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How would Haridopolos vote on Ryan budget? ‘I’m not in the U.S. Senate. I’m trying to get there’

by George Bennett | May 30th, 2011


With House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan‘s spending plan and its controversial Medicare proposal igniting debate, state Senate President and Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Haridopolos was asked how he would have voted in last week’s U.S. Senate vote on the Ryan plan.

His answer:

“I’m not in the U.S. Senate. I’m trying to get there. I really believe that he (Ryan) is having an honest dialogue. I think Tim Pawlenty‘s plan that came out has some merit as well. But I’ve been a part of solutions, not talking about what other people have done, but part of solutions.”

Read about how the Medicare issue is playing out in Florida’s GOP Senate primary.

20 Responses to “How would Haridopolos vote on Ryan budget? ‘I’m not in the U.S. Senate. I’m trying to get there’”

  1. Obama Responsibility Says:

    How about $5.00 a gallon gas this summer and a THIRD war in the Middle East?

  2. See ya Says:

    Translation: I can’t come up with an answer that makes me 1) look like a fiscal conservative but doesn’t 2) piss off the voting seniors in Florida. So, I’ll engage in doublespeak and not answer a straightforward question.

    The very essence of leadership and courage.

  3. Wow Says:

    How many democrat candidates has the Post endorses in twenty some years? ALL!

    That tells their “news” stories, opinions and slantings.

    Hope the youth of today can figure how to how discern between loaded democrat articles and negative republican articles.

    The Palm Beach Post isn’t a newspaper, it’s a democrat propaganda sheet.

  4. Neglectful Nelson Says:

    LEADERSHIP?!?! What the hell has FL democrat senator Bill Nelson been doing for 20 years?

    NOTHING for FLORIDIANS, absolutely NOTHING. Name something!

    Time for that seventy year old to go and let new leadership take his place, whether democrat or republican.

    BILL NELSON is a DISGRACE to FLORIDIAN. The guy has done nothing.

    Get a better democrat candidate, or a republican will win.

  5. Nelson's a Noodle Says:

    What has Bill Nelson done to stop the flow of illegals entering Florida?

    Illegals have impacted our healthcare, our schools and cost this county, this state billions of dollars.

  6. No News Says:

    Read every headline on the “Post on Politics”- all negative on republicans. From day one the Post has bashed Rick Scott.

    Wallow in your prejudice.

  7. See ya Says:

    I happily admit that Bill Nelson is a tool. That doesn’t automatically make his opponents truthful and courageous.

  8. Hello! Says:

    If Senator Bill Nelson is a ‘tool’. Please find someone new to run for office. Don’t keep electing him. Find a good democrat candidate.

    Bill Nelson is a joke to Floridians. The guy has done nothing for decades. Aren’t there other capable democrat candidates to run against him?

  9. Same Plan as Feds Says:

    Wake up, people.

    Federal employees(from the President on down) enjoy a great healthcare plan.

    They get to select what program and plan they want; they get a government voucher to pay for it and it’s portable. (Funny how no one talks about portability anymore!)

    Under Obamacare, you will NOT get to select anything. You are just part of ‘the plan’.

    Why do you think all the unions, companies are asking for exemptions from ObamaCare? It’s lousy.

    Don’t be fooled. Both parties want to change healthcare.

    Do you want to be able to select a healthcare plan of YOUR choice or be stuck with whatever is conjured up?

    I would rather have a plan like the FEDERAL EMPLOYEES have and that is NOT ObamaCare. They’ve EXEMPTED themselves.
    Do YOU remember that. They EXEMPTED themselves from Obamacare. They don’t want what the masses will have!

    Ryan’s plan puts us on the path to what FEDERAL EMPLOYEES have. Remember, they are exempt from ObamaCare. Only, you and I, will be stuck with one plan-ObamaCare.

    Ryan’s plan allows for choice and a pathway to the Federal healthcare plan that politicians and other federal employees have which includes Portability.

    I WANT what they have, don’t you? They didn’t want to give it their federal healthcare for a reason.

    I don’t want ObamaCare for myself or my children or grandchildren. I want to give them a choice. Don’t let the government dictate.

    NO to ObamaCare and YES to federal Healthcare for ALL.

  10. Michael Says:

    He will do nothing for Florida but anything for himself. He will pull a Rubio and get in with rhetoric and hide behind incumbency.

  11. Broderick Says:

    Mike, you got all the physical attributes to collect on the woman vote… especially against the prunefaced Do-Nothing DNC Shill Nelson.

    BUT, you are NOT part of the ‘Solution’.

    The Solution was a strong Immigration/Employment enforcement effort!

    Three times you ‘selected’ a known ‘NAY’ to lead the bill into oblivion… it worked!

    You did not sponsor 6% Sales Tax – WITH NO EXEMPTIONS – to modernize Florida’s consumer-based tax streams… and to fix the very ugly residential Property Tax methods…

    Now, I admit you responded to my emails better than Joe Negron… faster and at least implied support of my requests!

    BUT, you actually did nothing the Super Majority Republicans provided you a strong MANDATE to accomplish BOLD things!!

    Anyone can beat Nelson in 2012… but you haven’t earned your party’s ‘voter respect’… not a single defining legislative act??

  12. Brody Says:

    ‘same plan as Feds’

    Federal Employees have the same plan as most small Florida employees…

    … they ‘select’ from the local offerings.

    Two distinct difference needing corrected:

    1. Individual plans are totally portable for the 7-8 employers people will have during their career.

    2. Small Employers pay a ‘Gross Salary’ and their employees need ‘section 125 salary reduction’ on their Individual plans.

    Our Federal GOVT pays 75% of employee AND dependent care… no matter how deluxe the plan chosen!!

    That is ludicrous… as is their unnecessary 700 benefit employees ‘contracting’ those already existing individual local plans every employee can access already ‘online’??

  13. mike Says:

    Of course he wont commit to ryans path to poverty plan. It will be his death song. A yea vote is crushing those in the house and senate . Thans ryan, you finally did something for the people.

  14. Termack Says:

    Tic Tock Tic, time is rapidly closing in on the anti middle class anti senior citizen republicant party. 12 + year majority in the Florida legislature and the lackey tools say it is Obamas fault.
    Like Lemmings they will go. Good riddance.
    Republicans will destroy America for corporate welfare.

  15. Robert John Newman Says:

    Republican domination is ending soon…keep up the rhetoric on blogs, it will soon be the only “press” you get. Failed policies in Tallahassee, utter and completely responsible for all of Florida’s failures…

  16. Fred Norman Says:

    This bozo dosn’t have a clue on how he would vote because he doesn’t study the issues. A true empty suit, but a dangerous one because he is so uncaring. Bet he has 4% Neanderthal DNA rather than 1%.

  17. Truth Teller Says:


  18. Taxes Anyone Says:

    Didn’t the same Haridopolos help pass the largest tax increase in Florida History?

  19. Ms Vicky Says:

    @ Broderick, I can tell you don’t understand women. YUK! This guy is repulsive and sounds as though he swallowed helium. I watched this poser (Haridopolous) very carefully for weeks on our government TV channel, and I’ve followed his actions. He is SUCH a loser, I hardly know where to start.The little twit acted despondent and nearly cried at the last moments of the session because, as he claimed, he didn’t get the funding needed for an injured police officer that’s been waiting for help for years. There’s no excuse for that: IT WAS SOMETHING HE SHOULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!He was too busy winking and smiling to his pals, and he did zero to help the people of Florida. All he did was kiss up to Scott and the rest of the corporate socialists. Thankfully, the country is on to these anti-American Tea baggers. We will be rid of them in 2012. Bill Nelson has more character + integrity in his pinky than this yahoo has in his whole body.(I’ve known MANY citizens that Nelson has helped.)

  20. B Says:

    Florida is controlled by FASCISTS

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