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Bin Laden death photos: Who’s viewing them, who’s not

by George Bennett | May 12th, 2011

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta, are scheduled to visit CIA headquarters today to view photos of Osama bin Laden‘s body taken after the May 1 Navy SEAL raid of the Islamist terrorist’s in-plain-sight Pakistani hideout.

Sen. Marco Rubio and U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, turned down invitations to view the bin Laden death photos.

Select members of Congress have been invited to view the photos, which President Obama has decided to keep from general public release.

Nelson, Rubio and Rooney are members of the Intelligence Committees in their respective chambers. West is on the House Armed Services Committee.


5 Responses to “Bin Laden death photos: Who’s viewing them, who’s not”

  1. Robert Parne Says:

    True, the photos are gruesome. False, the photos are of Osama bin Laden. That is exactly the reasons they don’t want you to see them.

  2. Micael Ponsano Says:

    Ha Ha Ha! Trying to discredit the president by calling the navy SEAL teams liars! Yep! and we did not land on the moon either…..

  3. Joanna Burke Says:

    I think it is ghoulish to want to see the photo’s.
    The terrorist is dead.
    Leave it at that and thanks be to God!

  4. e.c. Says:

    While I commend President Obama for his courage to do what was done, I think he is TOTALLY WRONG by not releasing the photo’s. We here in the US are used to seeing gory photos
    IE. dead bodies being pulled from hurricane rubble, mamed bodies-babies being removed from blown-up buildings (the UN building ), the horrible site of the twin towers falling to rubble, come on people, viewing the assasination of the #1 terrorist in the world would be PLEASURE VIEWING for me — AND— should be for EVERY true AMERICAN.

  5. Steve R Says:

    The President should release the photos of Bin Laden’s corpse. It’s not about proof, most clear thinking people know that SEAL Team 6 killed the mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden.
    It’s about closure for people like myself, and others, who lost family members in the 9/11 attacks- who have every right to see the pictures.
    But more than that, it’s about ensuring the iconic picture of the mass-murderer of more than 3,000 innocent Americans being of him with a hole in his head courtesy of a Navy SEAL’s bullet, not him firing an AK-47 trying to look tough for his followers.
    It’s not “ghoulish”, it’s not about conspiracy theories, it’s just the right thing to do. If you don’t want to see them don’t look.

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