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Senate immigration update: E-Verify, biz fines, boycotts now in the mix

by Dara Kam | May 3rd, 2011

Senate Rule Chairman John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, filed an amendment to the immigration bill (SB 2040) that would fine businesses up to $1,500 for each unauthorized worker hired after July 1, 2012.

Thrasher’s amendment would not force business owners to use the federal E-Verify system – which could cost up to $60 per hiree for small businesses – but would fine those who hire undocumented workers $500 for the first offense, $1,000 for the second and $1,500 after that.

Thrasher’s amendment also would force state agencies to use E-Verify before hiring new employees, something Gov. Rick Scott has done for current state workers.

Meanwhile, national groups are threatening to boycott Florida as they did Arizona if lawmakers approve legislation they deem would be a vehicle for racial profiling. The legislature’s Hispanic caucus also came out in opposition to the reforms today.

Left-leaning organizers,, held a telephone conference this morning warning they are mobilizing boycotts and voter registration drives. They said the Arizona boycotts cost that state hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Our members in Florida and around the country are watching the legislature very closely today,” said executive director Justin Ruben. “Our members will take their business and their tourism dollars elsewhere.”

The Senate is slated to take up Senate budget chief JD Alexander’s proposed immigration reform today as Friday’s end to the legislative session approaches. Alexander, a farmer, filed a proposal that would essentially exempt the agricultural industry from the reforms but includes a variety of other measures that would make it easier to deport criminals who are in the country illegally after their sentences are complete. They could also serve reduced sentences if they agree not to fight deportation.

The House’s version, sponsored by Stuart Republican William Snyder, goes much farther and would allow law enforcement officials to request documentation if the individual is the subject of a criminal investigation. Snyder’s proposal (HB 7089) would also require that all businesses use E-Verify.

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25 Responses to “Senate immigration update: E-Verify, biz fines, boycotts now in the mix”

  1. Mr. K Says:

    We should have a agriculture guest worker program. Guest as in you go home after your “visit”. Everything else the employer pays enough money to attract workers. And everything is e verify. Only illegals won’t like this.

  2. Human Rights Says:

    “The Arizona boycotts cost that state hundreds of millions of dollars.”

    and not one alledged “illegal” was deported. The AZ. Governor coughs and stutters whenever someone mentions immigration and refuses to sign any new legislation. The Appeals Court is still laughing….

    Keep it up Florida and you’ll be next.

  3. Repubtallygirl Says:

       /ɪˈligəl/ Show Spelled[ih-lee-guhl] Show IPA
    forbidden by law or statute.
    contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.: The referee ruled that it was an illegal forward pass.
    Informal . illegal alien.

  4. Dirk Says:

    How much would Arizona taxpayers save on illegal alien support vs. losing some conventions?


    This country had better start standing up for LEGAL citizens. WE pay the bills not illegals. In fact they TAKE billions from us.

    Go ahead BOYCOTT moveon. You do not have that much power.

    IF LEGAL citizens boycott all the illegal advocates,and business they will be the real losers NOT USA companies.


    Not all who come here really want to work hard. Some do but mostly they want their way of life in OUR country with OUR money paying for them. They will not even learn english….

  6. Dirk Says:

    Arizona HB1070 was struck down by Ninth circuit in San Fransico.HB 1070 is headed to US supreme court and will be represented by Judicial Watch lawyers.The US supreme court has over-ruled Ninth circuit 60-72%.

  7. rpg Says:

    Yeah, it’s such a wonder for our economy. They live six single men to an apartment or three families to a house and send half their money to another country, not spent here.

  8. Educator Says:

    The only thing this Fascist Move will do is economically cripple Florida even more.
    There is NO plan for an Appeal to the Supreme Court from AZ. They wish they never started the mess they made.
    No one has been deported.

  9. Dirk Says:

    As the taxpayers of Florida current shell out $5.8-8 billion dollars yearly in illegal alien support vs.losing convention&tourism dollars-adios

  10. rpg Says:

    And non educator is happy no one is deported. He’s all for illegals.

  11. James Says:

    Senate Rule Chairman John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine

    Will be voted out now.

    The law is the law.
    If you are here ilegally your going to be doeported.

    Thrasher is obviously for ilegal Aliens or would have wanted the bill in effect now.

    The man is a Coward and a Traitor

  12. Dirk Says:

    I believe most Florida tourists come from Northern&Midwest US,while another healthy portion are international.Does anyone believe tourists will abandon Florida based on our desire for immigration law enforcement?

  13. Archie Bunker Says:

    Facts speak louder than lies if you look for them :)

    Read this whos to blame for our economy, its NOT the POOR MIGRANTS.


    Before you Scream and show Ignorance and Hate at least read the Immigration Law regarding Undocumented Immigrants.

    1. Myth: Undocumented immigrants are getting government services for free.

    REALITY: They actually give more than they take. Over the past two decades, most studies that have tried to estimate the fiscal impact of immigration in the United States have concluded that the tax revenue generated by immigrants —both legal and undocumented— exceeds the cost of the services they use. Thus, an Economic Report of the President published in 2005 estimated that all immigrants, regardless of status, paid on average US$80,000 per capita more in taxes than the cost of the government services they were expected to use over their lifetime. Stephen C. Goss, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration, said that by 2007, the Social Security trust fund had received a net benefit of somewhere between US $120 billion and US $240 billion from undocumented immigrants. That represented 5.4% to 10.7% of the trust fund’s total assets of US$2.24 trillion that year. The Social Security Administration estimates that two-thirds of unauthorized immigrant workers (about 5.6 million people) were paying into the system in 2007. Unauthorized immigrants paid a net contribution of US$12 billion in 2007 alone.

    2. Myth: Undocumented workers do not pay taxes.

    Reality: They do, and in several different ways. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the majority of undocumented immigrants pays income tax using, among other mechanisms, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN’s), while most employers withhold federal, state and local taxes from such workers. In fact, between one-half and three-quarters of undocumented immigrants pay federal and state income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.Undocumented immigrants pay the same real estate taxes—whether they own homes or taxes are passed on to them through rents—and the same sales and other consumption taxes as everyone else. The majority of state and local costs for schooling and other services is funded by these taxes. Additionally, the U.S. Social Security Administration has estimated that three quarters of undocumented immigrants pay payroll taxes, and that they contribute US$6-7 billion in Social Security funds that they will be unable to claim (Porter 2005). This amount, moreover, keeps accumulating, generating US$6 to US$7 billion in Social Security annual tax revenue, and an additional US$1.5 billion in Medicare taxes. This money, according to the 2008 annual report of the Social Security Board of Trustees, will help reduce the SSA’s projected longterm
    deficit by 15%, which is equivalent to a 0.3% rise in the pay roll tax.

    3. Myth: Undocumented workers are a burden on the U.S. economy.

    Reality: Immigrants not only pay taxes, but they also contribute significantly to the economy.

    In a 2007 report, the White House Council of Economic Advisers concluded that, because immigrants increase the size of the total labor force, they complement the U.S. born workforce, and stimulate capital investment by adding workers to the labor pool. Immigration increases the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by roughly US$37 billion each year.9 Given that employment has been the main driver behind undocumented immigration to the U.S. in recent decades, it should come as no surprise that this group is particularly hard working and has a high employment rate (96%).10 Moreover, beyond undocumented immigrants, the Hispanic community as a whole has increasingly contributed to the U.S. economy. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanic owned firms increased by nearly 44 percent between 2002 and 2007, growing from 1.6 million businesses to 2.3 million. Employment at Hispanic-owned firms also grew by 26 percent from 1.5 million to 1.9 million workers, a growth rate significantly higher than that of non-minority-owned firms. Hispanic-owned businesses generated US$345.2 billion in sales in 2007, up 55.5 percent compared with 2002. And finally, of all Hispanic-owned firms with multiple employees, approximately 44,000 have revenues of more than US$1 million, representing an increase of more than 51 percent over 2002.

    4. Myth: Undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans.
    REALITY: Undocumented Immigrants differ from U.S. citizens in their economic sectors and occupation.

    Among unauthorized immigrants in the labor force, 30% are service workers and 21% are construction workers. An additional 15% are production and installation workers. Two-thirds (66%) of unauthorized immigrant workers are employed in these three broad categories; by contrast, only 31% of U.S.-born workers perform those jobs. Unauthorized immigrants provide an important source of manpower in agriculture, construction, food processing, building cleaning and maintenance, and other similar jobs, at a time when the share of low-skilled, U.S.-born individuals in the labor force has fallen dramatically. Not only do unauthorized immigrants provide an important source of low-skilled labor, but they also respond to market conditions in ways that legal immigration presently cannot. Undocumented inflows broadly track economic performance, rising during periods of expansion, and stalling during downturns. Undocumented immigration is sensitive to labor market demand. Immigrants are more likely to work in seasonal activities, such as agriculture, which suffer the largest job losses during downturns. Therefore, the size of the immigrant population changes in response to economic downturns or expansion. Immigration is not the cause of today’s high unemployment rates. In fact, reliable estimates show that immigration levels —both undocumented and applications for H-1B visas for high-skilled professionals— have fallen along with the economic downturn. In the longer term, however, the U.S. economy is also likely to need immigrant labor as the fertility rate in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is projected to fall below the replacement level by 2015-2020. The number of workers age 55 and over will likely increase by 49%, compared to projected increases of only 5% among those 25 to 54 and 9% among the 16 to 24 age group, creating a gap in the population pyramid between the economically active population and those in retirement age that is likely to be filled by immigrants.

    5. MYTH: Undocumented immigrants are a burden to the healthcare system.

    REALITY: Quite the contrary, immigrants contribute more than they take.

    Federal, state and local governments spend approximately US$1.1 billion annually on healthcare costs for undocumented immigrants, aged 18-64, or approximately US$11 in taxes for each U.S. household. This compares to the US $88 billion spent on all health care for non-elderly adults in the U.S. in 2000. Foreign-born individuals tend to use fewer health care services because they are relatively healthier than their U.S.- born counterparts. For example, in Los Angeles County, “total medical spending on undocumented immigrants was US$887 million in 2000, 6% of total costs, although undocumented immigrants comprise 12 percent of the region’s residents.” A 2007 study based on data from the 2003 California Health Interview Survey found that “undocumented Mexicans and other undocumented Latinos reported less use of health care services and poorer experiences with care compared with their U.S.-born counterparts.” In 2007, the Oregon Center for Public Policy estimated that undocumented immigrants pay state income, excise, and property taxes, as well as federal Social Security and Medicare taxes, which “total about US$134 million to US$187 million annually.” In addition, “taxes paid by Oregon employers on behalf of undocumented workers total about US$97 million to US$136 million annually.” As the report goes on to note, undocumented workers are ineligible for the Oregon Health Plan, food stamps, and temporary cash assistance. A study by the Iowa Policy Project concluded that “undocumented immigrants pay an estimated aggregate amount of US$40 million to US$62 million in state taxes each year.” Moreover, “undocumented immigrants working on the books in Iowa and their employers also contribute annually an estimated US$50 million to US$77.8 million in federal Social Security and Medicare taxes from which they will never benefit. Rather than draining state resources, undocumented immigrants are in some cases subsidizing services that only documented residents can access.”

    6. MYTH: Undocumented immigrants are responsible for higher crime rates.

    REALITY: Current and historical studies show instead that immigration is associated with lower crime rates and lower incarceration rates.

    Since the early 1990s, as the immigrant population, especially the undocumented one, increased to historic highs, the rates of violent crimes and property crimes in the United States decreased significantly, in some instances to historic lows – as measured both by crimes reported to the police and by national victimization surveys. Moreover, data from the Census and a wide range of other empirical studies show that for every ethnic group without exception, incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants, even for those who are the least educated. This holds true especially for the Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans who make up the bulk of the
    undocumented population. These patterns have been observed consistently over the last three decennial censuses, a period that spans the current era of high immigration. One can also recall similar national level findings reported by three major government commissions during the first three decades of the 20th century. The lowest incarceration rates among Latin American immigrants are seen for the groups who account for the majority of the undocumented: the Salvadorans and Guatemalans (0.52 percent), and the Mexicans (0.70 percent).

    THE BOTTOM LINE: Undocumented immigrants are an important component of the U.S. economy. They meet the labor demand in sectors in which they do not directly compete with U.S.-born workers. The great majority of migrant workers are taxpaying, hardworking, and law-abiding people who are integrating into U.S. society.



    Q: “Is it true that illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes and drain our economy?”
    A: As Ben Franklin said, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Like the rest of us, unauthorized immigrants pay taxes on their property and anything they buy. More than half of them have taxes taken out of their paychecks, but because our immigration system is dysfunctional, these taxes are paid under false Social Security numbers. We need a new regimen in which we know who is paying taxes and can ensure that no one is getting a free ride. The only way to do that is to pull unauthorized immigrants out of the shadows and get them on the right side of the law.
    Three state-level studies have found that unauthorized immigrants pay more in taxes than they use in benefits. In Iowa, unauthorized immigrants pay an estimated $40 to $62 million in state taxes, while they and their employers contribute an additional $50 million to $77.8 million in federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from which they will never benefit. In Oregon, unauthorized immigrants—who are not eligible for any state benefits—pay between $134 million and $187 million in taxes each year. Finally, in Texas, the State Comptroller found that, without unauthorized residents, the gross state product in 2005 would have been $17.7 billion less.

    The economics of immigration, Stephen C. Goss, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration and someone who enjoys bipartisan support for his straightforwardness, said that by 2007, the Social Security trust fund had received a net benefit of somewhere between $120 billion and $240 billion from unauthorized immigrants.

    That represented an astounding 5.4 percent to 10.7 percent of the trust fund’s total assets of $2.24 trillion that year. The cumulative contribution is surely higher now. Unauthorized immigrants paid a net contribution of $12 billion in 2007 alone, Goss said.

    Previous estimates circulating publicly and in Congress had placed the annual contributions at roughly half of Goss’s 2007 figure and listed the cumulative benefit on the order of $50 billion.

    The Social Security trust fund faces a solvency crisis that would be even more pressing were it not for these payments.

    Adding to the Social Security irony is that the restrictionists are mostly OLDER AND RETIRED WHITES from longtime American families. The very people, in other words, who benefit most from the Social Security payments by unauthorized immigrants.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Boost the Economy & Help ALL American Workers: As opposed to the mass deportation, enforcement-only approach, addressing and fixing the immigration system in a wholesale manner will be a boon to the U.S. economy and all U.S. workers. That is why both the AFL-CIO and Change to Win created The Labor Movement’s Joint Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Dr. Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda conducted a 2010 report for the Center for American Progress and the Immigration Policy Center that found that “Unlike the current enforcement-only strategy, comprehensive reform would raise the ‘wage floor’ for the entire U.S. economy—to the benefit of both immigrant and native-born workers.” According to the study, granting legal status to undocumented immigrants and creating flexible legal limits on future immigration flows would generate enough consumer-spending to support 750,000-900,000 jobs. The report also found that the mass deportation approach would reduce GDP by 1.46 percent annually, amounting to a loss of $2.6 trillion over 10 years.


    The Undocumented Immigrants pay the exact same amount of taxes like you and me when they buy Things, rent a house, fill up gas, drink a beer or wine, buy appliances, play the states lottery and mega millions . Below are the links to just a few sites that will show you exactly how much tax you or the Undocumented Immigrant pays , so you see they are NOT FREELOADERS, THEY PAY TAXES AND TOLLS Exactly the same as you, Now if you take out 10% from your states /city Budget what will your city/state look like financially ?

    Stop your folly thinking , you are wise USE YOUR WISDOM to see the reality. They pay more taxes than you think, Including FEDERAL INCOME TAX using a ITN Number that is given to them by the IRS, Social Security Taxes and State taxes that are withheld form their paychecks automatically.

    Taxes, paid by You & the Undocumented are the same in each state check your state :

    GAS Taxes paid by you & the Undocumented are the same. Go to and check out your states tax;

    Cigarette Taxes paid by you & the Undocumented are the same, check this out in :

    Clothing Sales Taxes, are the same paid by you & the Undocumented Immigrant;

    City Taxes, are the same paid by you or the Undocumented, since he pays rent and the LANDLORD pays the city :

    Beer Taxes, are the same paid by you or the Undocumented:

    TAX DATA :

    Eight million Undocumented immigrants pay Social Security, Medicare and income taxes. Denying public services to people who pay their taxes is an affront to America’s bedrock belief in fairness. But many “pull-up-the-drawbridge” politicians want to do just that when it comes to Undocumented immigrants.

    The fact that Undocumented immigrants pay taxes at all will come as news to many Americans. A stunning two thirds of Undocumented immigrants pay Medicare, Social Security and personal income taxes.

    Yet, nativists like Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., have popularized the notion that illegal aliens are a colossal drain on the nation’s hospitals, schools and welfare programs — consuming services that they don’t pay for.

    In reality, the 1996 welfare reform bill disqualified Undocumented immigrants from nearly all means tested government programs including food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid and Medicare-funded hospitalization.

    The only services that illegals can still get are emergency medical care and K-12 education. Nevertheless, Tancredo and his ilk pushed a bill through the House criminalizing all aid to illegal aliens — even private acts of charity by priests, nurses and social workers.

    Potentially, any soup kitchen that offers so much as a free lunch to an illegal could face up to five years in prison and seizure of assets. The Senate bill that recently collapsed would have tempered these draconian measures against private aid.

    But no one — Democrat or Republican — seems to oppose the idea of withholding public services. Earlier this year, Congress passed a law that requires everyone who gets Medicaid — the government-funded health care program for the poor — to offer proof of U.S. citizenship so we can avoid “theft of these benefits by illegal aliens,” as Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., puts it. But, immigrants aren’t flocking to the United States to mooch off the government.

    According to a study by the Urban Institute, the 1996 welfare reform effort dramatically reduced the use of welfare by undocumented immigrant households, exactly as intended. And another vital thing happened in 1996: the Internal Revenue Service began issuing identification numbers to enable illegal immigrants who don’t have Social Security numbers to file taxes.

    One might have imagined that those fearing deportation or confronting the prospect of paying for their safety net through their own meager wages would take a pass on the IRS’ scheme. Not so. Close to 8 million of the 12 million or so illegal aliens in the country today file personal income taxes using these numbers, contributing billions to federal coffers.

    No doubt they hope that this will one day help them acquire legal status — a plaintive expression of their desire to play by the rules and come out of the shadows. What’s more, aliens who are not self-employed have Social Security and Medicare taxes automatically withheld from their paychecks.

    Since undocumented workers have only fake numbers, they’ll never be able to collect the benefits these taxes are meant to pay for. Last year, the revenues from these fake numbers — that the Social Security administration stashes in the “earnings suspense file” — added up to 10 percent of the Social Security surplus.

    The file is growing, on average, by more than $50 billion a year. Beyond federal taxes, all illegals automatically pay state sales taxes that contribute toward the upkeep of public facilities such as roads that they use, and property taxes through their rent that contribute toward the schooling of their children.

    The non-partisan National Research Council found that when the taxes paid by the children of low-skilled immigrant families — most of whom are illegal — are factored in, they contribute on average $80,000 more to federal coffers than they consume. Yes, many illegal migrants impose a strain on border communities on whose doorstep they first arrive, broke and unemployed.

    To solve this problem equitably, these communities ought to receive the surplus taxes that federal government collects from immigrants. But the real reason border communities are strained is the lack of a guest worker program.

    Such a program would match willing workers with willing employers in advance so that they wouldn’t be stuck for long periods where they disembark while searching for jobs. The cost of undocumented aliens is an issue that immigrant bashers have created to whip up indignation against people they don’t want here in the first place.

    With the Senate having just returned from yet another vacation and promising to revisit the stalled immigration bill, politicians ought to set the record straight: Illegals are not milking the government. If anything, it is the other way around.

    $ 1,000,000,000

    How many zeros in a billion? This is too true to be funny.

    The next time you hear a politician use the
    Word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about
    Whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money.

    A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
    But one advertising agency did a good job of
    Putting that figure into some perspective in
    One of it’s releases.

    A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
    A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
    A billion hours ago our ancestors were Living in the Stone Age.
    A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.
    A billion dollars ago was only
    8 hours and 20 minutes,
    At the rate our government
    Is spending it.

    While this thought is still fresh in our brain…
    let’s take a look at New Orleans …
    It’s amazing what you can learn with some simple division.

    Louisiana Senator,
    Mary Landrieu (D)
    Is presently asking Congress for
    To rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number…
    What does it mean?
    Well .. If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans
    (every man, woman, and child)
    You each get $516,528.
    Or… If you have one of the 188,251 homes in New Orleans , your home gets $1,329,787..
    Or… If you are a family of four….
    Your family gets $2,066,012.

    Washington , D. C
    Are all your calculators broken??
    Building Permit Tax
    CDL License Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Dog License Tax
    Federal Income Tax (Fed)
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FU TA)
    Fishing License Tax
    Food License Tax
    Fuel Permit Tax
    Gasoline Tax
    Hunting License Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Inventory Tax
    IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
    IRS Penalties(tax on top of tax)
    Liquor Tax
    Luxury Tax
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Property Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Service charge taxes
    Social Security Tax
    Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
    Sales Taxes
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    School Tax
    State Income Tax
    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
    Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
    Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
    Telephone State and Local Tax
    Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    Utility Tax
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Watercraft Registration Tax
    Well Permit Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax
    (And to think, we left British Rule to avoid so many taxes)


    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago…..
    And our nation was the most prosperous in the world.
    We had absolutely no national debt….
    We had the largest middle class in the world…..
    And Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

    What happened?
    Can you spell:

    And I still have to
    Press ’1′
    For English.

    I hope this goes around
    the U S A
    At least 100 times


  14. LaQuishaNiqua Jones Says:

    As you stuff that chicken,pork,beef,tomato,pepper or virtually all food down your gullet tonite realize that its been touched, “Oh the Horror”, by many illegals on its way to your fine dining room table. You dont like Illegals here…well your diet gets started soon cause when they go you starve. You think negroes,whites or any other US citizen will work the fields? Think again ya fools.

  15. Dirk Says:

    Would the pro-illegal alien groups please present the facts to support their position?Rather than repeat the same old tired La Raza mantra,$20 tomatoes,without illegal alien labor citizens will perish and illegals only do the jobs citizens will not do.

  16. Brittanicus Says:

    E-Verify! E-Verify! E-Verify! Must be–MANDATED–by Federal law that identifies every Americans, old and new hires throughout America; rejecting illegal aliens from the workplace. This is ATTRITION BY ENFORCEMENT. Other enforcement tools to be enacted permanently such as Secure Communities, to fingerprint and process every alleged criminal by local police. All Americans should demand these immigration innovations from our Senators and Representatives. If they resent your interests and disregard you, then join the TEA PARTY, as they will enforce the 1986 Immigration law. Stop the growth of Government; lessen your taxes, specially the hundreds of billions of dollars being extorted from you, in supporting illegal aliens and the 300.000 foothold babies annually. Under the TEA PARTY ultimatum; No more amnesties, Dream Act, Sanctuary Cities and States, No more Chain Migration or Immigration Reforms of any kind. TEA PARTY membership is rising by the tens of millions, which are becoming a positive power inside Washington.
    One of our greatest deterrents is for American workers to become a “WHISTLE BLOWER” to identify illegal labor in your company’s domain. Then call ICE or even your Police Department. If not satisfied, leave a message with NumbersUSA as they have people in Washington.

    Throw out every politician who condone the 20 million plus illegal aliens and expeditiously dispatch to the street every Governor, Mayor, Police Chief and every elected official and replace them with genuine patriotic American Tea Party activists. The TEA PARTY is all Americans and legally accepted resident. We are a nation of laws that President Obama and his Czarist retinue seem to not accept. Both Republican leaders and Democrats, with a sprinkling of hard core Liberals have failed us for decades. Call every State Representative and Washington, to stop this parody of our laws. Very urgent is we must be vigilant of illegal aliens voting in our elections. Four States election results were compromised in the previous midterm election.
    See the truth and not lies at NumbersUSA website. Sanctuary states as California are screaming about 30.000 teachers being laid off, but if they were not flooded with millions of illegal invaders they wouldn’t have this almost unfathomable problem? How many other States have massive deficits like California, with a 26 billion dollar deep red ink? We will always take to our hearts newly arrived–LEGALLY PROCESSED highly skilled labor that will not be leeching welfare services. There will never, ever be a place in America who steals past poorly manned borders or on expired travel visas. Our nation has become a universal magnet for every economic migrant and immigrant worldwide, with free access to schools for their children and free meals at school, free health care, plus food stamps, fraudulent tax rebates, home care and every other conceivable benefit that States and the federal government offers.

  17. Educator Says:

    This is such a tiresome argument, 20 million people aren’t going anywhere.
    This obviously needs to be sorted out by level headed, realistic, intelligent people.

  18. AZ changed it's mind... Says:

    While most Arizonans supported Senate Bill 1070, even more of them now support allowing working illegal immigrants with no criminal records to remain here, an Arizona Republic poll indicates.

    Sixty-two percent of those polled by WestGroup Research support such an option, often derided as “amnesty” by its opponents. By comparison, 31 percent of respondents feel illegal immigrants should be required to return to their native country.

  19. Dirk Says:

    Fortunately there is language within current immigration law for pro-illegal groups to sponsor as many illegals as they wish.Visit your local immigration office and agree to house,feed,provide medical care and full support until full citizenship rec’d. Step up to the plate.

  20. DILLIGAF Says:

    @ Educator

    Got news for ya genius, if 20 million managed to cross the boarder going in on direction 20 million can cross going in the opposite direction Dumb a**

  21. We the People Says:

    These people that want to threaten boycotts….boycott them. Any person or company calling for a boycott of Fl over our laws should be banned from ever doing buisness in the State of Florida. Companies like wal-mart cut them off. No water, no trash pick-up, no emergency services, no buisness lic. , ect. Lets see who can out boycott who when they have to close every store in the state. Then charge the managment with aiding and abbetting illegal immigration/fugitives.( A little prison)

  22. worker Says:

    every country in this world has immigration problems. stop the fight give them a work permit and down size the border patrol they will be paying taxes and spending money in our country. Americans need to feel what it is to be hungry. Stop the hand outs and they will go back to work and illegals will go back to their country.stop the NLRB from blasting companies and America will go back to work. Americans became spoiled in the 50s-70s now its time to get back to basics (WORK) be productive we need to compete on a global level not American level.

  23. Price in Pakistan Says:

    its really a good site for news.

  24. rebekah rivera Says:

    i think this i think you guys have some good and bad ideas at the same time! most mexican people i know pay taxes with a itan number i sure! they dont get well fare because that number is only to pay taxes not receive free goverment help! when they visit the dr or hospital they cash pay just as they do in mexico!they pay rent on time and are hard workers most the men however there only run in with the law is dui’s! they are hard workers i mean really hard workers and they drink beer as a favorite pass time!alot of americans complain they take there jobs and we dont have work! do you really want to pick strawberries for 300.00 a week working 12 hr days in the feild if so jump on it tiger go apply its for the taking im not even hispanic but im sick of the world looking for bs to slave others no matter race or gender or to take from others with threats or scam people just because thats what people feel like they want to do!our crime rate is bad our families some with jobs others no! why dont we more less end the things that truly cause a problem to our families and friends relationships and finace like strip clubs gambling casinos the cheaters and the finace depts, how about church people forgot how to go and pay a tide there! have a family pinic, and help the people on the street that are homeless you see them everyday because they have to pay a room daily and food clothes extc, if they took a job and worked for 2 weeks they would not eat, or place to sleep,and that 300.00 isnt going to pay a dept for rent and electric and furn they need a job start this is whats real open youre eyes dont judge people, the mexicans are here because our country is good pure full of heart and open to dreams if you dream and educate youre self to what you desire it will make you! i wish you all would agree let the mexican people become a citizin if they prove they pay taxes have not been on welfare lived here 10 yrs or more even if they have a few dui’s so do some of us or family member dr’s lawyers who ever its a human mistake it wasnt ok to do we know this and they paid high time and the law was there teacher they pay like 4-5 thousand when this happens plus community service honest!!! these are the pictures that only seem fade no one looks clear to see! wait til they deport them all and we pay 8.00 for lettuce because farmers cant afford to pay high dollar for labor or the third man hand! construction companies cant afford to pay high dollar they keep laborers at a low pay but these people do pay taxes i think the thing is you all as american would be shocked to really see the truth on paper if you never lived with them or worked with one and had a family member for one please dont speak bs without fact of the bare truth of whats real,you never judge someone unless for sure you know the whole story proven innocent until guilty!

  25. rebekah rivera Says:

    oh but what theres more!, i really want to know why the reason anyone feels we should not allow mexicans that are here and have been with proof for ten yrs or more to become legal? they say you file youre paper work and have a chance my friends paid a lawyer a lot of money and got nada that means nothing and its 12 yrs now! come on guys those people got no food all they want to do is work rather its in your yard cutting trees or making you a garden or putting up a fence or door for you or working next to you or painting who knows whatever they just want food and a roof over there head! how many meixcans do you see on tv doing something bad here in the us not in mexico the u.s! not many i see mostly white americans really yes really!and welfare look at the local office maybe one black person one mexican and lots of white people mostly old or elder not to race this im just saying think before you choose to plan a bad law or plan for other when you havent ran a boarder in there shoes lol just kidding but true oh and yeah im white!

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