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County GOP Chairman Dinerstein hopes Gingrich, Palin don’t get nomination

by George Bennett | May 27th, 2011

Palm Beach County Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein says presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who headlined the local GOP’s annual Lincoln Day dinner in February, has “viability issues” after slamming the Paul Ryan Medicare plan as “radical” and “right-wing social engineering” and then backtracking on the criticisms.

And Dinerstein says Gingrich or Sarah Palin as the party’s 2012 nominee would distract efforts to defeat President Obama.

“If Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin, who I like, were our nominees, then instead of the election being a referendum on the president, which is what we need it to be, it would be a referendum on them, which is what we don’t need it to be. And Republicans have to be sophisticated enough to make this election a referendum on the president,” Dinerstein said Thursday night before a Boca Raton Republican Club dinner.

Palin has been looking a lot like a candidate lately.

“I’m hoping that she doesn’t get in the race. I am a fan. She falls under the ‘Life’s not fair’ category that I have. But, yes, I don’t want her in the race,” Dinerstein said.

Dinerstein is neutral in the presidential primary, but he’s never been shy about prognosticating. Back in April 2007, Dinerstein said that eventual 2008 GOP nominee John McCain was “yesterday’s candidate” and Mitt Romney lacked “traction” while enthusing over Rudy Giuliani‘s prospects in Florida.


22 Responses to “County GOP Chairman Dinerstein hopes Gingrich, Palin don’t get nomination”

  1. nell Says:

    Gingrich and Palin do a beautiful job of representing the Republicans. They’re both selfish and thick headed. I say they’re the perfect team to lead their pack of wolves.

  2. JenLArt Says:

    The Election will be a referendum on 0bama no matter who the GOP nominee is.
    I hope our nominee is Palin because she’s the most conservative & the only one who will hold 0bama to his record.

  3. Dee Says:

    Either one will be a sure win for Obama. So I say “bring them on”!

    OBAMA 2012 You have my vote.

  4. Yeck Says:

    Sid Dinerstein is the worst republican leader. He’s still a democrat at heart.

    Can you count on one hand the number of local republicans he’s got elected?

    He can’t generate viable candidates to run for local political office.

    No vitality.

  5. Paul Says:

    Can’t believe I would ever find myself agreeing with anything Dinerstein had to say but this is the day. But then, I would expect expect the same for all others considering the choices.

  6. A Says:


  7. Up to Date Says:

    The media will not allow the campaign to be a referendum on Obama’s record. They will drive the hate toward Republicans. Watch and see.

  8. Elephant Hunter Says:

    The Three Stooges

  9. Searcher Says:

    Hey, I want the PALIN/BACHMANN ticket. That way Obama doesn’t even have to campaign to win.

  10. dark gator Says:

    No. Scott-West would make a much better team.

  11. AK Says:

    Alaska couldn’t trust Palin to complete the job she was elected to as Governor. Gingrich is a 3-time marriage loser; hope is current wife does not get sick. His alligator mouth has overloaded his canary fanny too many times. There aren’t any good Repubs to nominate; even as a worm catcher.

  12. Mark Foley Says:

    OBAMA-BIDEN 2012 !!!!!!!

  13. Fed Up Says:

    I hope that Sarah Palin runs; the comedians will have a blast with most of the Republican hopefuls. As a Democrat I say the more the merrier. Obama in 2012!

  14. Metal Rules Says:

    Newty is too far right, Sarah is far too stupid. This whole bunch of Rebub pres. hopefuls is pitiful.

    The GOP needs do do something, dig up Elvis, whatever but it ain’t gonna happen with this sorry bunch.

  15. Dee Says:

    I like it “drive the hate to the Republican’s”. Repugs will finally get all that they deserve! They hate middle America.

  16. BigArch Says:

    Every once in a while I have a slow day so I read the PB Putz online just to see the local democrats that love to hate so much. You folks elected a man who is not even eligible to hold that office and now hate and curse any real American that tries to stand up for this country. We have SS and Medicare both going broke and your party can’t even write a budget yet you complain about the other side which can write a budget and are trying to save this once great and proud nation.

    Now it will take President Sarah Palin her first 2 years in office to rid the infestation of communists from our federal government so she can get to the real job of returning our country to prosperity.
    In spite of all the hate thrown her way this fine lady still walks tall and still stands up for the American dream and the US Constitution.

  17. Meaningless Says:

    This article is meaningless. You have an incompetent party chairman prognosticating about Newt, who wasn’t viable before he entered the race and has only made himself more irrelevant since he got it.
    And you have also have Sid saying he hopes Governor Palin doesn’t get in, when all signs are that she won’t.
    This isn’t exactly news. And it certainly doesn’t take a brilliant pundit to state the obvious. Next Dinerstein will predict that Mike Huckabee isn’t running.

  18. Dee Says:

    Big Arch you are slow, mentally slow just like brainless Palin. You Bettcha! She doesn’t read, has no clue about history, geography, didn’t complete her term as governor and this is who you want to get rid of communists. First we have to rid America of the Fascist Republicans and bags of tea.

  19. Meaningless Says:

    Dee you are illiterate and a lemming that is stuck following the liberal MSM’s propaganda on Governor Palin.

    She reads several publications (that hack Couric’s interview not withstanding), knows more about history & geography that either you or our current Community Organizer-in-Chief and unlike you, apparently, knows the definition of “fascist”.

    By definition the current resident of the White House would be closer to a fascist, that the Republicans who only control the House of Representatives, not the Executive Branch.

  20. STAN Says:

    I always think its funny when people try to defend Sarah Palin, as if they have a personal stake in the outcome of her life. It’s funny how these people also believe everything but the truth in order to satisfy their need for an alternate reality.

    Bottom line–Sarah Palin is not going to run for POTUS and never had any intention of doing so. Every move she has ever made, including being elected Governor of Alaska, has been in furtherance of the publicity stunt that is her life. When the going gets tough in that stunt, she folds like a taco and retreats. That’s why she resigned as Governor of Alaska. Actually doing her job got in the way of her publicity stunting to make people believe she cares about anyone other than herself. Sarah Palin’s book and reality show? How can anyone take her seriously as a political leader after she’s shared the same category as Jerry Springer? Being the VP nominee? That was a lame attempt by the Republican Party to draw women voters into their typically anti-woman tent. If no one has noticed (and they haven’t), Republicans hate women who make their own choices in life unless those women are cute and do nothing but act as cheerleaders for Republican men. Single mothers and poor women are as important to the Republican party as yesterday’s bubblegum. Every policy espoused by the Republican party is punitive to women-never mind the anti-abortion/women can’t be trusted to control their own bodies stuff–that’s just an easy diversion to cover the real Republican Treat-Every-American- Woman-Like-Crap Agenda(tm).

    The Republicans want to cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. The majority of the customers who use these services are poor women or elderly women or both (poor and elderly women). Women go to the doctor more and live longer than men–they will be the biggest losers if Medicare and Social Security are cut. Women also make less pay than men over their lifetimes, so their payout from these social programs will be less, even though they put in the same number of hours. Most women who support Republicans seem far too interested in being the next Ann Coulter than making sure their gender gets its fair share of the tax dollars they send to Tallahassee and Washington.
    No Republican has staked out a platform that seeks to right that wrong for a majority of the voting population of the US (women). Why should they? No Republican woman has stood up and demanded that they get their share of the loot.

    Not even Sarah Palin.

    So please, stop defending this ninny. She’s done you nothing but a disservice.

  21. BigArch Says:

    So Stan. What world are you living in. Your comment is so far from reality as to be silly.
    I suppose you support the destruction of this once great nation by this gang of communist/progressive perverts we have in this administation who cannot even write a budget?

  22. GJB Says:

    Doesn’t matter who is the nominee, as Obama needs to be defeated. The opponent better have a real good game plan in place to rid our country of this administration. Government as a whole needs an overhaul, too much corruption and miss management from all parties. Washington needs to set a better example of how to lead and set an example to states and locals. Right now all we have is people who steal everything they can get their hands on before leaving office. No responsible leadership.

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