unions protect unproductive members by relentlessly complaining about the smallest detail, making it very hard to get anything done. They make public noise about a myriad of issues that have nothing to do with education. All this is done while leaving non-members to their own resources.

    Who is to blame? Well ultimately the School Board. But in reality it is the upper tier of management that has to address this problem. Remember they operate under a paradigm of Ignore, Deny, Defer, or do nothing at all. This warped work ethic trickles down all the way to the bottom.

    Others agree that this problem really does exist. But, most people are either afraid to express themselves, don’t really care or can not articulate their thoughts.

    In these times of economic despair, why are we so blind to this wasteful problem.

    I believe, that on a National level, we can easily ease our financial problems by fixing the waste in our public labor force.

    My hope is that this is not really a systemic problem.
    My fear is that it is a true lose thread in the fabric of government.

    Randy Wiseman
    Mount Dora, FL

  4. boohoohoo Says:

    Everyone else in the free world contributes to their own retirement except for these government workers. What divine right do they have to not contribute anything?

    Cry me a river. Cush governmetn jobs where you can only be fired if you do something outrageous.

  5. Randy Says:

    don’t cry. at least they can’t go on strike!

  6. leonard cremeans Says:


  7. Jackson Says:

    As a government employee now, it is very offensive to hear the stupidity and ramblings of folks like Mr. Wiseman. If such an employee exists, the supervisor should take care of the problem. In fact, such abuses can be reported ultimately to an elected official who is usually over government employees in some capacity or another and who can certainly take care of an employee like this. If such exists. People are so eager to believe the worst in state employees without a single shred of proof. Many make up lies. I can tell you I have worked in both the public and private arena. There are pro’s and con’s in each, one is not necessarily better or worse …they are different and by their very nature must be. But this demonizing of our state employees is pathetic and shows the caliber of the person that does so.

  8. Laura Says:

    Why is everyone so quick to demonize the government workers? I just don’t get it. If you’re so superior, then educate your kids yourself, build your own infrastructure and don’t expext anyone to come rescue you in a fire or when you need the police.

    You can’t FORCE people to pay into a pension. If Rick Scott wanted it to be “more like the private sector,” then the pension contributions should not be mandatory. The state of Florida is robbing its workers.

  9. Tea Partier Says:

    Altman has a vendetta and has let his personal feelings influence his work. He needs to either accept losses or get out. Politics is not for the thin skinned mommy’s boy.

  10. Miami Pool service Says:

    I have a lot of fun.

  11. Clover Wellington Says:

    We don’t want states ran like corporations by corrupt businessmen who are not even good at running businesses.

  12. Arthur Says:

    their plan is working, they are trying to turn the private sector against the public sector to keep your attention off the rest of the agenda. This state has become an absolute embarrassment. More and more folks say they would never live here and now folks are saying they don’t even want to visit.

  13. Carol Says:

    OK Then -
    I work in Govt but worked private before that.
    IN GOVT -
    SOME are very hard workers.
    SOME are lazy entitled wasters.
    This is true in private industry too. The difference is that GOVT MGMNT is mostly the lazy entitled people.
    And guess what!
    ALL THE GOVT SLASHING IS RESULTING IN THE LAZY ENTITLED GOVT LIFETIME WORKERS CIRCLING THE WAGONS AND CUTTING LOOSE ALL THE EFFICIENT FOLKS THAT CAME FROM PRIVATE INDUSTRY!! I’m here and I SEE it. So hope all you gov’t haters and slashers enjoy getting even less for less – at least with the bigger budget some of us were REAL – now none of those will be left. Oh well……

  14. Send the Chrome Dome to Nome Says:

    Arthur got it right. Nice to see that there’s people who still post to newspaper message boards who aren’t misinformed AWM’s or are just there to call out the newspaper as being liberal trash. The wealthiest 10% of America possesses 80% of the wealth, and their percentage is only going up while the rest of the 90% of America are divided against themselves through party lines.

    If $cott’s trend of turning state jobs over to the private sector continues, I’m going to have a hard time feeling sorry for people who might be in situations where they’ll have to be contacting state agencies via call centers in third world countries (talking to representatives who have accents no American can understand), having their burning home to be less likely rescued by an all-volunteer fire department, or getting convicted of a crime, and facing a judge taking bribes from a prison corporation, who will dole out a sentence that doesn’t fit the crime, and face abuse from guards earning minimum wage inside of a dilapidated prison.

    Send the Chrome Dome to Nome!

  15. Send the Chrome Dome to Nome Says:

    I meant to say in my previous post that the people I’m going to have a hard time feeling sorry for, are the ones who supported the elimination of state employees. (Which also includes county and city employees.)

  16. Not In Kansas Anymore Says:

    I am a government worker. Note I said worker and not slacker, waster or whatever other name you want to call us. I am a little person in a vast empire. Like the ants or honeybees, we have the workers (10-12 hour days, 8 hour pay, no lunch, verbal and physical abuse from some of those we try to help) then there are the drones (whiners, mid-level to sr. mgmt, accusers of the workers not team players when they want to dump their work on the workers, full of napoleon syndrome) and finally the “queen” or for sake of arguement, we will call the royalty. It is the drones and the royalty that meet the stereotype you all have of government employees. The majority of those of us who are workers also work a second job to make ends meet, make less money in public sector than we would in private sector, etc. etc. Am I whining? No, I love my job and I love the people I serve. So, keep slinging the mud you are throwing at government workers, just make sure you are aiming at the right ones.

  17. BooHooHoo's Mama Says:

    Hey BooHoo! Reason why is because state employees make less than everyone else in the free world. Check your facts & stop being a disgruntled, GED-earning loser

  18. teacher Says:

    I am a teacher and Mr. Wiseman’s characterization of teachers and other public workers couldn’t be further from the truth. The Reich Wing Republican TeaBaggers are turning the middle class against each other and it needs to stop.

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