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Florida on brink of nation’s strictest parental notification abortion bill

by Dara Kam | May 4th, 2011

Florida lawmakers are poised to make the state’s parental notification of abortion laws stricter, making it more difficult for a minor to get a judges’ approval for the procedure.

By a 20-19 vote today, the Florida Senate rejected an amendment that would have kept the current law allowing minors to get a waiver from a judge anywhere in the appellate circuit in which she lives. The bill (SB 1770, HB 1247) instead would limit girls seeking the waiver to the circuit court.

That’s problematic for minors who live in rural communities or small counties whose family members are likely neighbors of or on close terms with courthouse workers or observers, argued Democrats and some Republicans, putting her confidentiality at risk. Many of the young women seeking the judicial permission for the abortions are victims of rape or incest, they said.

“I’m sorry that some people in here don’t understand that there are families where if a young woman goes to them she could be beaten or even killed because of…incest or rape,” said Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston. “We should not be doing anything to place further barriers in front of these young women…There is no need to change this.”

But Sen. Alan Hays, who sponsored the bill, said that young women have plenty of opportunity to see a judge in their own community and should not be allowed to judge-shop.

“I find it preposterous that a young lady…might be put in a vehicle and transported all the way from Escambia County to Duval County just so she can get an abortion without her parents knowing about it,” Hays, R-Umatilla, said.

Abortion rights advocates contend that the measure, already approved by the House and expected to be passed by the Senate tomorrow, would make Florida’s parental notification laws the strictest in the nation.

The Senate tomorrow is also expected to approve a separate anti-abortion measure requiring women to have ultrasounds before they get abortions. They would also be required to view and listen to a description of the ultrasound unless they refuse in writing. Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed a similar measure last year. The House has already passed that bill (HB 1127) as well, and Gov. Rick Scott has indicated he will sign it into law.

In all, lawmakers are expected to approve a total of four anti-abortion measures before the session ends Friday. In addition to the two discussed today, lawmakers in both chambers have already approved one bill that would let voters decide if they want to prohibit state money from being used to pay for abortions and another bill that would bar insurance policies purchased under the federal health care law from covering abortions.

The Senate is ignoring two other abortion-related bills approved by the House. The first (HB 1397, SB 1748) ) would create restrictions on abortion clinics. The second (HB 501, SB 196) would channel money from ‘Choose Life’ license plate sales to the nonprofit Choose Life Inc. to give to agencies that assist women placing their children for adoption.

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28 Responses to “Florida on brink of nation’s strictest parental notification abortion bill”

  1. Educator Says:

    Backwoods minds at work. They spend their legislative days making rules to try and run your life.

    The Dawning of Fascism In the USA.

    So Sad.

  2. David Says:

    With the understanding that I didn’t vote for any of these Repub morons, THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO! You said you were going to address jobs, insurance, and budget issues, not use your platform to cram your version of morality down everyone’s throat! I don’t like abortion, but it should be left up to women! YOU ARE NOT THE MORALITY POLICE!

  3. PFM Says:

    Where are all the JOBS BILLS? The GOP campaigned on getting Florida back to work and said “JOBS” was their first priority! We have just a few days left and I haven’t seen a single JOBS bill. I’ve seen many JOBS lost and now they want to get into a woman’s right. For a Party that states they want smaller government, they don’t govern that way.

  4. sue Says:

    Anything else you moron Repub/Teaaholes want. The residents of Florida and for that matter the United States better wake up. Those in power especially in Florida are going back to the 1950′s because that the way they think. Election time…let’s clean house…Where are the jobs???? We have a moron for a Governor and the Legislature are so backward in their thinking that’s it’s almost funny. I’m a woman…leave me the hell alone. Get over the abortion issue…the subject is getting old.

  5. M Says:

    Republicans always want to try to control every little detail of your life. They claim small govt., then start passing laws that affect you at the most personal level. They want too badly to micro-manage every citizen. Bunch of hypocrites…

  6. hedlykarok Says:

    T-baggers at your service, keeping gummint out of your life!*

    *void where prohibited by misogynistic christo-fascism

  7. Liz Says:

    Don’t you find it absurd that a teen age girl can not take an aspirin in school but can get access to an abortion?
    As a parent I demand to know if my daughter is considering any kind of surgery, especially one as seroius as an abortion.

  8. al g Says:

    this law is so great i can already see the billions of jobs its going to bring to Floria yay all is better now that some one is turning America in China Good job brownie

  9. once republican Says:

    What a set back for woman I hope they remember this in 2012. Aside of this I would like to know where the fair wage jobs are???

  10. JupiterVoter Says:

    So let me get this straight. The pro-abortion commenters argue that providing additional TRUTHFUL medical information to a patient in the form of an ultrasound is “backwards”?!?! And the given for withholding that information is because girls might not have the “emotional” stability to handle the scientific medical information? Get real. What’s next? Withholding CT scans of patients with cancer?

  11. Impeach Gov. Voldemort Says:

    Hopefully you have a relationship with your daughter that allows her to trust you and confide in you. If so, wonderful.
    But please understand that not all girls are so lucky. I was 18 and unwed. I knew my family would love and support me, so I CHOSE to keep and raise him. He’s now 33 and made me a proud mother and grandmother.
    But I can’t take my situation and automatically impose it every other person in that situation.
    Abortion is a choice to be made between the woman, her God and her doctor. The Florida Legislature should not be involved in any way shape or form, except to send health inspectors to ensure a clean facility.
    Abortions should be safe and RARE!
    If you never had to choose, consider yourself lucky.

  12. Educator Says:

    Don’t worry ladies, if this bill does pass, I will be glad to help you scrape that little “mistake” out. I have a whole closet full of coat hangers

  13. jaded Says:

    What is this? The Taliban?

  14. OBIWAN Says:

    Cleaning up past mistakes first requires acknowledging you made one.

    Like the Plaintiff in Roe v. Wade has done in publick testifying she is so very sorry she made the tragic mistake of having an abortion.

    It was an inept and ludicrous statute that allowed ANY minor to have ANY surgery without Parental approval… that is required for every other medical procedure in Florida!

    What’s the beef?

    Dumbocraps and other rabidly progressive liberals can abort to their heart’s content!

    Libertarian Conservative TEA Party Republicans fully respect your rights to acknowledge up front you have no parenting skills and do now want progeny as corrupted as you!

    NOW, let’s make a little deal? Can you concede to stop aborting your children once they have reached 16 and not use that right again until they reach 55 and the majority of the immediate family vote for their death?

  15. Jupiter Guy Says:

    It’s interesting how the tea baggers want to reduce the size of government until it comes to a womans womb, and then they think it’s should be everyone’s business.

  16. Educator Says:

    @Jupiter Guy

    You wouldnt even know what a womans womb looks like if it slapped you in the face

  17. JGP Says:

    I love how pro-abortion activists claim it’s all about a woman’s “personal” decision, but then have no problem asking for taxpayer dollars to pay for “personal” decisions. Abortion is multi-billion dollar industry. Those making the money don’t want women to view ultrasound photos, because it cuts into the profit margin. Follow the money.

  18. dick Says:

    Thank God.I wouldn’t want my little girl to have one w/o talking to us. YOU want to take that right away from parents. Zcrew U!

  19. sue Says:

    Obiwan..Again you show everyone what a jackass you are…why don’t you get a job and…a life..your comments get dumber and dumber and by the way, since you’re such a pro on many kids have you adopted because you think abortion is bad. I will bet none. Mind your business and shut your dumb mouth loser.

  20. Love the Fetus Hate the Child Says:

    You make these women jump through hoops to discourage them from ending unwanted pregnancies. Then you cut medicaid, headstart, WIC and food stamp funding. You label the women welfare queens and terrible parents but stripped them of their decisions of whether or not they want to reproduce. You want the government to keep their hands off your guns well the same applies to my uterus. This is beyond a shame. Coercing women into having unwanted babies by providing a multitude of obstacles to prevent and discourage them from having a LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE is an invasion of privacy.

  21. Really Says:

    Who’s are going to support all these unwanted children. Republicians don’t want you to abort them but they don’t want to pay to raise them. Can’t have it both ways. Somebody has to support these kids once they are born or they will die anyway.

  22. Really Says:

    I know a 16 year old girl who told her mother she was pregnant. The mother told her father. The father beat her so bad she lost the baby and she almost die. Don’t think just because you wouldn’t hurt your child that other people feel the same. Some people are mean.

  23. ChristyinFL Says:

    HELLOOOO? If you don’t want children, DO NOT HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX. And don’t tell me that it doesn’t always work. No it doesn’t but it works more than the total number of abortions would show. Because you make a mistake, I’m supposed to go adopt your unwanted child? Really? Take some responsibility. Why don’t we coerce these women into having protected sex?


    There sure are some ignorant “crakrz” in Florida..Why are you Republican morons focusing on abortions? Focus on bringing jobs to the state…OBIWAN is a perfect case why abortions should be allowed…

  25. PBC Resident Says:

    I consider abortion to be murder, but it’s a mercy killing. If a woman is willing to kill her unborn child she sure as heck ain’t gonna raise it with love. Put the kid out of it’s misery before the taxpayer ends up paying.

    As others have mentioned, we really shouldn’t have to even discuss this matter if people would be responsible. If you don’t have a condom go into the restroom and beat it off.

  26. Jess Says:

    We are not talking about women, we are talking about young girls!! What give a judge the right
    To okay an abortion without notifying the parents? I’m not saying that they don’t have the right to decide, but the parents should be required to know. Our government wants responsible people in it, but we’ll allow little girls to sleep around then be sneaky and kill their mistake.

    Also, what happens if that child is allergic to anesthesia and they are not aware? What happens if they have medical issues and they lie about that too just so they can hide it, then they die? It’s the parents who should make that decision, maybe with the help of a judge so that nothing happens to the girl…

  27. mulletville Says:

    Every abortion is the result of a failure – be it personal, of nature, of birth control, or even God’s will. Not one abortion should be celebrated. But it should never be my decision to make for you.

    I get it. I do. You oppose abortion because you think life begins at conception and even though you believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility in nearly everything else, it doesn’t apply to abortion. Some things trump choice, and if you’re convinced the “choice” is between an irresponsible woman and a defenseless innocent child, well, that one’s a no-brainer.

    But to me and many others, life doesn’t begin at conception. I can’t wrap myself around that concept. But what does make sense is, whatever the truth, it’s just not my decision to make. I can’t tell someone what to believe. My heart won’t let me do that.

    We pro-choicers understand there are plenty of morons whose failure is purely personal. But I am incredibly uncomfortable making policy for them, when there are others, a minority I would agree, for whom the choice to abort is not about personal failing, but rather the result of profound heartbreak as an intended pregnancy goes horribly wrong. Or whose parents will hit, kick, beat, ostracize. Or whose pregnancy is the result – the horrible godless result – of incest or rape. Hey, I know those words just roll off your mind – you’ve heard it all so many times that you literally don’t even believe that happens. But it does. And even though I would agree that such cases are rare, for people like me who believe life does not begin at conception, it’s not even a close call. Choice is the only answer.

    I know we’ll never agree. But I do hope instead of the constant meanness, both sides can to find common ground. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to stop unwanted pregnancies before they begin?

  28. Zadoc Paet Says:

    What’s next? Are they going to defund the fire department when your house is in flames?

    Poll: Should federal funds be used for abortions?

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