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While pushing back critics, FSU gains a couple more GOP insiders

by John Kennedy | May 18th, 2011

Even as Florida State University administrators work to stiff-arm critics over the school’s $1.5 million donation from conservative titan Charles Koch, Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday added a couple prominent Republican leaders to its board of trustees.

Scott named former House Speaker Allan Bense of Panama City and Joe Gruters, chairman of the Sarasota Republican Party, and a recent candidate for state GOP boss, to the school’s board. Bense served as the state party’s finance chairman last year.

Both also are Noles.

But FSU President Eric Barron has been pushing back hard against criticism that the school has compromising its values — and strayed into the world of right-wing politics — with the contribution from Koch. The part-time Palm Beach resident’s cash will help pay for positions in the university’s economics department.

Koch, a part-owner of Koch Industries, is a prominent libertarian who has helped finance such organizations as Americans for Prosperity which, in turn, have served as a touchstone for the tea party movement.

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7 Responses to “While pushing back critics, FSU gains a couple more GOP insiders”

  1. VeggiePol Says:

    The Koch’s are not libertarian, they label themselves as such because it sounds better than fascist.

  2. whasup Says:

    Wrong, VeggiePol. The fascist is your thug in the White House–taking over banks and car companies and mandating health insurance purchases.

  3. Go Gators Says:

    Not so Whasup. That would have been Bush and Dick! Scott is just the same as they are. They are all of the same ilk. A bunch of thugs.

  4. JanC Says:

    Politics has no place in our education system. Gee – I think I remember that this started when Jeb Bush abolished the Board of Regents.

  5. save Florida Says:

    Jan is right. Our public schools are not allowed to endorse or promote any political candidates or parties.

    Then why aren’t State colleges bound by the same rules?

  6. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    The funny this that most business schools have begun to incorporate high levels of business ethics into their curriculum.
    By bowing to the Koch’s and their unethical positions on many modern day issues FSU will either due severe damage to their institution, or produce morally corrupt businessmen.
    That school is a piece of crap anyways I guess and not much else but a vehicle for a Football team.

  7. Nolealum Says:

    FSU will get no more of my money. I know what I contribute is a mere pittance, but I am sickened with the knowledge that my alma mater would stoop to take money with such strings attached. My husband graduated with a degree in economics, and he is none too pleased either. The alumni need to protest loudly to the administration and back those at the university who are against such shenanigans.

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