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Stimulus critic Jennifer Carroll cuts ribbon at Delray project that got stimulus money

by George Bennett | May 23rd, 2011

DELRAY BEACH -- Mayor Woodie McDuffie, Vice Mayor Angeleta Gray, Auburn Communities CEO Brian Hinners, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and City Commissioner Adam Frankel at Friday's ribbon-cutting for Village at Delray, which got $7.3 million in stimulus money.

Gov. Rick Scott has been a frequent critic of the $787 billion federal stimulus program and Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has been critical as well. But Carroll was in Delray Beach Friday to cut the ribbon on an affordable housing project that received $7.3 million in stimulus financing.

Read Carroll’s comments on it in this week’s Politics column, along with Mayor Woodie McDuffie‘s mixed feelings about the stimulus.

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2 Responses to “Stimulus critic Jennifer Carroll cuts ribbon at Delray project that got stimulus money”

  1. Floridas On Ponzi Scheme Says:

    Just more of the Florida Ponzi scheme monies! Check out Florida Housing Finance March 2011 Bond Letting! Check out bondholder’s Risks! This ponzi scheme is owned by the taxpayers of Florida! All they do is borrow and give away money! Then they borrow more money to pay the interest on the old bonds! Bonds series 1996 are still outstanding!

    The Florida legislature formed the ponzi scheme and they won’t admit it is a finalcial mightmare for the people of Florida! Right now it is $4 BILLION IN NOND DEBT!

  2. Searcher Says:

    I take it that “criticism” of Stimulus Funds will not stand in the way of PUBLICITY, even though it violates Gov Scott’s principals.

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