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ACLU takes on Florida’s new elections law; Scott says drug tests OK

by John Kennedy | June 2nd, 2011

Only a day after suing Gov. Rick Scott over his executive order requiring drug testing of state employees, the ACLU looked poised Thursday to fire another legal challenge his way — this time over the state’s new elections law.

A pair of Tampa Democrats, Sen. Arthenia Joyner and Rep. Janet Cruz are expected to join ACLU executive director Howard Simon and others Friday in announcing the latest effort, aimed at slowing down the implementation of HB 1355.

The legislation has been criticized by Democrats in Florida and across the nation for imposing tough standards on voter registration organizations, while making it more difficult for voters to cast ballots after they move from one county to another.

Scott, meanwhile, said he is confident the ACLU’s challenge to his ordering random drug testing of state workers.

“It’s common sense,” Scott said. “The private sector does it. They do it to make sure they have a productive workforce. So we should be doing it at the state. It makes all the sense in the world. It’s constitutional.”

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20 Responses to “ACLU takes on Florida’s new elections law; Scott says drug tests OK”

  1. mike Says:

    Scott says its common sense because the private sector drug tests that the state should drug test. Newsflash scott. Florida is not a privatly owned business. Scott thinks he can pick and choose what he wants from the constitution. He is costing taxpayers big bucks to fight his “doomed” laws. Go away dictator scott, the overwhelming majority of Floridians dont like you or trust you.

  2. Dee Says:

    Yes, I agree with Scott. He is turning Florida into the “biggest loser” state.

  3. dark gator Says:

    Scott — The Carpetbagging Impostor From Parts Unknown/Not A Real Floridian (CRAPNOFLA) — needs to have his dome tested!

  4. Rachel Says:

    You piss first Scott. Hope you don’t miss the vial and piss all over yourself.

  5. Rob Says:

    It’s an annoyance when people cite the fact that because something exists already in a different capacity, then it’s justified to extend it.

    The existence of random drug testing in the private sphere doesn’t make it right or desirable. And it sure as hell doesn’t serve as a reason to extend it to state employees.

  6. Ms Vicky Says:

    We already know that this governor is a thief, but it’s TRULY amazing that he is this stupid! (Doesn’t he have a degree in Law? Did he buy that,too?) He reasons that this executive order is ok by saying, “The private sector does it.” This is yet another Fallacy of Reasoning, something most college students learn in College Comp 2. It’s called “Circular reasoning.” (i.e. Why aren’t women allowed to be priests? Answer: Because they’ve never been allowed to be priests.) People should not be tested unless there is some evidence that they’re behaving in some irresponsible or irrational way. Here’s a guy that REALLY should be serving time, that seems to delight in being unnecessarily punative. My instincts tell me he is going to be thrown out of office before his 4 years are up. He’s truly too incompetent to run this state.

  7. robo 3495 Says:

    Everybody just loves small govt. Where is that? Can we recall this worm in a year?

  8. Duh Says:

    Scott will no doubt be making money off of the drug testing.

  9. Tony Says:

    Did everyone in Florida with any sense stay home on election day? How did this knucklehead/criminal get elected?

  10. Rich Says:

    Call and email your state representatives and senators and tell them to pass a recall provision for all elected officials at the state level. They always talk about accountability. Let we the voters hold our elected leaders accountable

  11. Gman Says:

    Not surprising. 10 comments from liberals who want to be able to use welfare to buy drugs.

    Get a job people. Use your own money to kill yourselves.

    I have yet to meet a liberal who is not either a druggie, communist, anti-Semite or anti-American.

    How bout you all jump on a raft and float on over to your paradise in Cuba? A majority of Americans will gladly swap Cubans for Americans in this case.

  12. Mel Cook Says:

    GMAN you are a real looser.Im tired of you tea baggers with this communist bull crap.and further more who in the hell are you to send people back to cuba?your the kind of timmothy mcvay who say you love this country but hate the government now dose that make any sence.

  13. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Gman, Apparently you have not met many liberals! I don’t need to insult people whose opinions differ from mine in order to make my point; however, you just illustrated yet another fallacy of argument/reasoning called “Ad hominem.” (Look it up.)You attack the messenger rather than the message. I don’t like this governor or what he’s doing to Floridians, and I am specific in my criticism; but I have many Conservative friends who I admire and respect. I just don’t agree with their politics. Perhaps you see in yourself all these negative qualities that you project on others: Commies? Anti-Semites? Druggies? You are obviously a very unhappy person, and YOUR comments are ANTI-AMERICAN. Finally, fortunately less than 1 out of three Floridians agree with you. Crawl back under your rock.

  14. The Truth Says:

    This is the same ACLU who are suing on behalf of prison inmates in SC for their rights to view pornographic material!! YEP! You couldn’t make this up. Google it if you don’t believe me.

  15. The Truth Says:

    Forgot to mention….I consider myself fairly liberal and completely agree with the first two paragraphs of comment 11.

  16. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Truth, I agree with you on the SC case, but the ACLU might be on the side of the Constitution.The SC case seems absurd, but laws aren’t about popularity contests; they are about law.The ACLU defends cases on BOTH sides, Conservative + Liberal. We can’t cherry pick because we don’t personally like something.

  17. Floridian Says:

    Scott, “Genocide of the Poor and Baby Boomers” makes it legal.

  18. Floridian Says:

    GOP, Tea Party are liars. First they both claim, no scream, less government is the key, push for the wealthy to avoid contributions, THEN, turn around and impose more Government into private lives prior to any other year on record! Two faced, bigots come to mind for both of them.

  19. Ms Vicky Says:

    @Truth, PS, If you are “fairly liberal,” why would you agree with #11, stating that liberals would want to use welfare to buy drugs? Do you know these people personally? Are these your friends, or is this just some imaginary bias you have?

  20. Sun Tzu Says:

    I have never been a fan of the ACLU. I have often thought they made some fairly ridiculous cases. At the same time, there are times when they couldn’t be more right. And it is groups like the ACLU, NRA, UNIONS, ect who have the structure, the numbers, and the financial backing to stand up to bad gov’t and big corporations. I don’t always agree with them but thank God they exist because the alternative is a nightmare.

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