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Tim Pawlenty launches 2012 presidential bid, plans Florida visits

by George Bennett | May 23rd, 2011

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty released a video Sunday night officially declaring that he’s seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Pawlenty’s first in-the-flesh announcement is scheduled for today in Iowa.

He’s heading to Tampa for a fund-raiser tonight, then to Coral Gables on Tuesday for a Facebook town hall.

Pawlenty’s long-anticipated entrance comes after an eight-day stretch in which Republicans Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and Mitch Daniels passed up the race.


8 Responses to “Tim Pawlenty launches 2012 presidential bid, plans Florida visits”

  1. Mark's Ark Says:


  2. Cy Says:

    Tim Pawlenty… a moderate Center Right Republican…

    Can anyone tell us what he did in Minnesota… besides taking Fed money to rebuild the defective bridge collapsed?

    IF no Libertarian Conservatives are available nationally… he fits the bill as ‘anyone but the current Pretender in Chief’.

    Otherwise we have no clue to his abilities, ideas, executive leadership style… or deep dark secrets BARAMA has his FBI investigating for all GOP candidates!

  3. Sander Says:

    Mr. Pawlenty is not a widely known figure and for that reason, given his conservative views and his ability to stand tough and argue well, he can be the hopeful dark horse. If Pawlenty can maintain a strong and steadfast conservative position without being strident he may have a chance against an “historic” president. “Historic” is a very loaded term that will be used to undermine any opposing candidate. If Pawlenty can demonstrate competency in foreign affairs with a realistic message for job creation while at the same time not alienating the center left with conservative moral issues, he stands an hopeful chance against the “historical”. I would suggest that he read very carefully Machiavelli’s “The Prince” while looking at the trend that MTV has taken in the past 10 years.

  4. Kay Says:

    The TRUTH would be refreshing… TRUTH is NOT easy to hear or to implement… but TRUTH heals and this country so needs healing. “Correctness” is NOT TRUTH… only TRUTH IS TRUTH… hard to hear or not, we have to have it or else we’ll fall and fall hard!!

  5. Not impressed Says:

    Sorry, republicans are failing to galvanize the public. They keep bringing forth the old guard-Boehner, McConnell, McCain, L Graham. These spokespersons are not palatable. They represent the past.

    Voters will not take a perceived weak republican candidate and elect him/her over Obama.

    It appears with so many deciding not to run, that the repubs have caved on the 2012 election.

    Damn shame, we can’t have Obama appointing lifetime federal judges and no doubt, another supreme court justice.

    Wake up repubs!

  6. Diane Gruss Says:

    Good Luck.

  7. 86GOPGator Says:

    Governor Pawlenty would make an excellent President. He revived the Republican Pary in Minnesota. He goverend successfully as a Republican in a heavly Democrat State (Note: Minnesota was the only state to vote for Mondale in Reagan’s landslide 1984 re-election campaign.) I look forward to what he has to say and to why he should be nominated to lead the Republican Party. Word to the wise: Look at the lead-up to the 1992 Presidential election and who eventually won. The 2012 election will be about President Obama’s and his failed economic policies – not about who the Republicans nominate. Pawlenty, if nominated, would be a worthy challenger to President Obama and certainly would be a better President than Obama.

  8. Maria Says:

    Nobody will even come close to President Obama, our hero! The economy is doing better now and who cares about gas.

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