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TaxWatch finds $203 million in pork in budget

by Dara Kam | May 24th, 2011

Florida TaxWatch, the business-backed government spending watchdog, spotted $203 million in “turkeys” in the $69.7 billion budget awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature – and line-item vetoes.

That’s the most pork in the budget the group, which conducts the exercise annually, found since 2007, according to a press release.

Unfortunately for Palm Beach County, included in the pork projects is $7.3 million for a Wellington-area campus of Palm Beach State College. Gov. Charlie Crist last year vetoed $19 million – the total cost of the project – for the new campus.

Also on the list: $1.4 million for the Glades Senior Community Center. The county wants to convert the existing senior center to a homeless resource center.

Both projects are Palm Beach County priorities.

Here’s the full list.

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11 Responses to “TaxWatch finds $203 million in pork in budget”

  1. callmeflower Says:

    Wow – Orange County had the most pork. I wonder how that happened?

  2. Don't hold your breath Says:

    Wonder if the Tea Party Constitutionalists are going to demand that Rick Scott veto the budget…

  3. RDC Says:

    These teabaggers have all done a complete 180 since taking office. Just like the national budget, florida’s budget is filled with porkalicious pet projects and corporate good old boy tax breaks. I hope those that voted these people in realize what their vote got them.

  4. larry Says:

    just some more kickbacks and scams half of this is worthless and much is for college campuses that are already funded

  5. Brown.Pelican Says:

    More of the same, from the legislature that brought you the same last time, and the time before that.

    When’s Tee Time? That’s all the TeeParty is worried about…

  6. strategic defaulter Says:

    And you want me to feel guilty for not being financially able to make the mortgage payment? Greed ruins everything.

  7. BobinBoynton Says:

    This is the reason that Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters, etc. have so many problems with taking salary decreases, no raises, etc. Just recently it was announced that on top of the 3% decrease in pay for Palm Beach County Teachers to help make up the counties budget deficit, they now want the teachers to work a day for FREE. That would save the county $5 million. They only need $2.9 million but they said they would use the other $2.1 million for misc. unforseeable items. Before you go bashing State and City workers, wouldn’t you be a little upset if your company was throwing your money out the window and then making you work for less?

  8. ted Says:

    Whoa check out some of those Miami Dade Pork, sounds like Move was involved with some of those socialist programs!

  9. A Says:


  10. Unreal Says:

    Quite the list. $12 mill for Homeless Veterans. Very good. Its time we deal with the homeless situation particularly the vets.
    Lots of questionable funding however in the list.
    The worst of all is the $5mil to the Int. Regatta Sports Complex.
    Also a lot of money for the Glades if they are going to shut down the prison, should save the money and let people move out of the area.

  11. RDC Says:

    Bob you’re absolutely right. I wonder how many people understand that the recent 3% pay cut for state workers, it’s going to fund CORPORATE TAX CUTS….the people aren’t going to see that money….And when all of the state workers are being laid off, do you really think they are going to stay here? There are no jobs here. I work for the state and the instant my job is cut, I’m out of here…leaving another house empty. Our landlord will probably then go into foreclosure on the property and the area will be economically depressed even more. It’s not good for ANYONE!

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