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King Burt? As Aaronson ponders sixth term, Dem activist blasts pols who think they’re ‘royalty’

by George Bennett | May 16th, 2011


Democratic activist Rick Neuhoff, on the possibility that he’ll be running against five-term Palm Beach County commissioner Burt Aaronson in 2012, says: “I think any time that any elected official has been in office for so long that they proclaim themselves royalty, that’s a problem.”

Read about it in this week’s Politics column, where you’ll also find:


* How long it took Aaronson, a critic of long wait times at Tax Collector offices, to get his driver license renewed last week.

* Which two local Dems were singled out for criticism amid all the Rick Scott and GOP bashing at last week’s “Awake the State” rally.

* What might lead former Lake Worth city commissioner Cara Jennings to run for mayor in next month’s special election.

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5 Responses to “King Burt? As Aaronson ponders sixth term, Dem activist blasts pols who think they’re ‘royalty’”

  1. AW Says:

    Aaronson’s arrogance leads many to think he is royalty. The way he speaks, excuse me, yells at the public during comment time is an example. His high and mighty behavior at events….make way I’m coming; don’t you know who I am.

    Arronson is condensending, arrogant and just planin rude.

  2. Searcher Says:

    Sorry, but NO ONE needs to believe that they can make a CAREER out of their County Commission service. And that includes Karen, too.

  3. AK Says:

    What about term limits? Time to boot out Burt and get fresh blood into the most corrupt Council Palm Beach County has ever had. Hopefully curruption free.

  4. Disappointed Says:

    Let the battle begin.

  5. Lisa Says:

    FYI, Mr. Neuhoff, you violated campaigning protocol and common sense by campaigning at the Veteran’s Park Memorial Day Service! NEVER CAMPAIGN AT A MILITARY FUNCTION! What you did was classless & arrogant not to mention insensitive. Memorial Day is about our veterans & military not politicians campaigning. Maybe now you’ll understand why you were getting dirty looks. NEVER EVER CAMPAIGN AT MILITARY FUNCTIONS!

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