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ACLU sues Rick Scott over state worker drug-testing

by Dara Kam | June 1st, 2011

The ACLU is challenging in federal court Gov. Rick Scott’s executive order forcing all state workers to undergo drug testing.

The civil rights organization filed the lawsuit in federal court in Miami yesterday accusing Scott of violating the constitution’s guarantee to be free from unreasonable searches by the government. The lawsuit also asks federal judge Ursula Ungaro to issue an injunction immediately stopping all drug-testing of the state’s 250,000 state workers.

ACLU of Florida executive director Howard Simon called Scott’s order “profoundly un-American” because it is conflicts with the Fourth Amendment put into the Bill of Rights in response to warrantless searches by King George’s troops during the American Revolution.

“It could not be more invasive of privacy,” Simon told reporters during a conference call this afternoon.

In 2004, the courts struck down a Florida Department of Juvenile Justice random drug testing policy. The court found that drug testing of state workers without reasonable suspicion was unconstitutional and awarded the plaintiff in that case $150,000.

Yesterday, Scott signed into law a measure requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug screening. That new law is unrelated to the executive order and to the case filed yesterday.

The lawsuit is the first in what is expected to be a slew of challenges to state laws passed by the legislature during the session that ended last month regarding abortion, elections and freedom of speech.

“It’s a tsunami of anti-civil liberties legislation,” Simon said.

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105 Responses to “ACLU sues Rick Scott over state worker drug-testing”

  1. Educator Says:

    Here’s a REALLY GOOD history lesson….pay very close attention, there will be a test in November 2012!!!

    January 3rd, 2007
    The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was
    actually January 3rd 2007, that’s the day the Democrats took over the
    House of Representatives and the Senate…the start of the 110th
    Congress. The Democratic Party controlled a majority in both chambers
    for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.
    For those who are listening to the liberals, propagating the fallacy
    that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this:
    January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress:
    At the time:
    1. The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
    2. The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
    3. The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
    4. George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION!
    Remember the day:
    1. January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the
    House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate
    Banking Committee.
    2. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of
    3. Thank Congress for taking us from 13,000 DOW, 3.5 GDP and 4.6%
    Unemployment to this CRISIS by dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic
    loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco’s!
    (BTW: Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting
    in 2001, because it was financially risky for the U.S. economy…but, no one would listen!!!).
    And, who was it who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA.

    And, who fought against reforming Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA and his Democratic Congress..
    So when someone tries to blame Bush… REMEMBER JANUARY 3rd, 2007….


  2. The Truth Says:

    ACLU – I bet Scott is shaking in his snakeskin cowboy boots. Why are they even getting involved when it’s not islamic radicals directly involved?

  3. what the...? Says:

    Educator: your comment has nothing to do with the story at-hand. “The day the democrats took over”… Gov. Scott is a Republican. The story also has nothing to do with national debt or the housing crisis.

    I feel sorry for you. Desperately posting irrelevant comments because no one in your real life will listen to you. Must be a sad & lonely existence.

  4. John Scrump Says:

    So is the ACLU going to sue every private sector business that makes employees take drug tests? What a joke! If those of us in the “real world” have to take drug tests, then why shouldn’t those in mickey mouse govt jobs have to?

  5. marebob Says:

    If I have to take a drug test in the private sector to be employed, the I believe State workers should have to comply too. Drug testing in the workplace reduces that amount of workers comp insurance premiums.

  6. Mr. Bojangles Says:

    lol…funny how both the welfare hoodrats and state workers are afraid of drug testing.

    I am a highly paid consultant and I still must undergo drug testing due to many of our clients requiring it.

    As long as what they are testing for are illegal substances why should ANYONE except an abuser have a problem with that.

  7. Founding Father Says:

    Simple, 4th ammendment rights, case law that has already dealt with this same issue and an overreaching gov that cares nothing for either.

  8. npgator Says:

    Most government employees or really unemployable in the private sector. Most of the time the cost of insurance can be reduced by conducting drug tests. The ACLU is the scurge of this country!

  9. Educator(The Real One) Says:

    Yes, I agree, the Fake Educator is “Desperately posting irrelevant comments because no one in your real life will listen to you. Must be a sad & lonely existence.”
    I’ll take that even further, it’s all a LOAD OF FASCIST PROPAGANDA,
    no worries though, he’s a dying breed, he can read the polls and weep as the WORLD laughs at his type. They’re like rats backed into small corners of this country.

  10. American Says:

    Our founding fathers didn’t creat the 4th ammendment to protect drug users. Wanna take about job creation. This will get all the punks and bangers out of jobs where they just sit around all day and get the good hard works back in the job market. They also need to drug test everyone on well fair and receving unemployement . So much money can be saved by doing a simple test.

  11. Marie Says:

    I’m all for the testing as long as they test for beer and alcohol also.

  12. DownHillPBSO Says:

    Founding Father – you seem to forger the 4th amendment says nothing about voluntary employment or welfare benefits. Yes, both are voluntary and for freedom requires neither.

    As a government employee myself, I think ALL government employees AND welfare recipients should be tested for illegal narcotics. After all, the people’s tax dollars are being forced out of their hands to pay for these people (which isn’t voluntary), so why shouldn’t they get the best people for their money?

  13. PFM Says:

    The problem I see is that in the end it will cost our state millions of dollars every year. Remember when they pass, the state will pay for the test. So we will end up spending money we could have used elsewhere, like education. But guess whose company will make the money? I’ll give two two guesses and the first one doesn’t count.

  14. Crack Head Bob Says:

    Thank you ACLU – I would have lost my job if you didn’t arrive. We should be allowed to do drugs if we want to now pass the crack pipe.

  15. JB Flechner Says:

    Why is it that most “private” employers demand that drug testing/screening be completed before hiring and state workers be exempt? Is this not a double standard? Are State workers better educated and more informative? It appears that the ACLU has nothing better to do then get involved where there is “no” reason to be.Secondly, if people are on Welfare do we not demand they be screened for drugs? They are getter assistance from taxpayers who do “give a damn”.

  16. Amazing Says:

    Obviously we dont have many who can see beyond the obvious….this was planned to line the pockets of Scotts, Rep. attorneys pockets. They could not steal it any other way than to pass laws that would allow them to pocket community dollars. Duh.

  17. American Says:

    @Educator(The Real One)

    Well see in 2012 whos backed into a corner . Its people like you that this country has to fear and educate. WAKE up and pay attention. What this administration is doing is obviously not working. Maybe if you put down the joint and come out of your haze you’d see.

  18. employed Says:

    I agree the ACLU is out of touch and off base on this issue. Mr. Bojangles is correct, if you aren’t taking ILLEGAL drugs you have nothing to worry about. I am subject to random drug testing to stay employed and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

  19. Amazing Says:

    To those who cant grasp reality, a private entity does not have the same power granted it as the State, whose power can destroy a generation left unchecked. If you fail a drug test in private, you simply dont have a job. If you fail one with the State it becomes records that follow you, invades you private life, is circulated through the State computer system and in many cases goes into a Federal Database. I am shocked so many have no ability to see the legal differences.

  20. Taxpayer Says:

    I find it strange that us working stiffs are always drug tested or NO job. The freeloaders/parasites are whining?? I say F them. If they don’t do drugs they have no problems. So, what’s the ACLU doing here? Where were they when drug testing was OK’d for a job??? Double std. again for the bums. We like sterilization 1st before any welfare. Don’t like it? Carry your own weight- NOT on the taxpayer’s backs!!

  21. State Employee Says:

    They are trying to turn a work free drug place to a drug free work place.

  22. Educator (The Real One) Says:

    “American” (as in The Ugly)
    Who’s your candidate this week?
    How old are you?
    Ever stick your nose out of Palm Beach County?
    YOU are interpreting the Founding Fathers? That’s almost as funny as Who’s your candidate this week?

  23. Amazing Says:

    Employed does it ever occur to you that the State has the ability to ‘fix’ any drug test? Do you have a clue how dangerous this really is? Field testing has a high failure rate with officers, urine tests are just as vulnerable. All it takes is one corrupt Medical Facility wanting that grant for contract with the State to slide the results. If you think it cant happen, you obviously have not seen all the State Reps in Fed Prison.

  24. GOP/TB True Color Says:

    How come all you GOP/Teabaggers that say they want goverment out of their lives and want the government to spend our money better don’t say a thing about these two major items they always complain about with this bill? Once again they show te=heir true colors.

  25. Searcher Says:

    Folks, the LAW is the LAW. The Federal Courts have held that the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution gives you the FREEDOM to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. It is ESTABLISHED LAW! Now, when P.Rick Snott did this, his lawyers KNEW they were going to be challenged and they will LOSE! But at least some ACLU lawyers will get a job from the Governator. Maybe this is part of his Private employment plan?

  26. Amazing Says:

    Searcher I never call folks Fools, but for once I am going to. We have a Nation of complete Fools. In a few years, should you continue to seek to remove the 4th Amendment, well wake up call, your car will be fitted with a Black Box. It will record any all of your movements, you can be fined for not wearing a seat belt properly, turning wrong, not stopping correctly. Keep in mind this is becoming LAW even now hidden the back rooms so America does not know. CNN just did a report on the invasion of privacy of your cell phone by an officer that pulls you over, searching your data base without warrant. More and more states are doing so, its being Challenged even now in Florida. One day, you will have no idea how important it is to keep that Amendment until you loose everything you thought belonged to you.

  27. Founding Father Says:

    Excuse me, but the state already has pre-employment drug screening in place. There is also a determined chain of reason to proscribe for a second test. I find it amusing that those who scream about taxation fail to see the added cost for testing based on non-specific reasoning. Even though I personally have no issue with testing I have an issue of creeping governmental oversite into my life. This is the same creep which has eroded the rights your grand parents had will continue until we wake in a corporate fascist state. Continue your sleep and when you awake the country you think you love will be long gone.

  28. Educator (The Real One) Says:

    Yes Searcher, Scott will LOSE this because he is a LOSER, in 10 years no one will even remember his name.
    Thank God.

  29. John Scrump Says:

    @ Amazing

    You seem to be in the minority on this thread. Wise up. Gov’t employees are making a ridiculous amount of money. Click on the link below

  30. Educator (The Real One) Says:

    until we wake in a Corporate Fascist State…..truer words have not been written.

  31. !!!!! Says:

    John, I read that interesting article, seems that quite a few Governors are under paid!

  32. Amazing Says:

    Some of my best friends are state employees. How John Scump, can you sit on a board, demand people in low wages get drug tested for being uh, poor, yet turn around and demand people making money in a reasonable manner, are drug tested. As far as being a minority, yeah, I have seen the Bigotry all over the place on the Post Boards over this. If you think Scott is trying to save you tax dollars you are the biggest fool here John. If you think he wont simply replace the employees with his friends, well clearly you just moved to Florida.

  33. Amazing Says:

    And lets explore this, most of your Taxes do NOT go to the State; the greatest chunk goes to Palm Beach County. So claiming State Employees or FS receivers are taking the money you pay in taxes is a joke. I heard the cry all over the board, “MY TAXES” , get real, what the state is collecting and using to pay out is based on penny taxes, cigarette taxes, alcohol taxes, what you are paying is actually County Taxes, so screaming MY Taxes is a lie.

  34. DF Says:

    to Scrump: I’m a state employee. I have 16 years of experience, two graduate degrees, glowing evaluations, and I don’t make over 40K a year. I’m not alone; almost all of my fellow employees make about the same. In the private sector, or even a state job in a different state, I would get anywhere from a third more to double my present salary. Why do I stay? Beleive it or not, because I’m dedicated!

  35. State Employee Says:

    Educator (the real one) – If you are an educator I can see why our kids come out of school dumber than when they went in.

  36. Amazing Says:

    And what that shows, is this outcry is nothing more than Bigotry, just a bigotry mentality looking for its victims and Scott handed it to you knowing you would scream with lack of knowledge, lack of insights and lack of assessments in place. In short, you were made foolish by a twisted legislative body who took advantage of what they already know about you.

  37. Davey Crocket Says:

    How can this guy get busted and fined $1.7B in Medicaid fraud and then sell us on random drug testing for welfare and city workers at a clinic he wons a $50 million stake and he is still not in jail? This is exactly how the Republicans work..they lie, get caught, say oh well, and the Democrats made me steel your money!

  38. John Scrump Says:

    @ Amazing

    What board am I sitting on, do tell? Also, I was born and raised in wpb so you can get the hell out of Florida if you don’t like it here. This is a red state you live in buddy.

  39. Guess what Says:

    They should file a law suit for the welfare recipents. If the Gov. takes away their food stamps the people on drugs will just resort to more crime to get money for food. If they don’t want them to be able to use their cards for drugs make them show a picture ID when they go to use the card. A lot of people won’t even be able to afford to pay for the drug test let alone wait to be reimbursed. This country no longer takes care of its own but the pockets of big companies that don’t care about anything but profit. Did I get sent to a communist country and no one told me? Maybe a dictatorship?

  40. Amazing Says:

    DF I argue with State and County Employees constantly, I hate the politics here that causes so much damage, but I always respect the employee rights to work in this over political State we have, where you best coworker stabs you in the back, while your worst enemy keeps you in defense. There are limited few who reach the higher brackets of pay scales, but removing them in this manner, well, now thats a problem.

  41. Amazing Says:

    Jump Scump I have been here since Four Points was the main street in the County. Now see if you remember that and tell me again how long you been here. Since in all likely hood I helped build this county before you got your wet ears out of the other States, I am in the State, I have always been in. I suggest you return to the one you created so much havoc in they had to convince you to leave.

  42. Jim Says:

    How come nobody sees the more obvious problem of cutting jobs and funding for education so we can fund unlimited drug testing of over a quarter of a million workers? How do we find money for that? There is already testing if you are injured and for new hires, so what are we going to accomplish. We just want higher unemployment if Florida? How will that help our economy you dolts? Govt workers didn’t get your dumba$$es laid off. Big business sending jobs to China and India or hiring illegal immigrants for less than minimum wage did. Scott is just lining their pockets a little more before the party is over. Wake up

  43. !!!!! Says:

    John Scrump says “Also, I was born and raised in wpb”
    Well, no kidding honey, you reek of redneck!

  44. dark gator Says:

    Educator (The Real One) — We are already living in a Corporate Fascist State.

  45. The Truth Says:

    Only junkies are against drug testing, which is why the ACLU got involved!

  46. Amazing Says:

    @!!!!Says, you are sooo wrong. I am a proud Upper Class Redneck from way back; John Stump would not be accepted into our Redneck Society. We have standards you know.

  47. Amazing Says:

    @Truth, really, that is the depth of your logical thinking? Dont know which frightens me most, you or those who get drug money by breaking into homes, which is the actual way drug money is often gained, not off a digital card where they record every purchase made.

  48. Davey Crocket Says:

    There are no jobs because since 2001 the Republican lead companies like GE, Honeywell, Boeing, etcl tricked us into outsourcing every manufacturing job to China and our crap comes back in toys and drywall (that one could bankrupt me). Let’s face it every Republican lead policy, like invading Iraq, pushes all our cash their way and tell us how they are protecting us from who?? What about protecting me against the Republican failed policies over the last 30 years?

  49. Caitlyn Says:

    So I work in a drug free workplace and undergo random testing… thats unconstitutional? So our constitution protects drug users??? Good try ACLU! Gov. Scott should implement the same standard for welfare and unemployment! And for those of you who think it will hurt the economy think about it like this: Private sector businesses will be performing the drug test and turning a profit which in turn means more jobs and more money being put into the economy! Come on and pull your democratic save the minority heads out of your behinds!

  50. Vietnam Vet Says:

    ACLU what a bunch of jokers they are a funny group of people. Its so simple if you use illegal drugs you cannot and should not get financial aid. You are a drug addict by choice same thing as robbing a convenient store for drugs except your robbing taxpayers for drugs. Let them rob the store and stay out of my pocket.

  51. Amazing Says:

    @Caitlyn, Really? You work in a drug free environment you tell yourself? Really? What you mean is they passed a drug test on hire. I can assure you anyone that has had a job more than a week knows the excessive amount of drugs used by their coworkers. Testing is at best a joke. It was created by the Insurance Industry, and the testing is done to help lower insurance rates. Had nada to do with the employees using or not using drugs. Uh. Duh?

  52. Caitlyn Says:

    “Let’s face it every Republican lead policy, like invading Iraq, pushes all our cash their way and tell us how they are protecting us from who?? What about protecting me against the Republican failed policies over the last 30 years?”

    So Reagan had failed policies??? Try he set up our country for the market Bill Clinton reaped the rewards of…
    Then Bush dealt with the decline of this market since all things come to an end eventually but it was alllllll his fault right… People attacked our country and he had the balls to attack back. While the war has become ridiculous we cannot just withdraw or we will be worse off than when we started.
    Hmm lets see Obama has done nothing to repair our economy, he just decided lets spend more. So in turn stop discussing democrat vs republican and attack the politicians in general! This country is in for a rude awakening and the democrat republican banter is what is pushing us to that point. BE AN AMERICAN and support your government.

  53. Amazing Says:

    Viet Vet, another one. So while your company is being paid with TAX dollars and anyone that knows a vet knows how rampant is the use of drugs in the Defense sector, tell me, just how much do you feel obligated or your friends, to return the money you gained off of tax payers while most were high over there or drunk?

  54. State Employee Says:

    Davey Crocket – GE is a huge supporter of OBAMA!

  55. Caitlyn Says:

    You know what AMAZING… I could care less if people I work with do drugs. My point is the state has every right to drug test its employees if my job has the right to drug test us. Drug testing is in no way illegal and it is necessary because someone with a heroin or crack addiction is not going to pass the drug test in the first place therefore they remain useless to society just like YOU!


  56. State Manager Says:

    Yes all of the employees will be tested. In fact its possible that nicotine will be added as this is so unproductive to have these smoke breaks all the time. Yes alcohol should probably added also. We want to know everything your doing.

  57. !!!!! Says:

    There will be no Drug Testing, The Courts will rule. Another waste of time and money.

  58. J d thompson Says:

    ACLU is a bunch of leftist loonies . Great job Governor Scott . Finally a Governor with some balls !!! Yes he can !!!! Love it !

  59. Davey Crocket Says:

    But the Republicans are anit American..they don’t want our existing government, you know Regan’s speech, “Governement is the problem” by an obvious new “Christian lead” God has come to save you government like drug testing the Gov workers for their own good. Look stop lettign the Republican use women and now Democrats as shields for let’s see..the Regan firing of air traffic controllers now they fall asleep. He raised taxes 3 times and after the Republicans Bush/Cheny?Rumsfeld get us into a 9 year war oh let’s don’t make the top 1% pay for that mistake while they made 30% margins on their make beleive war on terror which is nothing more than a McArthiest con job waged in the 50′s. Wake up people and see who now has ALL the money and you will find the truth. Obama has exposed all the fraud and now the Republicans are running for cover. Oh ya GE isn’t that were Nixon & Regan used to work?

  60. James Thear Says:

    Thank you Rick !!! It’s about time to curtail this huge waste of money to drug addicts. Weshould not support their habits. The money should be used for Floridians who are temporarily down ontheir luck . It was never meant to be Lifetime Assistance.

  61. Davey Crocket Says:

    And the facts, after the last 4 Republican Presidents wild spending the country is in a recession and the Democrats have to bail us out? And Bill Clinton was conned by Robert Rubin in 2001 to repeal Glass Steegal and we should not put that back in place after the ass whipping we received in 2008 (Just like Neil Bush delivered to the American tax payer with Silverado in the 80′s). 2012 will hopefull be the final nail in the coffin of Republcian lies!

  62. Amazing Says:

    Let me bust your Bubble Caitlyn, when my child was barely in middle high school. I got a call from the Local School Police. They busted this little and I will add ill child for drugs. I walk in, they are dictating to her, what to put in what I would find out was the 3rd, not first, ‘confessoin’ of snorting cocaine on campus. I knew enough law to remove it from them and cross through it. Boy were those cops proud of themselves. Knowing this little kid as I do, I knew it was impossible. Nope, they held up a vile, turn bright blue, they had the goods on her for sure. The cop was seeing Felony arrest of a child, newspaper story, his name in headlights, job promotion, he glowed with it. I kept my cool, followed my instincts and refused to leave campus with my child until they obtained a new test kit, brought it over, and in it we dropped her antidepressant, which is what I had given my child that morning, broken in half under doctors orders, which was forgotten until pulled out of her pocket and placed back in until water could be found in break. Her best enemy saw it and reported her for drugs, cocaine far more specifically on the report, trailing the officer said from the chair to the floor and out the door. Of course he could never produce it but you have to love an official report verses evidence in our State. So I pull out her antidepressant and force the test, demanding it and refusing to leave without it. Needless to say I was harassed for requesting it, and the smirks, my how you could cut a knife with them in that room of cops.
    The second the antidepressant hit the fluids in the test kit, it turned blue.
    She had been arrested and preliminary charged for a prescribed medication of antidepressants dressed up in testing as cocaine. She could have spent years in jail, had I not known my own daughter so well. Most parents would have believed the cops. It would have killed her.
    We later learned she had been targeted, as the system did not like such children who effected the overall testing rates for the County FCAT and Score Ratings. They were too much trouble I was told.
    When I tell you, all of you are fools for backing these illegal bills, I am simply telling you the truth, you are all fools.

  63. VOTE ALL BUMS OUT! Says:

    BRAVO GOV SCOTT!! I am not sure about all his plans but this ONE IS DEAD ON!


    I and everyone I know has to be drug tested to get a job, keep a job and bottom line is it is illegal to use this stuff so why can we not test for them using it?

    Especially with drug and alcohol abuse people being able to qualify as “disabled” My AZZ they are just lazy and want to continue their welfare life.


  64. Go Rick Says:

    Typical of the American Communist Loser Union. Kick their a$$ too Rick and get these drug addicts off the payroll.

  65. Davey Crocket Says:

    Ya who cares about all those drug addicts that paid into their un-employement & medicaid payments…let them rob the gas stations and then we can let the Republicans incarserate them and charge the tax payers $70K to house & feed them…just like Sarah Palin sees no problem sending the un-insured to the emergency room for basic treatment..not coming out of her tight wad behind..and they call themselves “Christians”???

  66. Mr. B Says:

    All the Governor has to do is get all welfare check receivers current and future to sign a release that before receiving their check they will sumbit to a drugs test. If you look at your driver’s license, you will see that you signed an agrrement to be tested if an officer believes you are under the influence. By getting these freeloaders to sign a release givs the ACLU no case.

  67. l Says:

    go scott,florida is behind you

  68. WPB Resident Says:

    I feel the ACLU should back out of this case unless they also want to represent all of the workers in private industry who HAVE to undergo drug testing for their employment. This is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why should I have to deal with a bureaucrat at the FDOT or other state agency if they are high on illegal drugs!!! Office workers have to undergo these drug screens for private industry. Why aren’t the state employees required to follow the Florida Drug Free Workplace Act like the rest of us!!!!

  69. Amazing Says:

    I would love to know how many of you here filed Income Taxes and fubbed the filings to go in your favor. My guess is almost all who rant as loud as they do. Its common behavior, to try to defer attention from your own crimes by creating crimes of others to keep the spotlight off yourselves. You dont have to confess, you already know who you are. Most of us know it as well.

  70. Amazing Says:

    @WPB Resident Says:feel the ACLU should back out of this case unless they also want to represent all of the workers in private industry who HAVE to undergo drug testing for their employment”

    AGAIN, Drug testing was created to help reduce insurance rates of Corp America. If you dont like it, dont do it, its a free world. If you think your corp cares if you drink, drug, etc, all you have to do is look around you at your employment.

  71. Caitlyn Says:

    I now understand why people label Floridians as idiots. You all truly are idiots.

    Amazing – what does your daughter being wrongly accused in school have to do with drug testing government employees?

    Davey Crocket – Your lack of general intelligence when it comes to spelling and grammar speaks for itself.

    AND for those of you who failed to read the article… please notice it says government employees not those on welfare and unemployment! Though that would be an amazing bill if it were to pass.

  72. Amazing Says:

    Caitlyn Says:
    June 1st, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    I now understand why people label Floridians as idiots. You all truly are idiots.

    “Amazing – what does your daughter being wrongly accused in school have to do with drug testing government employees?”

    Well since you think I am an idiot but have requested I explain to you what is obvious, I guess you fall far below the level of idiot? Just saying….

    All of these tests can be fixed. Period. I witnessed it done, you silly person. The only thing you get back is some half cocked paid for typed report from medical personnel with their hand in the cookie jar of your taxes. Who REALLY dont care, but, for political warfare, in this well known State for such acts, even against their own, you are saying America needs to rely on an industry long seen as questionable in this state for the dictation of the right to work, the right to survive?

    And you call me an idiot? Clearly you are in another State and do not have a clue about Florida.

  73. Davey Crocket Says:


    It looks like you are an idiot because Rick the Nazi Scott is going to test the un-employed also in his clinic that was in his wifes name? And of course, since I am not anal and make spelling mistakes you want to kill the messinger..just ike your friends at Fox Lies News. Look we are tired of the top 1% screwing all of us hard working people and blame it on our spelling skills. The Republican anti government BS is coming to a harsh end. I live in WPB and also can enjoy the $100 million cement pad Jeb Bush bought us to bring 200 Scripts jobs to Palm Beach except they moved to Abacoa and the scumb bags all made their money screwing us over this obvious lie and re-distribution of wealth. Scott and all the Tea Bagger have to go…hopefully peacefully.

  74. Caitlyn Says:

    It’s all a conspiracy right?? Believe as you wish guys. It really makes no difference to me. BRAVO RICK SCOTT!

    & by the way go back a few weeks on the post and read the article regarding the fact that the Scotts are selling their share of drug testing clinics and until that is finished solara cannot do any of the testing!

  75. Caitlyn Says:

    Oh by the way unemployment and welfare users are not included in this bill or any other bill passed in Florida.

  76. Caitlyn Says:

    CORRECTION: Yesterday he passed the welfare bill but it is a seperate issue from state employees.

  77. Davey Crocket Says:

    So0 why are you protecting an obvious criminal who did not make public his relationship with Solara and try to hide in blind trust in his wifes name? Has nothing with getting his $70M back he spent on his election to “Save us all” in the name of God? What about the fact that when he was CEO of Columbia hospital he obstructed justice and was fined the largest fine in US history of $1.7B in medicaid fraud? No he is just a typical Republican who also does no time when they get caught with his pants down!

  78. LaTish Says:


  79. Brian Feldman Says:

    Florida needs legislation to ban convicted felons from running for state office. How could anyone vote for a convicted felon in the first place. I hope lawmakers are included in the drug testing, we are sure to catch a few in the net, or is there a clause excluding the Gov and his cronies?

  80. dark gator Says:

    Scott, The Carpetbagger From Parts Unknown/Not A Real Floridian, needs to have his dome tested for contents.

  81. State Employee Says:

    Davey Crocket = retard!

  82. !!!!! Says:

    This is getting really old. President Obama, please get rid of this Nazi Governor!

  83. dan Says:

    Way to go Rick Scott!Anybody who is against this.Is a complete moron and by means there are alot of them in South Florida,people are getting tired of our taxes getting wasted for these useless people who put nothing in the system and all they want to do is get wasted and not look for a job.Keep up the good work of getting rid of the public sector waste.Now Rick go after the illegals that you promised in your campaign.If you do your poll numbers will go up.Don’t listen to the MSM especially the post or idiot south floridians,you have a much stronger support up in the northern part of the state,since people have more sense than these brain dead NY or nj morons.

  84. DF Says:

    For all of you folks who think this is a good idea-what’s next? Virginity tests? Blood tests for alcohol use? Nicotine? Done your taxes lately? Benjamin Franklin said “Those who are willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserve neither”. Hitler seemed like a good idea at first-after all, no one liked Jews or commies in postWWI Germany, and we know how that ended. Either we live in a country that’s “free”, or not. Scott wants to take us to NOT! Also, unless your job is safty-critical (bus driver, pilot, cop, etc.) then private-sector jobs should not drug test. If an employee does his/her job and doesn’t endanger anyone, LEAVE THEM ALONE!
    This is a test to see if someone MIGHT be a law breaker. Should we require psychoanalysis to make see if someone is a closet psychopath? A test for fundamental Islam? A communist? People, you are paving the way for your own shackles – I hope you enjoy them when they arrive.

  85. Amazing Says:

    Well no State Employee Crocket is correct. An honest man would have come clean about defrauding the tax payers. It was politics that got him off, not any Federal or State Laws.

    Personally, we the people have the legal right to gather signature, to put up to vote in the State a Legislative Bill that makes it mandatory to Urine Test…..ALL THE LEGISLATURES PASSING THESE STUPID ILLEGAL BILLS

    On the Bright side, we would save a fortune in Taxes if they were, on the dark side, we would have very few left in the Senate and House standing after drug tests……..

  86. Davey Crocket Says:

    I know I am a retard, I am a Liberal, I am mis guided * clueless, but I know a common thief when I see one. I am just amazed how all the Republican Fascist Nazi propaganda has drove our country into the ditch with the accelerant called the invasion of Iraq. Just think Bush & Cheny bought Bin Ladin his $1M mansion off the backs of the US taxpayers. I lived in Florida for 27 years and in the last 10 years have scene all the great destruction they bring and that $100 million dollar Scripts cement pad off Northlake is the best Monument of their self descruction I can think of besides the Republicans who continue to protect and elect white collar criminals at any cost to the tax payer…by by in 2012 you bunch of bafooooons!

  87. The Truth Says:

    @ !!!!….You do realize Hitler was a socialist right? Socialist = Obama, not Scott. This could be the stepping stone for bigger things for Scott if he stands up to the anti-american leftist hippy drugies of the ACLU.

  88. Amazing Says:

    Mr. Crocket, keep digging. What you find should give you a heart attack. Its rampant, its vast, its dirty, and its Florida, more specifically our County

  89. Amazing Says:

    @The Truth Hitler wasn’t a Socialist; he was a well developed Psychopath. There is a big difference.

  90. Dave Says:

    Is every case filed by the stinking left wing ACLU Jew bastardas heard? Who pays for thier ‘services’?

  91. Amazing Says:

    @DF, one of the BEST posts I have seen on here so far…Great Job.

    For all of you folks who think this is a good idea-what’s next? Virginity tests? Blood tests for alcohol use? Nicotine? Done your taxes lately? Benjamin Franklin said “Those who are willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserve neither”. Hitler seemed like a good idea at first-after all, no one liked Jews or commies in postWWI Germany, and we know how that ended. Either we live in a country that’s “free”, or not. Scott wants to take us to NOT! Also, unless your job is safty-critical (bus driver, pilot, cop, etc.) then private-sector jobs should not drug test. If an employee does his/her job and doesn’t endanger anyone, LEAVE THEM ALONE!
    This is a test to see if someone MIGHT be a law breaker. Should we require psychoanalysis to make see if someone is a closet psychopath? A test for fundamental Islam? A communist? People, you are paving the way for your own shackles – I hope you enjoy them when they arrive.

  92. Amazing Says:

    ACLU Dave is supported in party by Public Dollars, considering that, many of the donations are kept private, so your most radical best friend my secretly support them. Then, a large group of highly trained attorneys volunteer to case handle litigation, who also work in the private sector. As far as being heard, uh, yes. In most of their cases they are joined by even larger Legal Organizations who have as much if not a larger right punch than ACLU. In many of the cases several of the organizations combine to fight one case, most often against States. ACLU here is actually less active than in other states, Namely in the west and in NY. Because of the legal support they get, they tend to be pretty effective in the US.

  93. STAN Says:

    Of fall the comments here, no one has dissected the impetus behind drug testing intially. The original purpose of testing people for drugs was to ensure that female athletes were indeed female. Then, the list of those to be tested was expanded to include all amateur athletes engaged in Olympic-style competition. The test was designed to find out if any athletes had used performance enhancing drugs such as steroids, diuretics, estrogen, androgen, and growth hormones. Again, the purpose was to determine whether drugs gave certain athletes an edge over other athletes. It had nothing to do with job related performance; it had everything to do with making a level playing field in Olypic-style sporting events. Soon thereafter, many professional sports leagues began testing for performance enhancing drugs to ensure that their well-paid athletes were ot gaining an unfair advantage over the opposing well-paid athletes.

    Somehow, drug testing morphed from a way to even the playing field for top-tier athletes to a means of screening job applicants. For this purpose, it is useless because it still does not provide an employer any information about the two most important attributes of an employee–intelligence and honesty. All it tells you is if they take drugs that may be illegal to possess or consume without a doctor’s prescription in your state. Drug tests do not tell you if someone is a fool, a thief, a coward, or an angel-they just allow you to have a prurient peek into someone’s body.

    Once the smart fellas who own drug testing companies and supplies realized there were only so many athletes who would need to be tested, they lobbied very hard to convince other industries that there would be a benefit to testing. They then convinced insurance companies to fall in line with the scam because then they could offer a nominal reduction in premium for a maximum reduction in payoff rates. So far, I have yet to see any benefit from drug testing. It does not reduce addiction, create a healthier workforce or reduce stress for American workers. It has not improved the quality of American made products. America is still the most industrious nation in the world and works the most hours of any country.

    There are some very simple people who comment here that would say otherwise, but I know they’ve never travelled to any other countries and seen them at work. Other than Communist and Fascist countries, Americans work the most. If you want to compare us to China, go ahead, but whatever happened to the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”?

    You don’t need my urine, blood, or hair to determine whether or not I can be useful to you or increase your profits. Drug tests can be fooled easily and any moron who doesn’t know that isn’t working anyway. Most people who aren’t interested in working don’t apply for jobs, so how is drug testing going to affect anyone but the hardworking? That’s the part that makes me mad-that I can work my butt off for you and yet all you see is someone who needs to pee in a cup so you can pay less of the insurance that you aren’t paying anyway. DRUG TESTING IS NOW AND WILL FOREVER BE A SCAM USED BY RICH PEOPLE TO DIVIDE POORER PEOPLE!!

    Don’t fall for it. If you want my pee, I’ll give you some–right in your eye, you fascist.

  94. krisp Says:

    I say test the welfare people because what they do is their able to get cash back on those EBT cards and then use the cash for drugs or the coconut creek casino. As for the other state works , test them to, if they have nothing to hide no big deal. and worst case is if you get a 3 day notice for a test you can go to GNC and buy the grape drink or the pills to clean your system, and it really does work.Always around these things.

  95. Davey Crocket Says:

    Dear Amazing:
    I know I already had a heart attack back in 2004 when I saw the Scripts abortion go down off Northlake…and now what is left of our local Palm Bech Commissioners that are not in prison trying to get their buddies out of jail free and say the old Republican montra…Oh well get over it”. Hitler was a Facist who gave ALL the power to the Corporations…sound familiar…mabye like more RepubliCON?

  96. Davey Crocket Says:

    How about drug test 50% of the people who cannot see that this is just another uneccessary cost that will do nothing but create further lawsuits over mis diagnosis only to have a legal scape goat not to pay someone for thier hard earned work. I bet the lawyers are lick their chops! Come on man, there was a boat load of money made in 2008 and now they don’t want to pay taxes off their pathetic Ponzi Schemes and mis-guided intell to invade Iraq. Raise taxes or be American and give some of that $7T you mde under GW and the $7T the banks “LOST”. I hope when those shackles show up through the Republican’s wallets they too can enjoy the new Third World Bananna Republic Idiology they designed.

  97. Jimbo Says:

    There should be a reasonable limit. Anyone who is in public safety like police sheriffs firemen medical fields should be drug tested. Anyone who handles cash or money from the public should also be drug tested. It should be a matter of job titles rather than everyone like in the private sector. We test shop workers who work with machinery on a random basis but not admin personnel and still qualify for the Drug Free Workplace.

  98. angela Says:

    THANK YOU Gov Scott!!!!!!!

  99. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Just so ya’ll know, state employees are already required to take a drug test before they are hired. Many of them are already required to take a random test depending on their job, and if you have a accident in a state vehicle you automatically have to take one.

  100. Love it Says:

    I don’t always agree with the ACLU, but I’m so thankful for their challenge to this ridiculous legislation. What a waste of time & money. Go ACLU!

  101. Koch Brother Says:

    could we drug test the politicians, beginning with Trcky Dicky Scott? I’d love to study his DNA, because he is from another planet!!!only in Floriduh!!

  102. Dave Says:

    drug testing will make sense when the more dangerous drug alcohol is banned. I would much rather work with a pot head than a drunk. PROVEN FACT ALCOHOL KILLS AND RUINS LIVES, much more than pot.

  103. Bear P. Says:

    A bunch of us are going to eat poppyseed paste before our tests so the state will have to fork out for a more expensive GC-MS retest. A few Makowiec or Hamantaschen with our coffee ought to up the opiate threshold.

  104. Sun Tzu Says:

    STAN #93 very good post and if I may add one fact. Private sector workplace drug testing is a scam pushed by the big insurance companies. The pre-employment testing gets you in the program and a discount on your comp. insurance. The real pay off comes when there is a comp. claim. Anyone injured on the job is subject to another , immediate test. Should the employee fail this test the insurer declares that as grounds to deny your legitemate workmans comp. claim. Now we are talking big money.Now you pay all your expenses and doctor bills. The real kicker is that if you get a good attorney and fight their denial you will win. The courts have ruled time after time that the failed drug test does not prove the person was under the influence of drugs or that drugs contributed to their accident in any way. But most people don’t know that and are embarrassed about failing the test so they don’t pursue it. The big ins. co. have saved billions off this scam!
    This is about funneling hundreds of thousands of tax dollars into the pockets of the execs. like Scott who run clinics and labs. They couldn’t care less about anyone using drugs or not.

  105. misty Says:


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