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Pill mill bill back on track

by Dara Kam | May 6th, 2011

With less than 12 hours to go, lawmakers are now close to sealing a deal further cracking down on pill mills.

The final deal will include a ban on doctors dispensing powerful narcotics with no exemption for workers’ compensation physicians, no cap on the amount of doses pharmacies can dispense – a major sticking point for Sen. Mike Fasano, shepherding the bill in the Senate. It does include Attorney General Pam Bondi’s proposed language stiffening penalties against rogue pain management clinics and doctors. It will also ban pharmaceutical companies from contributing to the private foundation that pays for the state’s prescription drug database.

Limiting the amount of highly addictive pain drugs that get on the street has become a priority of Gov. Rick Scott, who testified before Congress on the issue last month touting his plan to track the drugs from the wholesaler to the pharmacy to the doctor. Scott had to give up on capping the dosage amounts after cancer hospitals and hospices complained the limits would keep them from being able to treat patients in chronic pain.

Procedurally, the Senate will take up the House’s bill (HB 7095), put the compromise language on it, and send it back to the House for a final vote before 10:16 p.m. That’s the earliest lawmakers can vote on the budget, the only thing they’re constitutionally required to do during the 60-day legislative session, and they are expected to call it quits shortly after. Gov. Rick Scott plans to join House Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopolos for the traditional sine die hankie drop.

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15 Responses to “Pill mill bill back on track”

  1. Gabe Athouse Says:

    I say let them all eat pills if they want to. But they won’t be allowed medical assistance. We aren’t going to revive them when they die. If you want to ruin your life with oxys then fine. Just don’t expect any sympathy from us when your liver takes a walk on you, or you nod out and don’t wake up. You made the choice to abandon your productive life and chose a life of drama mixed with narcotics. You should be held responsible for your own addiction. None of these people are in any actual pain. They are lazy trailer trash that found an easy way to get their fix and then exploited it. They should all be forced to give up pills or die. Those are the only 2 options addicts should have.

  2. Ed Says:

    that was spoken like a true douche…that stance is great when it is someone elses family that has the addict….what about when it is yours??think about it and then let’s see what you think when it is your own child or grandchild you are telling to eat all the pills and we won’t revive….Jackwagon

  3. RobWPB Says:

    I understand Gabes point concerning ‘darwinism’ basically, but it is cold and unfortunately people care too much about others for that outlook to be viable. I like the idea of going after the manufactures, distributors and doctors… not the current process of arresting users and hoping they’ll rat out the doctors.. That does not fix the problem, going after the manufacturers does though. (should apply to guns too)

  4. BobinBoynton Says:

    The State needs all the money it can get. Why ban the Pharmeceuticals from providing funding for the plan? Maybe take that money and put it towards a much needed rehab facility. It’s fine that the state is attempting to control the dispensing of drugs but we need to provide treatment for those that are addicted. Addiction is no different than any other disease. We wouldn’t turn our backs on someone with cancer would we? If someone has a true addiction it is a medical problem and needs to be addressed. Part of the problem is that it is impossible for people without money to find any quality of treatment for their drug addiction.
    This is the US people, we need to take care of our people. If we only fix half the problem, the problem is still going to exist.
    I am so tired of hearing the BS like submitted by Gabe who lives in a perfect world. I have seen many lives destroyed by drugs. I have seen people die because they couldn’t find help. Believe it or not, you can’t just stop because it can cause you to die depending on your addiction.
    We need to restore the morals in this country!

  5. Kill Pills Disgrace Says:

    The KILL CARE PILL MILLS have 110% destroyed the credibility of everyone who is handling this issue with kid gloves, Doctors, Politicians, The FDA?

    They must know that these KILL PILL MILLS are exploiting loopholes in LAWS, FDA RULES and Medical Licenses to create LEGAL JUNKIES that buy billions of pills at STRIP MALLS for cash only with the flimsiest of excuses.

    Its legalized drug dealing and the ripple effect is killing about 7 people every single day in FL alone.

    But what if a Vitamin or an Herb or INCense or a caffeine drink has even a HINT of side effect!!! BANNED overnight. THey can do that but they cannot ban these KILL PILL factories?

    This is a disgrace.

  6. Tim Says:

    The Limbaugh Lobby seems to have held on to some key provisions in the Pill Mill Bill, especially one that does not cap the amount a pharmacy can dispense. The obese pill addled drugstore says that the Gov’na will have his continued support. He also insists that his name be kept from the data base, as his drug use is in the National interest.

  7. 3 dognight Says:

    Of course they can ban the Pill Mills if they want to. They aren’t legal anywhere else. The Governors from other states are begging our beloved Governor to put a stop to them. Rick Scott is an epic failure regarding this matter. The low life brothers from RPB who were or still are running the “pain clinics” in PBC are laughing all they way to the bank. I say arrest any “doctor” who works in a “pain clinic” and throw away the key. These so called doctors had their fingers crossed when they took the Hippocratic Oath. Disgusting.

  8. Lenny Bias Says:

    Well it’s about time. I was wondering how much longer I was going to have to wait for the government to take a more proactive role in my addcition. These pills have gone from 8 to 15 dollars on the street, and now with reduced supply; rest assured the price will continue to rise right along with the crime rate. Lock your doors, addicts like me will stop at nothing to get our fix.

  9. dave k Says:

    Can’t Scott / lawmakers use or tax dollars more wisely. I’m tired of hearing about this. tighten the regulations and move on to more meaningful issues.

  10. Dee Says:

    The pain clinics have been here for 10 years now. It’s ruining our quality of life. It brings crime and it does effect every family in one way or another. Over 100 pain clincs in PBC – ridiculous! I’m embarrassed to live here.

  11. Gabe Athouse Says:

    To “Ed”:
    I have been in that position. My parents were both pill heads and they both separately died a miserable, lonely death without their only son by their bedsides to comfort them. You know why? Because they MADE A CHOICE to ruin not only their lives, but they ruined my childhood as well. I made it known to them via letter and phonecall that I would not help them in any way. They should have thought about that before the pills. Kids with drug addict parents are better off in foster care than with addicts. @ Ed: If you are so pro-addict then why don’t you foster a few of them in your house and try to rehab them? They will steal your stuff and leave you with nothing. I’ve seen it countless times. Addicts that become addicted by their own volition should be left to die in the street. We’re overcrowded as it is.

  12. Cynical RPh Says:

    “I say let them all eat pills if they want to. But they won’t be allowed medical assistance.”

    But how will know the legitimate pill taker from the abuser Gabe?

  13. Brian Says:

    Mike malloy podcast.
     It’s easy for those who have never struggled with addiction to cast these types of horrible aspersions on those who have. I thought the same thing before I watched an 80 year old grandmother who had never abused a drug or drink in her life end up horribly addicted to oxycontin post hip surgery. Then my own struggle after a botched back surgery that left me with a massive gram negative spinal infection (osteomyelitis) that left me in pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Not-to-mention years of therapy, rehabilitation, and yes, pain management. It’s hard to describe to someone who has never gone through this that at some point you’re no longer “you” and the thought process centers around only one thing; the drug. After you’ve broken the cycle and are back to “normal”, the memories of who and what you were during the addiction are mind boggling. It’s truly beyond description to know you were ever capable of such things and how the person you know “you” are could have possibly made such decisions. I believe everyone deserves a second chance with some wiggle room for slip ups but at some point, when you’re “you” again, the decision to use again is entirely yours. Something MUST be done regarding these “Mills” and serious efforts need to be made in the area of recovery/ treatment of addiction (I’m not a big believer in the Alcoholics anonymous/ Narcotics anonymous systems either). There are better and more effective treatment alternatives available today that should be taken seriously. But to wish “death” upon someone you don’t know or a situation you don’t understand is a bit ignorant in my opinion. In-fact, it’s pretty pathetic to hear someone speak like that. To the poster who had the addicted parents; sometimes that’s the only choice you have and I can’t imagine the pain it must have caused you. I was fortunate enough to have not let myself get to far out of control and had people there to support me through it. Without them I would have undoubtedly failed and I wholeheartedly believe this kind of support is necessary. In the end, it was the fear of everyone turning away from me, “tough love” I guess, but it worked. Don’t be so judgemental…we’re human and inherently prone to error. Wishing death on someone for not fully understanding their situation makes you as bad as what you yourself are describing. I also think it’s pretty foolish to make such a broad statement like “none of these people are actually in any pain”. I hope one day I grow up to be as learned and self righteous as you. 

  14. Brian Says:

    Disregard the “Mike Malloy Podcast” at the start of my post…was reading another article, wanted to check a reference it made, and thought I was typing that into my notes on my iPod…apparently not…

  15. Don Robertson Says:

    The country got along fine without these heroin or synthetic heroin compounds for a hundreds years.

    Heroin and its derivatives were outlawed for a reason by our forefathers for what they knew and experienced completely a hundred years ago.

    Big Pharma said there wouldn’t be a similar problem -this time-.

    And yet the exact same problem has arisen -tenfold-.

    It is time to start arresting and prosecuting executives of Big Pharma for intentionally conducting an Opium War on our American youth.

    This has been their plan all along.

    These pill mills are something Big Pharma had 100% responsibility to ensure -that they did not arise-.

    Big Pharma has created these drugs solely for profit -not for treating chronic pain.

    If Big Pharma was sincerely interested in treating chronic pain, it would have realized the pain these drugs cause in a society is -far worse- than any pain they relieve.

    These drugs destroy entire families and entire communities.

    These drugs are the buggery-tools used to drag teens and pre-teens into addiction-driven prostitution nationwide.

    That is what our forefathers knew.

    It is what Big Pharma knew too, as they proceeded to aggressively prosecute this Opium War on our American youth -claiming they were doing God’s work -addressing the pain and suffering of others.

    The executives of Big Pharma are liars, greedy, lying scumbags who belong no where but in jail rotting away for the rest of their lives.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

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