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Scott puts TX guv Perry on notice

by Dara Kam | May 19th, 2011

No. 1

Being No. 3 isn’t good enough for Gov. Rick Scott. He wants to be the top dog.

No. 3

Chief Executive magazine recently ranked Florida the third best in the nation for doing business, behind second-place winner North Carolina and top-ranked Texas. The survey of CEOs has placed the Lone Star state above all others for the seventh year in a row, prompting a challenge from Scott to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Scott frequently tips his hat to Perry and looks to reforms in his state as models for what Florida should do.

Scott today wrote Perry a letter telling him to watch his back.

“Not only have you achieved this top ranking this year, you have achieved it seven years in a row. Like everything else Texas does, you have done it in a BIG way,” Scott wrote. “However, I must tell you: Seven years is long enough.”

Scott neglects to mention that among the big things Texas has is a budget deficit of as much as $27 billion – more than seven times greater than the $3.6 billion spending gap Florida lawmakers struggled to close this year. The Texas legislature is facing a potential special session to deal with their budget mess.

Back in the Sunshine State, however, Florida is “eliminating job killing regulation, reducing the size and cost of government, and making sure we have the best educated workforce,” Scott boasts.

“We have no personal income tax and are phasing out the business tax, starting with eliminating it entirely for half the business that paid it. Florida is definitely on the road to be number one. Thank you for giving us the motivation we needed.”

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17 Responses to “Scott puts TX guv Perry on notice”

  1. Sid Says:


    You will be number one if and when the Legislature gives you E-Verify, a cap on Pain and Suffering and an end to the union dues checkoff.
    Otherwise, it will always be Texas.

  2. Mark's Ark Says:


    You will be #1 when HELL freezes over. You continue to bring this state DOWN. You are a FASCIST and will go the way of all Fascists.

  3. Rob Says:

    “…and making sure we have the best educated workforce,’ Scott boasts.”

    Scott has gone out of his way to sabotage education in this state on all levels. Businesses will not locate in areas without an educated workforce, it’s time that education becomes a higher priority in this administration.

  4. Kevin Says:

    The language of the above posts say it all. Totally misguided. We balanced our budget. One of the few states to do that. My wife is a teacher. She loves the new plan. We moved up 3 notches on the pole to best state to do business in. We are reducing taxes on homes. That brings more people here. And all these posts above think that is bad? I have a suggestion for you! Leave our great state of Florida. You don’t belong here if you can’t see progress.

  5. Searcher Says:

    Hey Gov, why don’t you move to Texas? I bet I could raise a few bucks to help with the move!

  6. Mr. right Says:

    There is a big distance from #1 Tx and #3 FL. If FL is to move to #1, then many things need to change:

    1. get rid of labor unions.
    2. get rid of corruption in government.
    3. make law to limit old farts driving.
    4. DO NOT welcome liberal Northeast people to this state. Good Luck on this one!
    5. do not rob workers (ie. FRS plan).
    6. lower housing cost — TX has lots of room to grow!
    7. lessen gov regulation especially utilites.
    8. require college students to study more than football & beer (UF fans??).
    9. get rid of gambling.
    10. pass law disallowing old stupid people to control HOA in assinine way.

    Most of all, understand TX is made up of hard working, conservatiive, family people. written by former Texan.

  7. Gina R Gant Says:

    economy is getting better!

  8. Gina R Gant Says:

    economy is getting better!We are America!

  9. Keith C. Says:

    Florida Governor showing swag for doing nothing!

  10. limpwrist Says:

    Rick Scott has a mob associate in his leadership coalition. Meet Joe Ardolina of American Truck Sales. He’s a former vice president in the now defunct H&W Refuse Service whose president was Anthony Carione, fingered by law enforcement along with his brother Frank Carione, as then active figures in the underworld. Another brother, Joseph Carione, plead guilty to defrauding the government as a co-defendant in a case that involved Colombo crime boss Andrew Russo.┬á

  11. Mark M Says:

    Name one person that thought Scott would have closed a $3B gap on spending, and do so in a fair way: Make the teachers pay for some of *their* retirement (it’s still a small fraction of what the private sector worker pays) and more importantly cut $2B in spending.

    Way to go Governor Scott. We could stop there, but there’s more: a 1/5th of a billion dollar reduction in property taxes, and a the elimination of corporate taxes for half of all FL’s small businesses, the real source of job growth in FL. And let’s not forget that he nixed the HSR boondoggle that would have sunk billions in taxpayer dollars in the I4 corridor for the next 50 years. Scott should wait until his efforts begin to bear fruit. He makes tough choices and acts decisively. I wish we had a guy like him running for president.

  12. Ohandy1 Says:

    @mark’s Ark, get a dictionary and look up critical thinking and rhetorical devices.

    I’ll believe things are getting better when i see it but this is a good start, if you want a good economy anyway. If you are rooting for a collapse of the capitalist system this is a catastrophe.

  13. Texan Refugee Says:

    Sorry, “Mr. Right,” but as a recent Texas-to-Florida transplant (and a teacher) I can tell you firsthand that emulating Texas is a rotten idea. Over the eight years I lived and taught there I saw their Education/School Systems go down the drain, first with overreliance on and ineffective administration of tests, next with disgracefully inaccurate and biased revisions to curriculum, next with lowering standards to pretty-up the results, and finally with ridiculous budget cuts that led to the loss of 100,000 education jobs over the past two years. Texas has its finer points and there are a lot of great people there (in addition to the demagogue idiots) but that state will look like a cross between South Carolina and Somalia in five years.

    Very happy to be here, to be a teacher here and be able to educate my kids here (schools here, believe it or not, are MILES ahead of those in Texas), especially now that Floridians seem to be waking the hell up about exactly what it is they put into their governor’s mansion. Emulate Texas??? Please.

  14. Robin 'Roblimo' Miller Says:

    If I wanted to live in Texas, I’d live in Texas, which is about to have *another* bubble-bust as its state budget mess comes to light.

    Florida is someplace you live because of the beaches and dramatic weather, while you hold your nose at the government.

    We have a Democratic majority here, but due to insane gerrymandering, Republicans control the legislature. Sad.

  15. Elizabeth St James Says:

    I am not sure that I really understand some of the remarks as I have not been following as much as I should have been. However, I did go to Florida schools until I was in the 10th grade and when I decided to go to the University of Arizona, I had 13 deficiencies. The state apparently at that tme was not aware that children can be dyslectic. So, spelling and math were not at all easy for me. The problem made it next to impossible for me to ever pass a spelling test although I was reading at college level. I could not take notes and changed schools oftern. There was no coordination of the curriculum which made it impossible for me to have the structured education I should have had. Finally, I simply decided to teach myself how to type and became a legal secretary and then a paralegal. I was working for West Florida Hospital when HCA took over. That gave me a good insight into the way that particular corporation worked at that time. I do feel strongly that a 12 hour shift for a nurse or anyone else in the medical field is simply too much. On the other hand, I also saw a lot of waste money-wise. Our tax collector here in Jacksonville, as I understand it, was told to cut slaries by something like 6%. He asked if he could keep the salaries and cut the 6% from elsewhere….and he did it. This sort of a budget reduction could be done if the state employees were told that their incomes and savings, etc would not change if THEY could come up with ways within their own departments to make up the difference…and they can and would. Most people who are employed by others give no thought to the cost of paper for machines, pens, paper clips, etc. That part (the overhead) of any business should be taught to them. This would help them realize that they are themselves greatly in charge of their own incomes. Our teachers should have to be able to pass the same tests that their students do and I would be willing to bet that a great many of them can’t. They don’t teach; they read out of a book. They should be compensated and given a certain amount of ability to discipline students. There is no way you could turn 35+ kids to me to teach simply because of that. Furthermore, my brother and his wife home schooled their children using the curriculum from the Pensacola Christian School. There was more religion in the curriculum, but everyone of their children are in college and doing better than just well. Extra curriculum such as foot ball, etc, should be earned and is not something that schools is set up for. Teach our children how to work computers so we don’t have to bring in consultants from other countries and pay them salaries that are far out of the average pay of most people in Florida. Teach the kids phonics….it’s really difficult to go to medical school if you cannot even sound out a word! Make them wear the silly bloomer things we wore to school and take PT no matter that they don’t want to. Sure, teach them how to use a calculator (any idiot can figure that out) but teach them how to figure out how to sell two of something that is one sale 3 for $1…..Let the older, better students tutor the younger ones as part of a requirement for commuity service. Stop acting like a bunch of people who are so impressed with themselves because enough people who want something from them paid for the aids to get them in office so they can repay the people who made the donations….in other words, stop acting like a typical politician and begin to do your jobs of representing teh interests of the Floridians. Bring some industry into the state that is other than medical related or tourist related. There is a lot of clean industry that could be brought here.
    I did love in Texas and I loved it. However, my family has been in Florida since the early 1700′s and I am proud of being a REAL Floridian.

  16. FloridaOCBob Says:

    I am stunned that Governor Scott is doing everything he said he would do in his campaign.

    He Balanced our budget without raising taxes !

    I regret my vote for Alex Sink

    Scott has got my Approval and my vote next time

    Republicans do handle economies better

  17. Joe M Says:

    Yea Governor Scott,

    Keep on cutting!

    I hope you have time to visit some of these government offices and see all the employees that are just taking up space.

    Start with South Florida Water Management. I thought their main job was to control flooding. They are almost entirely a conservationist organization now.

    KEEP CUTTING Governor Rick.

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