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Baptists want Scott to say ‘no dice’ to gambling study

by John Kennedy | May 23rd, 2011

Florida Baptists are weighing in with budget advice for Rick Scott, urging the governor to veto a $400,000 provision for a comprehensive gambling study pivoted around a plan to bring resort casinos to Florida.

Bill Bunkley, lobbyist for the Florida Baptist Convention, has written Scott asking him to veto the Legislature’s assignment for the Office of Program Policy and Government Accountability (OPPAGA).  Baptists also want Scott to increase funding for the state’s compulsive gambling program, which absorbs about a two-thirds reduction — to $264,700 — in the budget.

But the resorts casinos idea draws the Baptists sharpest criticism. The Las Vegas Sands promoted the casino-convention center-resort idea as a potential Miami Beach draw. It also muscled-up its lobbying lineup during the recently completed legislative session and is positioned for a return fight next spring.

Supporters see the OPPAGA study as bolstering the effort. But the Baptist Convention sees no reason for taxpayers financing the research.

“The language directs a taxpayer study via the implementing language to determine the benefits of these gambling activities to the state of Florida,” Bunkley wrote Scott. “Nothing is mentioned in the implementing language to generate a balanced report that also explores the huge social costs which the state will without a doubt also be picking up the tab for.”

Bunkley said lawmakers over the coming year also should work to restore the almost two-thirds cut imposed on the state’s compulsive gambling treatment services, reduced in the budget before Scott from $750,000 last year.

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17 Responses to “Baptists want Scott to say ‘no dice’ to gambling study”

  1. Mark's Ark Says:

    Scott is a Skin Head Nazi. Baptists need to mind their own business which is doing the church thing STAY OUT OF GOVERNMENT OR ELSE>

  2. steve m Says:

    Remind the Baptists what Jesus did to the casinos on Biloxi Barges.Katrina brought
    them to churches.

  3. Pastafarian Says:

    The Baptists are entitled to their opinion. However, the views of any religious group should not be considered in government business. Slippery slope, that is.

  4. Paster John Lutherab Says:

    This is a study to determine if these businesses will help the state, This state is in such bad condition. I believe God will send us business to keep familys enriched. If that is casinos thats ok. We can both co exist. We need these jobs in our state. Go ahead Mr Scott lets get it done.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Sorry Baptists. Scott has proven that ethical considerations are not cost effective (See 1.8 Bil, Medicare Fraud). If the Baptists would be nice enough to conribute to the republican campaign coffers, ears may open.
    Casinos bring drugs and prostitutes to the area, and Scott can’t tax their retirements so we don’t need them.

  6. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    I’m a bit tired of these holy rollers dictating what others can do;
    - women can’t drive
    - no financing gambling studies
    - women must wear burqas
    - no alcohol, etc, etc

    Oh, you say these prohibitions are from different religions?
    What’s the difference?
    It all comes down to pushing their beliefs on others.

  7. Rob Says:

    Again? Ridiculous! Baptists should mind their own bus. If gambling is legalized there is more tax $$ for the state & we all win. People LIKE to gamble, so what’s the big deal?? Also, legalize marijuana & tax it.

  8. Double Down Says:

    If people want to blow all of their money at the casino so they are unable to feed their families, let them. This is America, Land of the Free. Obama will take care of us.

  9. GT Says:

    @ Brian O’Donaghey
    Seems like you are ok with any other liberal group pushing their agenda to control almost everything we do but the Baptist are not allowed to say anything. They are not asking to set up a state religion. Shut your pie hole.

  10. flcrzr Says:

    How can the Baptists have a political lobbyist and still be tax exempt? What happened to separation of church and state?

  11. Wyn Says:

    You know I never thought about it until I read one of the comments here, but Scott does look like a Nazi, white supremacist skin head. The Baptists seem to have more in common with Islamists than I thought. They are both very, very repressive. Wasn’t that Baptist preacher J W I saw at the Hard Rock Hotel playing blackjack? Or was he the one trying to sneak the blonde into his hotel room.

  12. It was Says:

    @Wyn, is was Bubba Clinton and John Edwards.

  13. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    No, my friend. I’m NOT OK with either liberal, conservative, or even Irish-American groups pushing their narrow, self-serving agendas on me.
    But if the religious beliefs or dogma of Muslims or Baptists impact my freedom of action or my government’s decisions, then it becomes my business.
    My honorable service in the military defending all our rights has earned me the right to keep my piehole open.
    I’m concluding you now.

  14. Mr. Bojangles Says:

    The baptists should worry about keeping their daughters from getting pregnant. Back in the late 80s my friends and I were dating a few from the various ‘Christian High Schools’ in the area.

    They all say they are on birth control like the other girls to try and fit in, but in reality they are liars (just like their parents)…fortunately me and my friends due to handle protection ourselves…some other dudes weren’t so lucky with the same girls.

  15. Rhonda Says:

    Yes, the Gov’na should stop gambling in casinos. He should see that all gambling id conducted in Catholic Churches when Mass is not being held. The Catholics can always use the money, and the Baptists are all going to hell anyway for not being true believers.

  16. GT Says:

    @ Brian O’Donaghey
    It’s appearent that your service does not include the freedom of Baptists to speak their mind as you claim it does yours. You seem to be ok with the state government telling us that our tax dollars must go to a study which not all of us support and only benefits a few rich people who want to build casinos. Also the good from the jobs that come from them also promotes gambleing addictions,prostitution and drugs which I’m sure your freedom endores. What if some of these Baptists also served in the military, does that mean in your world they have a voice? SYPH

  17. AJ Says:

    Sure, we will keep the casino’s down here in South Florida, and continue to take care of non-revenue generating north florida.
    Meawhile you can blow 100′s of dollars with lotto tickets every time you get gas? at least you have to go to a casino.

    We shouldn’t even be the same state.

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