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Drug tests for welfare recipients now the law

by Dara Kam | May 31st, 2011

Welfare recipients, mostly women with children, will now have to be drug-free to receive cash benefits under a bill signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott today.

Under the new law, applicants for the benefits will have to pay for the drug tests but will get reimbursed if they are drug-free. If they’re not, their children will still be able to receive benefits through another family member or someone else designated by their parent.

More than 21,000 Floridians now receiving benefits as heads of households will now have to pay for and undergo the screening.

Scott and state lawmakers contend Florida needs the new law to stop welfare recipients from using the money to buy drugs. Opponents of the measure cite studies have shown that there’s no more widespread drug abuse among welfare recipients than the general public.

“While there are certainly legitimate needs for public assistance, it is unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction,” Scott said in a press release. “This new law will encourage personal accountability and will help to prevent the misuse of tax dollars.”

The ACLU of Florida blasted the new law.

“The wasteful program created by this law subjects Floridians who are impacted by the economic downturn, as well as their families, to a humiliating search of their urine and body fluids without cause or even suspicion of drug abuse,” said Howard Simon, the civil rights organization’s executive director.

A federal court in 2003 struck down a similar law, finding that it violated Fourth Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable searches.

Scott is also requiring state workers to undergo random drug tests, prompting threats of lawsuits. The ACLU is making an announcement regarding that policy tomorrow morning, indicating a lawsuit is likely.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Scott today also signed into law a bill banning certain bath salts that have resulted in a rash of overdoses in Florida and other states.

Attorney General Pam Bondi in January issued an emergency order criminalizing the sale of “bath salts” made up of the dangerous synthetic drug Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV. The drug cocktail apparently gives users super-human strength.

Florida poison control centers have reported 61 calls of “bath salts” abuse, the second-highest volume of calls in the nation, according to Scott’s office.

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72 Responses to “Drug tests for welfare recipients now the law”

  1. !!!!!!!!!! Says:

    A federal court in 2003 struck down a similar law, finding that it violated Fourth Amendment rights…
    Scott the Fascist, the Federal Government will soon indict him, The President will save us, hold on a little longer.
    God Bless President Obama!

  2. pbc jew Says:

    All recipients of public assistance and public employee should be tested for drug’s. What is so unreasonable for accountability. I don’t receive any form of assistance and feel that the ACLU should go to hell with their ultra liberal view. I believe many of the people on the dole can work but are so use to doing nothing but get free aid from those that do.Tax payer,s have right’s too! They can do something!

  3. Goose Gander Says:

    And all corporations receiving subsidies should also be subject to drug testing of executives and members of boards of directors.

  4. Goose Gander Says:

    And I agree with the welfare recipient testing…

  5. brenda star Says:

    great now the kids won’t eat because mom comes up hot for the meth she has to smoke to stomach the job she resorts to as a prostitute to pay for gas. god bless the america

  6. TIDE ferrari racingTdavisRlyle Says:

    Terrific, Rivera Beachers will have to sell their multi million dollar estates to buy CRACK & k y jelly. SAVE the POINCENNA PLAYHOUSE!

  7. l Says:

    fianlly a law that makes sense even better because its a tax paying system. especially when the system needs to avoid the people who use this system as a way of life instead of a stepping stone to better themselves. private sector has already put drug testing forward many moons ago makes sense for a tax paying system to have the same.

  8. employed Says:

    I have to agree to random drug tests to stay employed. I have no problem with that. If I have to submit urine to be allowed to earn my money, why shouldn’t welfare recipients be held to the same standards?

  9. Termack Says:

    Stereotyping morons.

  10. npgator Says:

    Many welfare reciptiens are drug dealers and work the system. The ACLU needs to be extinct. I am sure Cerabino will be all over this since it goes against his liberal agenda.

  11. Sal Joseph Says:

    Mother with one child get $241 per month max, mother with two kids it’s $303, mother with 6 kids get $487.

  12. dana Says:

    Thank you! I am so for this law! I see many people talking about the parents on welfare due to the economic downturn. Well these people are probably not on drugs. Why on earth would drug users be entitled to my hard and everyone else’s hard earned money. Drugs are expensive, and how dare anyone tell me my money needs to pay for someone to do drugs. Their children keep their benefits, so please read. They are just put into the hands of someone who will not use them for drugs! If you can afford to do drugs, then you can afford to get a job and pay for yourself!

  13. robo 3495 Says:

    How is that small govt working out for everyone!

  14. Tax payer Says:

    How about allowing only generic foods or healthy foods when using food stamps. I see so many people use the food stamp card at gas stations to buy soda and chips, I see them buy Slimfast at Walmart – Why should I pay for that? You need to drug test everyone on welfare over the age of 16,kid(s) and the parent(s)! Also do more research and find the fathers/mothers of these children and make them pay up,it’s not hard to find some of them they might just be sitting on their rearends in the same home as the other parent and kids….dealing drugs right out of the same home.

  15. SheliaJoy Says:

    I am with “stereotyping” morons. Most people who have commented have no idea about people who receive TANIF benefits. First MOST drug users/dealers do not follow through with the application so they do not get benefits.

    I will bet the farm there are more drug users in Fraudster’s cabinet than in the state work force.

    What was Pam Bondi and her office smoking when they denied DCF the opportunity to pick-up an endangered child from an abusive home in Tampa? Child died. Pam DON NOT run for AG again or any other office. That was/is your Willie Horton.

    Just threw that out there since the PBPost is not covering the story. Go to

  16. Zane Says:

    “” Welfare recipients, … mostly women with children… “”

    These are Baby Factories, over half Illegal Aliens that we can’t stop spawning??

    Hey, is it that severe to actually enforce TANF… we Baby Dad ID, but only collect 10% of the 94,000 out of 114,000 we ID each year!…

    … out of the 200,000 live births in Florida… 57%??

    AND, we got 145,000 Babies with no ID’d daddy… since that TANF Welfare Reform of 1996!!!


  17. Zavier Says:

    “” Opponents of the measure cite studies have shown that there’s no more widespread drug abuse among welfare recipients than the general public. “”

    Well, actually they just mention their surely must be studies out there… they cite them by name and reference just like this pulp piece did NOT!!

    20% of adults are claimed to abuse Alcohol / Drugs.

    Why should taxpayers support people with no parenting skills except continuation of the ENTITLEMENTOR NannyState Generational Poverty all rabid progressive liberals think are ‘their kind’???

    The only people we ever had that complained of employer drug free testing requirments … were those on our 5th Floor – Editorial Dept… that had surpassed the ‘normal folks’ with their drug appetite and frequency!!

  18. Zayden Says:

    HEY! I’ll admit my Libertarian Conservative TEA Party Republican views are closer to John Wayne than Komrade Randy!

    Is it that extreme to advise the Baby Factory she must first prove Warn Act Plant Closing… we’ll help you temporarily get a job on that first mistake… you name the father for child support… we put his butt in jail if he fails!

    NO, we won’t pay a dime more to help you on mistake 2 – 12!! Yeah, we know your momma taught you the trade… it stops here!

    Now, they ‘protest’ any restrictions on their bennies??

    Come back again next year… we may be able to help you then!

    Florida unfortunately goes thru the motions … afraid to impose any good faith rules!

    DCF has 13,000 employees ‘supervising’ 50,000 children with no parents?

    That cost us more per kid than just taking them away from worthless biological losers… and put them in deluxe year round boarding school to help them achieve their dreams!


  19. STAN Says:

    Drug testing never does performs any useful function. It’s just a way to discriminate against people who could otherwise receive benefits they”re entitled to receive. Drug testing started as a way to determine whether certain athletes were men posing as women and then to determine whether certain athletes took “performance enhancing drungs” such as steroids and growth hormones. How it morphed into a general determination of one’s worthiness as an aid recipient or a means to determine how one would perform on the job is beyond me. Drug testing fails because of 2 reasons.

    1) It doesn’t weed out regular stupors and decreased brain activity and distinguish them from those caused by ingestion of drugs.

    2) With the exception of a Breathalyzer Test or a pregnancy test, it doesn’t tell you when someone took drugs, only that they have some in their system. A Breathalyzer can tell you with certainty how much alcohol someone has had to drink and a pregnancy test can tell you with certainty whether someone has is going to have a baby. Anything else simply tells you that someone knows people who take drugs. last I checked, the 1st Amendment protects the right of association, even with those who use drugs.

    All this Johnson-waving over “welfare” recipients being drug free is a smokescreen (pun intended). People on the public dole pay taxes in Florida whenever they purchase goods. They are entitled to receive a benefit from their tax dollar, whether they are high or not. No idiot says “don’t repave the street because some drunk driver might use it”.
    Florida’s economy is enhanced by people who use, sell, and transport drugs. There is a dealer on nearly every corner-it’s just that they’re not named Pookie or Ray-Ray-we call them Walgreens and CVS, with a Publix, Target, and Walmart thrown in for good measure.

  20. Fed Uo Says:

    This created how many jobs? This is smaller government?

  21. Amazed Says:

    I have never seen so many uneducated posters as what consistently appears on the Post Boards. First, every item purchased off a FS card is recorded on kept on record. Based on that there is no super brain cell needed to know the feds can identify anything unusual which produces the stings we hear of. Second, what most receive in a month, is equal to what most citizens spend on groceries in a week. Try to budget off of that. Second, by using FS many parents save the tax dollars money, rather than the amount of investigations, medically induced illness from lack of proper nutrition, and if anyone, anyone can figure out how a family of an adult and several children can feed a family for a MONTH off of 300 please clue the rest of us in. We are all ears. Our Florida Constitution forbids discrimination, yet here we sit applauding it on boards such as this because the clueless want a podium to show off the lack of knowledge and awareness they really have, and by all means, scream we are a state who does not care, a state that still hates women and a state that abuses children all in the name of some false claim of “taxes” FS save the taxpayers money……period. Grow up, get real and get off your soap box people.

  22. sal is a liar Says:

    Sal Joseph Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    Mother with one child get $241 per month max, mother with two kids it’s $303, mother with 6 kids get $487.

    I have NO IDEA where you got these numbers but they are outrageously wrong. Maybe in just food stamps or just cash assistance. But I work in the system and in combined housing, food, daycare, medical and cash assistance some mothers are receiving several thousand dollars a month.

  23. Oh please. Says:

    @Stan – Do you have any idea how much marijuana smoke you have to be around to fail a urine test without actually smoking any yourself. You need to be in an extremely enclosed space with no ventilation for a very extended period of time.

    Regardless of what your comments state… I agree that there are dumb people that don’t use drugs. I agree that smoking some marijuana does not necessarily in and of itself prevent you from being a contributing member of society. Can you work at McDonalds and do a good job and go home and smoke weed? Sure you probably can.

    What this is about is the fact that people are on government assistance because they “cannot” for whatever reason, make enough money on their own to survive. Last I checked, marijuana is not food, water, clothing or shelter. What this is about is if you have money to buy pot, you should be spending that money on life necessities. If you go get a job and don’t need my hard earned tax money to put food on your table, then by all means spend your extra income on marijuana, have a blast.

  24. dana Says:

    To SheilaJoy: The difference is, is that the people you speak of actually go to work, and perform their job for a paycheck. And what kind of parents do you think DCF takes care of? I am pretty sure they are already on the welfare system, and drugs tend to be a huge factor in abuse cases. I am astounded by the people who think that people have the “right” to use/abuse drugs funded by a welfare a check. You lose your right to use/abuse drugs when the public is paying for you to do it. I would much rather my taxes be used to pay for DCF to help Pam Bondi get these children out of these idiots homes, and save childrens lives, not to fund you doing drugs. There’s only so much they can take from us productive folks, much better used to save children. And don’t you think that drugs might play a part in not having a job. And whoever said that drug users and sellers don’t apply for welfare, well then they won’t have a problem with this law, now will they?

  25. Amazed Says:

    @sal is a liar Says: I have NO IDEA where you got these numbers but they are outrageously wrong. Maybe in just food stamps or just cash assistance. But I work in the system and in combined housing, food, daycare, medical and cash assistance some mothers are receiving several thousand dollars a month.”

    If anyone has lied, dear, it is you. The majority of the families do NOT gain that much as you well know. Those who do are enticed to be foster parents for a pay off, while we have many who foster out of a real desire to help children, as with all things in Florida that state employees have turned it into a business adventure rather than a real need. Now THOSE people get yes, thousands! Not the welfare receivers, and the number is so small as to be humorous.

    Of those many get money for child support because the fathers are not paying BUT the state then garnishes the money off of the fathers to gain a refund. How dare you come on here and lie to the public as a State employee. Sal is correct over all, and you think as most of those who work for the system hunting the poor women with children is a side benefit of being a state employee. No wonder so many of our children are in so much danger now.

  26. Amazed Says:

    dana Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    To SheilaJoy: The difference is, is that the people you speak of actually go to work,

    Dana again, you are basing your ideas on what propoganda you have been told, not what is fact. That makes the general public puppets of those who play you. A vast majority of those on welfare ARE working. However, when the State takes away workers rights as they have, and its an anything goes against the citizens, most single mothers are targeted as easy prey by employers for minimum wage, minimum benefits, minimum hours and no benefits. Walmart admits they factored in Welfare into their payroll plan for employees, which of you looked the other way as they did. Anyone on welfare already gave up their rights, such as bank privacy, income privacy, renters privacy, in short there is NO privacy, now even the urine becomes state property. The wise in this state know, what is first tried on the poor is always tried on the higher brackets. There is no end to where this could go ,and you could be randomly pulled over by the police next and expected to pee in a cup, for the good of the State.

  27. dana Says:

    I have to respond to “amazed”. The problem is there are not enough funds for DCF because they are being used to pay for drugs for people who should have jobs. People are “enticed” to be foster parents because it brings easy money without doing anything(do you see a pattern) and you are right it brings a lot of money. If DCF had proper funding and less waste on nonsense, the people who really want to foster children for the right reasons, could. But the fact remains that there are so many jackass’s that abuse/neglect their children that they chose to bring in this world, and expect others to pay for, oh as well as their drug habit that usually leads to abusing/neglecting the children they brought into this world. Stop making excuses for these people. There are real people who need help, and who are living by the rules and not abusing drugs, it is an insult to all of them. No one has the right to take the food out of the mouths of their families that the working people give them to buy drugs, noone has that right. Think of the children, and think of the true needy people. If you can afford drugs, you can afford your upkeep. I can’t afford to do drugs, I work, and I have only 2 children, because that’s all I can afford. So, you think I need to pay for your drugs, because I am assuming you are one of them that this law affects.

  28. Amazed Says:

    To the readers, who are buying into this, let me give you a profile of those on welfare those here are misleading you over. I know of a young Couple, he was manager at a huge Grocery store, got hurt, could not work. Wife gets random job calls, hit and miss income, they have 4 children. Never did they plan on the injury. they get only 300 dollars FS a month. Both are pillars of the community, always have been. Due to our protecting companies he of course must endure months of litigation, meantime his children are going without, save for that great big HUGE amount of money FS gives him to feed a family of four. The wife is frantically with a degree finding work any way she can. They could loose their homes, with unemployment gone by order of our Leg body, he could loose everything very soon. If you met them on the street, you would be greatly impressed with this family. Only a few of us know he had to turn to the state for FS. He has paid his taxes here for decades, done all the right things, given everything he can, and this is the same family you sit here and call trash stealing your tax dollars who is obviously buying pot and coke with a card that records every purchase he makes. You insult us all. Even yourselves and I for one am disgusted with this bogus witch hunt of people who are too lazy to do the research to even speak of it openly.

  29. Amazed Says:

    dana Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    I have to respond to “amazed”. The problem is there are not enough funds for DCF because they are being used to pay for drugs for people who should have jobs. ”

    You are completely incorrect. Most funds for drugs are gained by theft Dana, do your number crunch, educate yourself, get wise, stop blowing the horn with no facts to the public. DCF employees have milked the system THEMSELVES, not the public. Go search the programs you pay for, with tax dollars that are horrendously bogus, and a slap in our faces, and see where the money is really going. Its going to the employees of DCF in many cases. Attorneys that push for suites in court because they get paid additionally in tax dollars for every case.

  30. Brainiac Says:

    Tell the ACLU to stick it where the sun don’t shine. You must submit to drug testing in order to be hired and periodically after being hired so why not drug test if they are going to receive my tax dollars through no worthwhile effort on their part.

  31. Amazed Says:

    Dana, I will pretend you did not state to me what you stated. No person took food out of your childs mouth, period. In most cases of a single mother with children you dont pay taxes due to the tax brackets and deductibles allowed on the tax exempt, in fact in many cases you claim the parents get refunds in most cases they likely dont earn. I had a non profit, I was first stage viewer of what happened with families. I hear often it is the poor, it is NOT the poor. No you say, the poor are breaking our Hospitals, they run to the emergency ward and they run us out of money. WRONG again. According to a Study done in the Fl. Hospital Org, it is NOT the poor killing the Hospitals, it is its staffers, who cost the hospitals millions if not billions, in dollars with the demand of benefits from those staffs, far greater in costs than all the indigent combined in this State. But because a lobbyist fed you the tall tale of how the poor are breaking the Hospitals for the medical staffs, you bought it, foolishly, and now when you pay 200 dollars for a tylenal at the Hospital, look around you, that person handing it to you, is going on vacation on your dime.

  32. dana Says:

    Again, “amazed”, I guess we all have stories. I have a friend, who was a friend from childhood. She had twins out of wedlock, they are 10 yrs. old. While she was pregnant, she had a garage full of extra(new) carseats, cribs, formula, everything. She actually offered me a carseat when my son was born 6 months after hers. Then, she continued to get every benefit in the book. (single mom with twins). Now, she worked on and off for about 6 years with state funded daycare, and about 4 years ago, she was fired from her last job because she couldn’t bring herself to get to work because she had a boyfriend without a car, and she preferred to party with him. A few months later they broke up. And since then, she hasn’t had a car(it broke down), hasn’t had a job, gets her apartment paid for, goes on vacation, gets money for food, utilities and she does get a small amount of child support. I get so excited when tax return times comes around because she posts all her pics on FB the purchases that she makes with her tax returns. This year is was a new flatscreen TV(way bigger than mine), new wall unit, new sofa and love seat. Now mind you, oh, and a week of vacation at the beach. This is not a joke. So, I don’t know who or what you are talking about, I see it with my own eyes. I am sick when I listen to her. And just watch “Judge Judy” for a couple of days, and you will see where your hard earned money is going. And by the way, if your ideal friends on welfare were not having to share with the drug addicts, they might have more to live on.

  33. dana Says:

    amazed, I have no idea what you are talking about ” that you will pretend that I did not state what I stated”, no need to do that. I assure you. I am not a single mother, I am a married mother of 2. That was my limit of what my husband and I could afford, in order to raise them, and put them through college, in order to be successful human beings. That way the rest of the county won’t have to worry about their safety or their hard earned money being used to support them. Now isn’t that what parents do? I honestly do not know what you are talking about. You have not been to any hospital I have been to, and you are pulling all this stuff out of your @$$. The simple argument is this: If you take money from the hard working public, do you have the right to use/abuse drugs. The answer is “no”. Simple. DCF is not a person, it is run by people, and needs to be overhauled big time! Every system needs to hold every individual accountable for what they do. Live your life, take care of your kids, and stop thinking that the rest of us owe you money! And yes, my children do have less because of my tax bracket, it’s pretty high.

  34. Amazed Says:

    Dana, back to earch, Judge Judy is out to make money off the exploiting of public limited information. If you buy into the soap opera, well I am sure someone has a fake diamond they can sell you. You have one friend, you claim, is engaging in theft, and you sit around and watch it, IF she is getting what you say, I can assure you she did not get it with FS and I actually laughed over the idea you thought she could. As far as a car seat, well I wish more parents would pass them on, there are millions in the US who can not afford them. As a matter of fact, we actually have hunted in dumpsters of the seats tossed out by goodwill to find one or two that fit the legal requirements for families who can not afford them. IF she is getting what you say, then it is not her, but whoever at DCF she has become friends with. In this system, they must report all income, and allow entrance into their bank accounts, they must have an employer sign their paperwork who then in one case we had actual rape of an applicant in order to get the man to sign it, and all landlords must also agree for them to be on FS and sign off, leaving many single moms and families extremely vulnerable themselves. As for DCF employees, well I know for a fact one, at least that was dealing coke for years. Several have been prosecuted here alone for helping family members gain benefits illegally. Now they could only get caught because the system is already overly audited, do you think?

  35. Amazed Says:

    Dana, HOW MANY HAVE YOU PERSONALLY DRUG TESTED to claim all on FS are doing drugs as you are. Talk about pulling it out of your @$$, boy, how much more can you do when you are presuming to claim you know what every person is doing and how they got the FS’s. I can name case after case where I only wish I was as upright as the people who asked me for help to get any state assistance. Name one person you can prove is doing drugs by the use of FS, and You got my vote, until then, you are simply blowing the horn. BTW it is liable to claim these people are all doing drugs with no proof. Legally could land you in a court of law for harassment and abuse. Walk gently when you make such claims. You never know who could be reading.

  36. dana Says:

    No, she gets it all, and no, it is all done with all her applications, and her “tax refunds”. The state of Florida is who provided all of these car seats, cribs, changing tables clothing, all new. This is a fact. She had people come to her house to help her, so to imply this is not true is ridiculous. It is factual, and it is extremely annoying, and yes, there are many many on welfare who use the system and do drugs. But, this takes away for all of the honest people you are talking about. I think there are many more taking advantage of welfare than in DCF dealing drugs. Please. I am assuming you are one of them because your arguments to be able to continue to do drugs is so incredibly intense. I will state one last time, without the people on drugs taking welfare, there might be money for the people who truly need it. If you can afford to do drugs, knock yourself out. Hopefully you don’t have children, but get a job. And yes, all this with her earned income child tax credit! “Yippee” as she says when she does her taxes!

  37. dana Says:

    Not anywhere did I claime all people on welfare use drugs. I simply stated that if you do drugs, you don’t have a right to my hard earned money. What is difficult to understand about that. Please show me where I said everyone on welfare does drugs.

  38. Sonia Says:

    HOORAYfinally ouyr government is doing something positive. some of these people are abusing the system.I live out here with a lot of reciepants who’ve done nothing for their COUNTRY or SOCIETY and are’nt going to do anything oneway or another but continue to go to jail and have babies that they are’nt even being parents to ( mothers or fathers) they get stamps and feed the man not the children look at the shopping carts full of cerwal,noodles just basically junk food.Some ride in BMW,or DRESSED UP CARS and lie for INCOME TAX CHECKS.Let it be told that the elderly/disabled can’t get anything .I take a lot of meds but can’t get stamps or housing.No I have’nt served my country but have been a good citzen in this society always have had a job and have been disabled since 2007 still just 10.00 in stamps no kinda housing to help me and others out and HELL NO I dont want anymore children if that’s what I have do to get some kinda of relief from my government

  39. Amazed Says:

    Dana, you are ignorant as your ranting of
    what you claim you know of me. Point blank. I have never done drugs in my life, I spend most of my time helping those around me. I am telling you, they are not doing drugs off of FS because, the logics simply do not add up. And dont tell me about the joy of raising children in a tough society, I raised mine on my own with no support, I did not have a man to foot the bills, so you are barking up the wrong tree here, unless you think you are woman enough to try it, which I would give you about a week at tops. Then you would be standing at your church begging for help so we all would have to listen to your story. I have spent my life helping others, THAT is where I get the facts you presumptuous educated person. Right now I am helping in the Tornado recovery, have been doing so for months, what about you, how much have you ever reached out to those in your community and lifted a finger to lesson their loads. As for the woman, my guess is one of her children is disabled. Sides, with friends like you telling all her business online in a vindictive manner, why would she ever need an enemy? You have to be very young, to reason as you do.

  40. Amazed Says:

    dana Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Not anywhere did I claime all people on welfare use drugs. I simply stated that if you do drugs, you don’t have a right to my hard earned money. What is difficult to understand about that. Please show me where I said everyone on welfare does drugs.”

    OK. I will bite…how bout this. Can you get anymore uniformed or bias minded?

    “I am astounded by the people who think that people have the “right” to use/abuse drugs funded by a welfare a check. ” Dana

  41. dana Says:

    I admire you Sonia. I am sure it is very difficult to be around so many people abusing the system, when it sounds like you are doing everything you can honestly to survive. And that you are not willing to continue babymaking in order to get a check. I see when I go to Publix, the people with Foodstamp cards, they have the nails that are done with all sorts of designs, they have the weaves that are very expensive, and they go out and their cars have custom paintjobs and custom rims. My husband makes a very decent living, but I have 2 kids that I have to put through college, so I cannot afford to get even a pedicure very often. That’s alright though, I am hopefully raising productive citizens! I would much rather that our hard earned money go to people who need it, and who are just trying to get by, who are injured or infirm, but living good decent lives. Not on people who do drugs. I wish there was a law against expensive nails, weaves, and rims, but oh well. Drugs are a start.

  42. Amazed Says:

    “I would much rather that our hard earned money go to people who need it, and who are just trying to get by, who are injured or infirm, but living good decent lives. Not on people who do drugs. I wish there was a law against expensive nails, weaves, and rims, but oh well. Drugs are a start.”

    Dana, question, if you can barely get your nails done, why would you seek to outlaw it for anyone? Who gave you the right, on any open forum, to abuse the privacy of people, who you never met, you have no knowledge of, you never drug tested, you never visited their homes, you never knew their circumstances, and you never cared to begin with because you are too busy getting your children into college degrees, while you have your nails done? I would presume since you are so against assistance, your children will not apply for student loans or grants as you have a righteous moral streak that would teach them, white knuckle it?

  43. Amazed Says:

    I am so glad all agree the government has the legal right to invade privacy. Then you wont object to the fact that all the new cars must legally be fitted with private black boxes in the coming years? Those of course are to sold under the guise of saving the tax payers money, however, what they are gong to do is trace your every movement, have the ability to fine you for speeding or driving incorrectly, as well as not properly using your seat belt. How bout that, you are going to comply without your consent to being monitored to your every move, and this type of monitoring, since you think its a great idea was just the testing ground for far more to come than you ever dreamed possible, but you gave the violation of privacy the green light. If it was not so dangerous to our Constitution we could all chuckle.

  44. dana Says:

    Oh, amazed, my friend from childhood’s children are not disabled. And she doesn’t know I am on here, and she is an example of the failure and abuse of this sytem. And yes, I chose to have a husband to raise my children, and a decent living, and I stopped at 2. Because I believe as parents we should only have as many children as we can afford, and afford to get to a point where they are productive members of society. Sorry that was not the case for you. I don’t know why you are insulting me, I believe that people who need welfare, (which is not just foodstamps), are entitled to it. I just don’t believe that you should be able to do drugs and take money from the people who work hard. It leaves less for other’s who are disabled and infirm and and innocent children who do not abuse drugs, and who are just trying to survive. I am at our food kitchen 3 days a week, and fill backpacks for needy children every week,to take home full of food for the weekend. Oh, and I have a job. I am not going to justify why I do not believe that drug users/abusers should take welfare and money from the rest of us. Sorry if you can’t figure that out, and you have the right to believe as you wish, but I think it’s wonderful that you are such an advocate for drug users taking money from the rest of us. Hopefully with the tax savings there will be more money for the people who do not waste such large amounts of money on drugs, that would otherwise go to by food. Drugs=$, that’s a fact. Good luck with your advocacy for the drug using welfare recipients. I will stick to the people who deserve it.

  45. Amazed Says:

    Dana, At your age I was as likely disallusioned and nieve as you sound now. You feel insulted? How about that, the insults began out your statements if you search back. It will interest you to know I helped began several programs in this county, at 23 years old, for those afflicted with addiction, going on TV to promote us reaching out and find solutions. I was placed onto the local Board of Drug Overdose Task force, because of my knowledge even without being asked if I would be several years ago. I find your abuse of myself with little lack of knowledge demeaning not only to myself but to all of society, but you do it so well, I have to smile at your female cat claws you think I have never seen before, which has become the trade mark of women in your lifestyle when wisdom is lacking.

  46. dana Says:

    Sorry amazed, that my being a responsible human being and parent is so insulting to you. I give my time, my money and my heart to people of all walks of life, especially those who are downtrodden. I have not insulted you in any way shape or form, this is a free country and apparently I am not the only one who thinks this is a fine law. I am pretty sure many of our law abiding tax paying citizens agree with me, that would make sense. I am sorry you are so angry about life in general, but I am sorry, but I really would like my taxes going to people who don’t do drugs. That’s all. I would prefer they go to help drug addicts get clean, and become productive members of society and get jobs and take care of their kids. Now that’s what I would prefer. Not to support their drug habit. I guess I just live in a way that is different from you. I take care of my kids, I work, I volunteer, I don’t do drugs, I save for my and my kids future. Why is that so wrong? And no, I don’t think my hard earned money should be used for someone’s fake nails. I think public funds should be used for necessities, and the last time I heard drugs and nails were not necessities. So,yes, I enjoy getting my nails done every once in a while, but it’s my money from my job, and that’s all you need to know. But I am sure you will be thankful one day that you won’t be mugged or murdered by my college educated children, since it seems to offend you so much today that I would actually help my children educate themselves. And my daughter has scholarships and pre-paid college funds because you asked. Awful right! We actually had children and actually planned for their future(gasp!). As you stated I was just too darn busy getting my children into college degrees. And by the way you keep stating that I am against assitance. I think I have stated it a million times, that I am against assitance for people who do drugs, not for people who need it.

  47. Amazed Says:

    Dana, so far you accuesed me of everything you can think of here, having no knowledge of me, no knowledge of my background, no knowledge of what I have and am doing, but, according to your statements I “promoted drug use” when all of my history and in documents show, I have done exactly the opposite. If you can not judge me correctly and I can prove you have boasted on this board, outrageous accusations, and been absolutely incorrect, in your assessment, you can not judge those getting FS any better. Why in a rational moment would any person think, drugs are purchased with a top out of FS to the tune of a few hundred dollars under a card that scans every purchase made leaves me amazed at how lacking in knowledge the public is to the system, and yet you are so willing to be used by the State, to promote what has legally been ruled illegal already because you choose to express bigotry under the ruse of ‘taxes’ and ‘mine’. How about that? It is fascinating to watch, sad to realize ,and do me a favor, look up the term Group Think, you have clearly submitted to it because you chose not to think for yourself, which is exactly why the method is so effective by the lobbyists.

  48. Amazed Says:

    I am glad by the way your children are to be college educated. Anything that improves any child’s position is always a plus. It will not promise them a future, it will not guarantee them happiness, and these days, even employment- and drug use runs high in Colleges, but I am sure, you will be on top of it. Studies have shown as well the higher the education the more likely depression can set in. So lets all pray college bound is productive as you presume Dana it is going to be.

  49. DILLIGAF Says:

    21,000 people recieving benefits.$35 for each test. Very few will fail so thats about $700,000 of our tax dollars being wasted paying for the tests. Almost a quarter mil. going in the pockets of Scotts buddies he has been doing buisness with thru Solantic for years. And the same people who donate so generously to his campaign fund.

  50. dana Says:

    amazed. This board is about a law that requires drug testing for public assistance. I agree with it, and you think that people should be able to use drugs and take money from others. That’s all. I have my ideas and you have yours. What does that have to do with Group Think? Education does go a long way. You learn grammar and how to spell, and it is proven that educated people have an easier lot in life. And by the way me and my educated children actually buckle up in the car (gasp!). That’s how much I love them. I never want to see my family fly through the front windshield of my car. I am just responsible like that, awful right? So, I won’t have to worry about that. And I will be honest your paranoia is kind of scary. People who take money from the rest of us, should not do drugs, that’s all. It is also required in certain jobs. Where public safety is concerned. Once you require the rest of us to pay for you, the govt. is already involved in your life by the way.

  51. DILLIGAF Says:

    correction : meant to say ” almost 3/4 mil. ” sorry

  52. Amazed Says:

    Dana, if you want to throw insults around, I could run you in circles, you are not even rating 4 on a scale of ten so far and not a thing you have come up with someone else has not already come up with. You promote a violation of the US constitution because YOU are experiancing unsubstantiated paranoia that all people who accept State and Fed Help are on drugs. Boy what a wake up call your kids are going to give you one day. Actually I think, personally you are an upity busy body into the lives of everyone who come into contact with you, so in fact, I feel for your children with a perfectionist demanding mother as you have promoted yourself to us here. I happen to think its a law full of crap, backed by a legistlative body that passed more laws going to end up in Federal Court than your tax dollars will ever be able to pay off. Considering your conversations Dana, I take your opinion of me, as just another expression of a anal attentive housewife who drives her husband up the wall who likely has a girl friend on the side after having to listen to your self righteous proclamations all day. Now, if you want to turn this into an insult challenge at my age, having met you a million times dressed in a different face, you let me know and I will give you some one liners you will never forget:)

  53. Amazed Says:

    DILLIGAF Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    correction : meant to say ” almost 3/4 mil. ” sorry

    What you did not figure into the costs is the clearly going to happen Federal Cases that will be fought hands down the Public will foot the bill on.

  54. Sun Tzu Says:

    Why is it that when we pay our proper share of taxes to the gov’t people still have this concept of “that is MY MONEY”.
    When we pay our insurance it is no longer “MY MONEY” or our mortgage, ect.ect.
    If its “MY MONEY” and I don’t like how its being spent I should be able to demand its return!
    And is this really a proper and realistic perspective?

  55. dana Says:

    Amazed you are amazing! I keep wanting to finish my e-mails and you keep popping up. I have a business to run! Thank you for your insight into my life, but if you read any of my posts, I work full-time with my husband, so we don’t drive each other too crazy. I have not insulted you once, and I keep repeating that I do not think ALL welfare recipients do drugs! And you keep repeating that! I just said that the ones who do should not be on public assitance, drugs are too expensive to justify using public funds for any reason. I am sorry if my trying to be a responsible human being and parent is so offensive to you, offensive enough for you to insult me because I have tried my best to make sure my kids have access to a college education. I don’t really see anything wrong with that. I wish you would insult people who neglect/abuse their children with such vigor. The world might be a better place. Rather than the vigor and venom that you have thrown my way because I am trying to raise happy, healthy responsible kids. It’s strange that it makes you so angry. And don’t worry about my relationship with my husband, I do a great job on that point also.

  56. Amazed Says:

    Yeah, yeah Dana, every post you made is to make sure we all know how perfect you really are. Old at this point. Ignore the wise and write your emails, we get your superiority completely. We know you are so busy raising “happy, healthy responsible” children which none in the State of Florida ever dreamed in their wildest imagination, any of us should do for our children. Take a number Dana and stand in line with the rest of the Parents in this state, you will have to go to the back of the line which is decades long of those before you. Lucky us as parents, we have you to teach us how wonderful you think of yourself. Mostly when a person promotes such parenting to the level you have here, they are usually trying to hide something by the way. Really makes me wonder about you. It is sad no other parent EVER thought about raising children but you Dana.

  57. Amazed Says:

    And just out of curisosity, which post did you not insult me once, because every one I checked your snobby assumption reeked through the posts. You clearly have a highly refined selective memory process, some would call it Borderline P. D. I just call it your fantasy land of the need to be perfect when all evidences show you are anything but that. But what do I know save what is clearly seen on the Board in front of me?

  58. dana Says:

    Gosh, you really have it out for me, Amazed! Not sure what really gets you, but boy do you have a lot of venom towards me! I haven’t figured out what about me that makes you so angry. But, maybe you could use that anger for more important things like rapists and murderers. It seems it would be more constructive!

  59. Amazed Says:

    Dana, again, you are in fantasy land over your own self importance. I think you are a whacko to be frank. I tend to avoid them, why you might ask. Well an old saying my Daddy Passed down to me:
    “Never argue with an idiot; they’ll drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.” ~ anonymous

    You can relax, I think as much of you to really be after you as you claim as a cockroach.

  60. Anthony Says:

    This is an excellent idea. Glad to have it as a law. We test many people to make sure they are free of drugs. This should include those who have the PREVILEGE of receiving aid from the government.

    If you don’t want the aid, then you won’t have to submit to testing.

    If you want the aid, submit.

    If the government can make us submit to body scanning machines, pat downs to travel, then this is adequate.

  61. alg Says:

    I’m trying to understand how our “small government”, “fiscally responsible”, “must cut spending” can justify this law. So who’s doing the testing Mr Scott? Your Clinics? I guess you weren’t done bilking Medicaid! Man if this law isn’t pay fpr play government, i don’t know what is. Thank you for further ruinong our state and truning the U.S.A into a third world country.

  62. Ruining our country Says:

    The ACLU won’t do anything about body patdowns or body scanners, but when it comes to the economic security of our country, they are suing because people have to submit to drug testing.

    The question is who supplies the $14,000,000 in salary for the ACLU?

  63. Jay Banks Says:

    That’s just another expense. I think it would be better to create more jobs for those receiving welfare. A random testing would make more sense.

  64. Fred Nash Says:

    I’ve got an idea. How about we agree to require drug testing for all recipients of welfare and Unemployment benefits in exchange for requiring drug testing for all those who receive tax breaks because they are wealthy or own a small business? And also require a yearly audit of their tax records? I bet the states would save a LOT more money.
    What do you mean “That’s against the 4th Amendment.”?

  65. Mike Connor Says:

    I have to take a drug test for any possible employment, there is nothing wrong with this. We cannot afford to let losers abuse welfare programs. There are too many honest people who need it-time for the parasites to stop getting their hand outs.

    ACLU, what a joke. Get A CLUe!

  66. non plussed Says:

    To Amazed; You always speak to exceptions and not real life. As for the exceptions, these are the people who fell on hard times and will be productive again. However, I see these people who have 5-6 kids, most by different fathers, (who don’t pay a dime for their kids)who drive nice cars, get free housing, food stamps,free medical care, free day care, and they it’s owed them. Every person who works in the private sector who, by the way pay for these benefits, have to take a drug test in order to get a job that provides these benefits to these people. And, if you are so poor and destitute, why on earth do you keep having kids? It is not my responsibility to pay for you lack of responsibility but still you think it’s owed to you. Heck, just once it would be nice to haveone of you just say thanks for the roof over my head and the food on my table. And yes, many of these lifetime welfare people do drugs. That fact alone will keep them from getting a job. And no!!! If you are doing drugs you do not deserve my hard EARNED money. Period. Welfare was supposed to help people get back on their feet and God Bless those people. Welfare was not supposed tobe a way of life and that is what it has become.

  67. Philanthropy Says:

    In these days where funds that actually do good are being cut left and right in order to to pander to the angry teabaggers, I wonder why they love this money waster so much?
    I guess if it hurts poor people, its a good thing good in teabag world.
    Law to drug testing welfare starts today- but will it last?
    Is English a second language at the Sentinel now days?

  68. windrider2 Says:

    Let’s do the math. 21,000 heads of household (roughly 93,000 people total) receive cash welfare assistance in Florida. This is 0.05 percent of the population. That means 99.5% of the population is NOT on welfare. Of the 21000 people to be tested, roughly 800 people IN THE ENTIRE STATE will test positive. The state will have to reimburse everyone else who tested negative, at a cost of about $800,000. Add to that the cost of mandatory home visits to the households where the adult tests positive, probably at a cost of about $500 for labor, travel, red tape and paperwork, that’s another $400,000 spent. Then if legal action is required to remove the children from the home, that’s 800 case filings at, what, $5,000 per case? Add another $4 MILLION to take legal action which the state may not win. Add to that the legal costs (probably a few million dollars) to defend against law suits on the constitutionality of the law and Floridians could wind up spending more to implement this law than the total cost of all welfare assistance…for the sake of cutting off benefits to 800 people.

    Do you really have that much money to throw away on pure petty partisanship? Who’s going to pay the costs of this boondoggle? The government will have to cut non-welfare government services to the 99.5% of state residents not receiving welfare to pay for this law. Which ones of YOUR government services are you willing to lose so that 800 people don’t get welfare? Because YOU are going to pay for this law: far more money than you’ll save.

    This is a fiscally STUPID law, and that so many people are cheering for it out of sheer ignorance says an awful lot about the IQ of Florida voters.

  69. Bobby McGee Says:

    windrider2~sorry, your lame argument in support of drug abusing parasites really shows how weak your example is. Also, that compounded with your statement of people supporting the law are ignorant and have a low IQ, clearly shows your own ignorance and utter arrogance.

    It’s a law now, complain all you want, but you cannot change that fact. Care for a tissue?

  70. windrider2 Says:

    You’re obviously illiterate since you either didn’t read or totally distorted what I said. I did not argue in favor of drug abusing parasites. I argued AGAINST wasting millions of tax dollars trying to kick a few hundred off the welfare rolls. You’re going to spend more than you’ll save. Now if it’s more important to you to nail a handful of drug-using parasites, as you call them, and you’re willing to give up some of YOUR government services to pay for this law, hey, it’s your money, not mine. I’m not the one who will be looking for a tissue when the tax bill comes due. You will. And yes, I think that’s a pretty ignorant approach. That’s not arrogant, it’s just practical money management. When you’ve got no money, spending more to solve a problem than the problem itself costs, I’m going to save my money. Fortunately, I don’t live in your state and my state is not going to waste my money like Florida is going to waste yours.

  71. Bobby McGee Says:

    No windrider2, your reply only emphasis your blatant arrogance.

  72. windrider2 Says:

    OK, bobby, call me arrogant. But I think it’s stupid to spend $10-20 million you do not have to save $2.5 million. If you consider that smart, then you define intelligence quite differently than most of us. The last time Florida tried this hare-brained idea in 1998, it spent $2.7 MILLION to prevent 335 applicants from getting cash welfare. The state tested 8800 welfare recipients, only 335 tested positive, so it spent THREE TIMES the amount of money it would have cost simply to pay those 335 people their lousy $100-200/month (the going stipend 13 years ago). I don’t think it’s arrogant to say that’s a stupid waste of tax dollars. I guess you folks just have money to burn down there. No wonder Florida is in such fiscal trouble.

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